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Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

If there’s one thing that has united Lakers fans this year, it’s our shared distaste for the teams head coach. It’s not just the teams poor performance, but more so their lack of consistent improvement throughout the season under D’Antoni. The following is a compilation of Mike D’Antoni’s 10 most memorable quotes throughout the year:


On possible roster additions before the trade deadline:

We need to play guys who know the system. We could bring somebody in to bring them on the bench for a while. But that doesn’t make any sense for us either. We’re in a strange situation.”


On Lakers players accepting their role:

Everybody knows their role. We spell it out every day. You might not accept that role and now you have, ‘Well, he doesn’t understand me,’ “Yeah, I do. You just don’t want to do what I want you to do.”


On the Clippers beating the Lakers 125-101:

They beat us. They kicked us. We just played helter-skelter.”


On the Laker’s decision to hire him instead of going with Phil Jackson:

I have real close friends that were Lakers fans, and they were disappointed I got the job.”


On how fans reaction affects him:

I don’t care, and so fans can curse, scream and carry on like there is no tomorrow. I don’t read and I don’t listen, I don’t watch anything but tape. I think about the team and I live my life. Then I’ll have a nice dinner and a glass of wine.”


On Gasol publicly expressing frustration with being benched:

I guess the ‘all for one’ lasted about 48 hours. Not bad.”


On whether the Bobcats were a dangerous opponent for the Lakers:

We’re playing, aren’t we? (Then) there’s a danger,” D’Antoni said with a laugh. “If they play the national anthem, we’re in danger.”


On Kobe’s off-ball defense:

Umm, it’s good … You know. I think sometimes he just … You know … Umm … Yeah, it’s good.”


On benching Gasol the entire fourth quarter in the Lakers 106-98 loss to the Grizzlies:

I was thinking I’d like to win this game. That’s the reason.”


On the Lakers struggles:

We’ve got an All-Star team. Have you ever watched an All-Star Game? It’s God-awful because everybody gets the ball, they go one-on-one and then they play no defense. That’s our team.”