I agree with most of this list except how did Blake Griffin get ranked higher than LO if Griffin didn’t play at all last season?

Yahoo! Sports: #1 Pau Gasol, Los Angeles Lakers

Big men don’t get more versatile than this guy. He’s bad at absolutely nothing, and top gear in just about everything. Scores with either hand on either block. Dominates from the high post. Nails cutters, sets screens and finishes off the good or bad pass. He can play defense now, he’s worked his way into becoming a fierce rebounder and his brain is bigger than our brains are.

Even with Tim Duncan’s history, his smarts, his ability and his formidable all-around play, there isn’t a power forward in this league that I think can help me win more than Pau Gasol. He just does things too excellently too often to overlook.

Yahoo! Sports: #19 Lamar Odom, Los Angeles Lakers

L.O. was rightfully ranked that high last season because he set so much up within the confines of Los Angeles’ offense that didn’t show up in the box score, alongside some pretty happenin’ help defense. The defense was there last year, but he didn’t seem to have as much of an impact offensively, and I was more than dismayed by his slight-but-still-annoying uptick in 3-point attempts, without an uptick in 3-point percentages (31.9 percent on the year, right in line with his career averages).

Still, there are few players in this league I enjoy watching more.

  • KwameMVP

    I though KD was a Heat fan when he ranked Kobe 2nd below D-Wade. Now, I have come to realize that he’s just a Kobe hater. He still took cheap shots at Kobe when he talks about KG. He makes ridiculous claims that KG (career-wise) is better than Shaq, Kobe, and Duncan lmao.

  • laker fan for life and death

    O dumb is a good power forward in the finals the rest of the season he just goes on cruise control.

  • Leo

    I agree about the Odom ranking – It’s actually pretty generous. The guy simply isn’t consistent enough. Pau really deserves his #1 ranking. The guy is just so good, and is also consistent and clutch.

    I take issue with the Laker hater author, Kelly Dwyer, though. He ranks Wade and Lebron above Kobe.

    • Jay

      You take issues with Kelly Dwyer, because he tells the truth? Everybody knows that Wade and James are better than Kobe. I thought that was just fact.

      • 242LakerFan

        Actually, it’s called an “opinion” and, seeing as you are on The LAKERS Nation blog, you’re likely to find an abundance of dissenting opinions, don’t you think? Never mind, you obviously don’t.

  • Cutdog

    I actually think lamar ranking is just about right if not lower. This guy is the mist inconsistent player I have ever seen!! Playoffs 8pts a game please!!!

  • Robert.

    Maybe LO will learn something from the FIBA games. Also, I expect his play to be different because he now has 2 better bench players, who will allow him to get more chances to the basket.
    Pau, however, is the greatest – and still has an upside. He has learned from 3 Finals by now, and is tremendously skilled. I also think that he (and Kobe) have more longevity by playing smarter, and also by the fact that athletes have better conditioning tools than they used to, so they can play more years. We’ll have him in top form for a few more years (heck, Kareem played till beyond 38, right?)

  • Jonathan

    The author of the article is a moron, he claims wade is better than kobe…….
    Ring count please?
    1 vs. 5
    Enough said.
    PS. I think Adam Morrison has more rings than the 3 bullies in Miami

    • Jay

      Exactly, Adam Morrison has more rings, yet he still isn’t better than James and Wade. You just contradicted yourself. More rings doesn’t necessarily make one player better than another.

  • lakerman34

    LO is better than Griffin, Jamison, and Scola.

  • http://thelakersnation GivemeKobeorgivemeDeath

    Gasol is the best big man period! He has no weakness, None. All y’all can throw all these names around but at the end of day Gasol’s Laker Resume’ speaks for it self period!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    gasoft better be #1, he has to carry micro-penis bryant, drag his empty scrotum in all laker games….no gasoft no rings,gasoft is the new SHAQ.

    • Kobe bi curious?

      See baby girl you would know kobe penis size because u had it in your mouth b4

    • lakers4life

      ur just a shit talking hater the heat can’t win and u know laffsatu go lakers

  • noname

    first of all, KD is a joke. it is kobe’s ex-gf that got dumped for vanessa. it is a known hater and it says ridiculous things just to get attention from laker and kobe fans. it is a below average nba blogger at best. so don’t be fooled by it.

  • Sir

    I hate kelly so much. This guy simply CAN NOT write a damn article without taking a potshot at Kobe while swallowing lebron’s nuts.

  • Marwan Deletes My Comments

    Kelly’s a little Kobe-hatin’ b!tch! I refuse to read any of his “work”…

  • laker fan for life and death

    Fuck you Kelley get le brons dick out of your mouth.
    Kobe and the crew will do it again. Yeah we know La Mar is a slacker but we are the team to beat.
    Orlando ,Boston might take The Heat out.

    • lakers4life

      the heat can’t win with just three players the lakers have a whole team of all stars thats why were going to 3 peat

  • http://www.myspace.com/626bones Lakers 24 7

    Smh @ bloggers who rank players who haven’t even played yet. Same shit happened with Greg Oden.

  • 242LakerFan