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The NBA world isn’t just about what you do on the court. We scoured the web for Lakers-related quotations to provide you with the 10 best quotes from the past seven days:


When you got Kobe Bryant on the floor, sometimes it’s going to be outside-outside.

Mike D’Antoni, on Dwight Howard wanting to play more inside-outside, via ESPN


When people say I’m losing my athletic ability, that doesn’t make no sense because I never had any.

Metta World Peace, via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin


It’s bittersweet. Because, I think it’s spectacular and it’s very impressive and it’s remarkable to be able to play 48 minutes and score 47 points. That’s incredible. On the other hand, I’m a player that likes to see a little bit more ball movement and better balance. I’ve always been [like that]. That’s just how I perceive this game.

Pau Gasol, after the Lakers win over the Blazers, when Kobe Bryant scored 47 points, via ESPN


At the end of the game, Pau was looking for Kobe, and I’m like, ‘What the hell are you looking for Kobe for? Go to work. You don’t have time for spectating. Everybody go to work. The five guys that are on that floor? We go to work. We’re not watching. We don’t take pictures. That’s what you guys [in the media] are for, you take pictures. We’re not taking pictures out there. We can’t even bring a camera on the floor if we had a chance.

Metta World Peace, also after the Lakers win over the Blazers, via ESPN


It’d be hard for me to go through another season of uncertainty, of being that player that can always be interchangeable or moved away for the right opportunity that might come along or not. We’ll revaluate, but at the end of the day, I’m getting closer to the last few years of my career and I want to have an enjoyable time in a situation where I’m wanted, I’m used properly and I can maximise my qualities and talents.

Pau Gasol, via ESPNLA 710


My knee wanted to play. My knee said, ‘Let’s go.’ My knee was talking to me at night … My knee was like, ‘Go. Get up and go. Don’t worry. Just keep going.’ My knee calls me, ‘Metta.’ It said, ‘You’re doing good, Metta. Just keep going, keep working, keep working and just stay ready. Just be ready to go. Don’t worry about me.’ Because I was worried about my knee. I was like, ‘Knee, are you alright?’ And my knee said, ‘Hey don’t worry about me. I’m alright.’ We talk, we bond. I said, ‘It don’t feel alright. It’s kind of sore right now.’ My knee said, ‘Stop acting like a little wuss and play.’ So I did. So I played.

Metta World Peace, via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin


I can relate to him because I know exactly how he feels. For him, when he’s at the top of his game and has a major injury like that, all the questions start to come from everyone on what will he be when he comes back and will he be the same player and will he do certain things. I can relate to everything he’s feeling right now with the pain, the hurt, wishing he could play, all that stuff. That’s something that is very close to me.

Dwight Howard, via the Daily News


It had nothing to do with the minutes he had been playing or anything of that sort. A torn Achilles tendon is a very freaky injury. Everybody is trying to look at somebody to blame for it whether it’d be the coaching staff, Kobe, me or whatever it is. But it’s more of a freakish injury than anything else. The battle with this kind of injury is going to be from the neck up. If he decides he wants to do this, it will get done. I’m not worried about the physical part of it. I’m worried about the mental state.

Kobe Bryant’s personal trainer Tim Grover, via KTLA


It’s just a tough hit, tough blow for everyone and for the ones who love him and have a great respect for him, even more. It’s hard for me to see him like that. He doesn’t deserve it … I hate that it happened to him. He works so hard. He’s the most dedicated guy that I ever met and he had the courage and the strength to talk to (the media). I don’t know if I could have done it. So, again that’s very remarkable. It was incredible that he was able to walk it off without help to the bench and he wanted to shoot the two free throws, made those two free throws with a torn Achilles, probably. So, again, just incredible the type of person, the type of player he is.

Pau Gasol, via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin


Two games remain. Two games that will decide this team’s playoff fate. Two games the Lakers must play without their heart, their soul, their leader. How better to honor the fallen teammate than to perceive with the fierced passion that he brings, to play through pain and exhaustion like he has? And to find a way by any means necessary. Tonight, the show must go on.

TWC Sportsnet’s introduction to the Lakers game against the Spurs, the first after Kobe Bryant’s season-ending injury.

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