Finally someone sees it our way!

Bleacher Report: The NBA is filled with spectacular athletes, from D-Will to D-Wade. To me, the NBA is the most exciting league to watch.

Kobe’s game winners, Lebron’s dunks, Dwight Howard’s blocks—they are so intense.

In this slideshow, you will see the NBA’s top twelve players.

Please comment on who you think I missed.

Career Stats:
25.3 PTS
4.7 AST
2.92 TO
.55 BLK
1.52 STL
5.3 REB
.445 FG%
His parents named him after a type of steak (kobe) seen on a restaurant menu prior to his birth.
Spent eight years of his childhood in Italy and is fluent in Italian.
Has two older sisters, Sharia and Shaya.
His father, Joe “Jelly Bean” Bryant, averaged 8.7 ppg in 606 career NBA games.
Lists “Star Wars” as his all-time favorite movie.
  • Lakers 24 7

    I think his playoff stats are twice as good.

  • Matt from Dallas

    agree with #1 but the rest of the list is kinda wack

  • bdmf

    paul pierce? wtf???

  • 242LakerFan

    The top 3 are fine, although, D-Wade does have that ring LeBron is still chasing. Howard’s game is so limited, he does NOT belong at 4. Carmelo is too far down, as is D-Will. As for the rest…Pierce, maybe, way down the list, but Garnett? He hasn’t been an elite player for a few years.

  • JenFD


  • seankobe

    Bleacher Report: The NBA is filled with spectacular athletes, from D-Will to D-Wade. To me, the NBA is the most exciting league to watch.

    I keep wondering why is basketball not the no. 1 sport?

    SOCCER- I really hates this game come from the word itself sounds like sucks, players keep on running for 2-3 hours and there is a time that the score is 0, and the only highlights is a goal.

    HOCKEY- same with the soccer but plays in the ice I think better than soccer co’z they get more score than soccer using a stick and a small chip to a smaller goal. thats amazing, the negative thing is they allow players hurt each other in front of the viewers which I think is not suitable for childrens.

    BASEBALL-I think the no.1 sport in the US but why? yes maybe I can put baseball 2nd to basketball.

    BASKETBALL- I am really glad that I grew up playing this game, for me I think this is the most complete sport. Physical, strategy, team work, more highlights on this game dunk, assist,steal, block shot etc…this game is worth to watch from start to the finish even until to the last .4 sec.

    1 basketball
    2 baseball
    3 hockey

    soccer no way! sorry it is just my opinion ask nash and kobe why they choose basketball.
    Oh I forget football should be third on the list ask lebron.

  • lakeb

    This list is wrong. Pau should be number 4 over dwight and tim and kevin. i cannot believe he is not on the list. Pau can do EVERYTHING. that is something you cant say about any other big man in the league. atleast they got the first 3 right. Durant should be on the list to way above pierce

  • L.a


  • Josh Herrington

    Ok let’s see.
    I HATE KOBE!!!!
    Marwan won’t delete that.

  • Sean All Ivy

    I agree that Kobe is #1 but the rest of this list is mostly wrong. These Bleacher Report articles are usually flawed but this is especially so. How is Durant not on this list? How are KG and Pierce on this list while Rondo is by far the best player on that team? Also, Carmelo abd D-Will should be much higher.