This list seems accurate. Well done Kobe, there’s no denying your clutchness.

Dime Mag: NBA TV’s re-run of the Lakers/Suns Western Conference Finals series is playing in the Dime office right now, and we just watched Steve Nash knock down the game-icing free throws in Game Three. So of course that started an argument: Who would you want at the line to win (or seal) the game for your team?

When people talk about “clutch,” they’re usually referring to game-winning shots and buzzer-beaters. But one underrated part of being clutch is hitting free throws. Teams like the Lakers, Celtics, Spurs and Pistons have been successful recently because they had that one guy (or two) who can hold a lead late in the fourth quarter by knocking down shots at the line. As much as a buzzer-beating three hurts, nonstop dagger free throws to kill your comeback can hurt just as much. With that, here are my Top-5 clutch free throw shooters:

3. Kobe Bryant — He’s cold bolded. If the game is at stake, he WON’T miss. Five championship rings and two Finals MVP trophies can’t be wrong.

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    The Black Mamba has ice water in his veins!!! As Stuart Scott would say, “he’s as cool as the other side of the pillow.” Mamba….the black one…Kobe Bean Bryant…simply the BEST!!!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    as long as its not a game 7 ….he got all girlie nervous…..ha ha ha..

    • KwameMVP

      He still dominated the fourth quarter with 9 freethrows. Everyone also forgets his 15 rebounds. That is clutch.

    • HATER

      Thats the best you got. you are a DAMNED FOOL! Im actually Embarrassed for you. JACKASS!

    • bleepbloop

      are u lebron’s mum?

    • wank on it

      yea cuz mj never had a 15 for 35 shooting in the finals with 1 assist 1 rebound and 1 turnover. oh wait, yes he did!

      but hey.. at least they’re in the finals. and they won.
      where’s your sorry ass team at?

      • ThEMVP

        was it 15-67, 16-67, or 16-76 in 07.. forget the year and record since they ‘re so irrelevant.. ugh

  • Jelly Bean Bryant

    Wait no ShaQ???

  • Leo

    That’s pretty good to be ahead of Chauncy.

  • datruthbme11

    why cant i log in

    • 242LakerFan

      I can’t either. They told me “you don’t have to log in to post comments anymore” which is fine, but you still have to log in to use the shoutbox and there is no place to do that, so I’m now restricted from the shoutbox, I guess.

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        Within the shoutbox there is a “register” link, click on that, a new window opens, then click on “log in”, refresh ur 1st window and ur good to go
        but dont tell any1 . . .

        • 242LakerFan

          Thanks boss, don’t know how I missed that. Don’t use it that much anyway.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    your over-ratedpaid bryant= most career missed shots , look it up losers……he`s number 1

    • kb24

      haha wait ur talking about the back to back mvp of the finals and 5 time champion kobe bryant right?…Ur probly a bitchass lebron fan or a dissapointed boston fan haha stfu!!!!

      • Showtime4eva

        This ass hole doesn’t understand to respect a great basketball player he’s just one of this kids who learned about hip hop and thinks Lebra looks hip hop. He’s more in love with Lebras stupid image than repect great playing

    • lakerjay

      i swear your a loser who gos on lakernation to bash that how much of a hater you are.i cant stand lebron but i wouldnt be caught dead on a miami web site.even if is was to bash lebron.i guess that shows how much of life you have.

    • Eidraq

      actually..john havlicek..numbnuts

      • 242LakerFan

        This moron probably never heard of Havlicek.