The NBA world isn’t just about what you do on the court. We scoured the web for Lakers-related quotations to provide you with the 10 best quotes from the past seven days:



He got away with a shot. I’ll remember this game. He said he wasn’t trying to do it. You can look at the play and see for yourself. I’ll take care of it later.

Dwight Howard, on getting elbowed by Warriors’ David Lee, via the Daily News


Better player means slowing down and taking what the defense gives you. Although he’s big, strong and explosive, you don’t have to overpower everybody on every trip to get a shot. Sometimes you can catch it. If you’re open, shoot it. If not, take one dribble and jump over the guy. That’s still a good shot. Proving how good you are doesn’t mean proving how strong you are.

Lakers’ assistant Chuck Person on Dwight Howard, via the Daily News


If we make the playoffs and lose in the 1st round, it’s worthless and we failed.

Pau Gasol, via ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne


You’re not going to do any damage in the playoffs unless those two guys are on the floor.

Mike D’Antoni on Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol, via the Daily News


Kobe will tell you. He’s like, ‘Look, you guys as my teammates, yell at me. Let me know that you’re open because I’m so programmed,’ and this guy has told me this, ‘I see nothing but that basket. You could be open, there could be three guys on me, but the only thing I see is that basket so you have to tell me, Look, I was open. Or yell at me mid-play. That doesn’t affect me at all and I respect that.’ It’s great to be with him. I love a guy who expects so much from his teammates. I mean, this guy eats, sleeps basketball and the only thing he wants to do is to win another championship and I’ve never seen anybody as focused, as dedicated as Kobe.

Antawn Jamison on Kobe Bryant, via ESPN


As long as it’s mathematical, it’s possible. If we just win all our games, then it’s possible. But, again, you got to be a little realistic. Will it be hard? Yes. And, will I be happy with (the eighth seed)? Yes. I’ll be happy getting in the playoffs. I don’t care where it is right now.

Mike D’Antoni on possibly clinching the 6th seed, via ESPN


We put our hands in (the huddle), and you’ve guys have probably seen it, we say ‘Championship!’ and go out. That’s laughable. Championship? You gotta be kidding me. If we don’t change, we obviously won’t make the playoffs. But even if we do, then we’ll get blown out.

Mike D’Antoni, after the Lakers loss to the Wizards, via CBS Sports


I don’t think it’s time to get emotional. We got to just maintain our poise and just think about what are we going to do. It’s really not an emotional thing. It’s just X’s and O’s.

Kobe Bryant, following the Lakers loss to the Warriors, via ESPN


If our minds and our hearts are really into it, we can be a heck of a team. We can beat anybody. When we move the ball, we’re hard to beat.

Pau Gasol, via the L.A. Times


Am I talking about Kobe? I’m talking about Kobe, I’m talking about me, I’m talking about Dwight Howard, I’m talking about Steve Nash, I’m talking about everybody. Now, to say one is more guilty than the other? No. It doesn’t really matter. It’s, ‘The Lakers screwed up.’ And the Lakers are going to go forward and try to fix it. I’m mad at myself, I’m mad at the coaches, I’m mad at the players, we’re all mad and we all have to do a better job. You try to pick spots (to get angry) because you can’t just be a mad man the whole time. Sometimes adrenaline gets to you and gets a little bit of the best of you, but at the same time players have to know that, ‘Hey, we just messed up royally’ — coaches and the players (have to know that) — and hopefully the message gets through.

Mike D’Antoni, via ESPN

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