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The NBA world isn’t just about what you do on the court. We scoured the web for Lakers-related quotations to provide you with the 10 best quotes from the past seven days:


I didn’t even know I could jump that high.

Earl Clark on his block on Grizzlies’ Quincy Pondexter, via


You saw the game. He did everything. He was as big as their stars.

Vince Carter on Earl Clark after the Lakers win over the Mavericks, via the L.A. Times


They should be watching me.

Kobe Bryant, on if he was going to watch the Final Four, via ESPN’s Arash Markazi


I don’t want to go home. I want to make it to the playoffs. I don’t want to be on the Laker team that didn’t make it to the playoffs. I don’t want to be remembered that way so I’m just coming out and giving it my all.

Earl Clark, via


I’m good. I’m not a (wimp). I was walking a day after (surgery). I only used the crutches because I was lazy.

Metta World Peace, via the Huffington Post


It’s unbelievable. Any modern medicine you have to throw everything out the window.

Mike D’Antoni on Metta World Peace’s quick return from surgery, via NBC Los Angeles


I’d like to see him be a little less aggressive early on and be more aggressive later in the game. He needs his legs to be effective. And with the amount of minutes he’s playing lately, it’s normal that he’s tired at the end of games. He’s just playing a lot of minutes. I already said two games ago that I was concerned about it. But he’s the best at making plays down the stretch. That’s why he’s got the ball in his hands, and we count on those plays.

Pau Gasol on Kobe Bryant’s minutes, via ESPN


We’re not running anything that I would normally run. But, we feel like what we’re doing is better for the team to win right now, and I’m comfortable with that. I think everybody in every role should say, ‘What does the team need to win?’ I can’t be selfish and have them be unselfish; that’s not fair. But, trying to figure out what it is [took time], and I think we’ve come to a pretty good balance of what we need to do.

Mike D’Antoni, via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin


It’s smart if we continue to do that, not just for ourselves, but for the rest of the guys. It creates easier shots for everybody else out there. We’re both knowledgable players. We both have high basketball IQs. We’re both high quality players. It’s not just about making plays, but starting the offense that way and seeing how the defense reacts. Then we can set somebody else up for a good shot.

Pau Gasol, on being the playmaker as of late along with Kobe Bryant, via the Daily News’ Mark Medina


You can’t stop it. You can’t guard it. You just hope we miss. There’s really no reasonable way you can defend that. It’s a huge, huge threat. Then you have Dwight Howard ducking in on the inside and you put Jody Meeks in the corner and you just hope we miss.

Kobe Bryant, also on his recent playmaking role along with Pau Gasol, via the L.A. Times


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