Glad to see Pau Gasol get the recognition and respect he deserves.

Dime Magazine: Gasol taking the number one spot is an easy choice. He has been the perfect partner for Kobe Bryant in the triangle offense, and since he arrived the Lakers have made the NBA Finals every year including victories in the last two. With Gasol at Bryant’s side, there is no limit to how far the Lakers can go the next few years.

  • Messenjah

    Gasol ain’t no sidekick. He’s a legit number one option, just like when Shaq and Kobe were together. Kobe wasn’t a sidekick, they all need each other. Well except Amare, he actually needs Steve nash to give him the ball.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      sorry gasol is a sidekick
      12 play off game before kobe 0-12
      he is a sidekick
      if pippen which by himself won 55 games w the bulls is considered a sidekick gasol is definitely one


        I agree. Kinda like Kobe was a sidekick to Shaq in his early years.

        • kobe-wan kenobi

          yeah right
          shaq was so important that the last 2 min of each game could not touch the ball and had to give the ball to kobe

          get it right kid
          pau is a sidekick kobe not


    Sorry Pau… You have a new contender for the #1 sidekick in Lebron “cowardly betrayal” James. Wade is the King of Miami.

    Anyways Pau is a great player and carried the team when Kobe took time off this last season. Wish they wouldve beaten the C’s then but as long as we got em in the end. :)

  • lakeb