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The NBA world isn’t just about what you do on the court. We scoured the web for Lakers-related quotations to provide you with the 10 best quotes from the past seven days:


It’s revealing of the individual’s ignorance. To think that 17 years of my career, is there anything about me that says I’m going to allow you guys to see me slow up?

Kobe Bryant, on his doubters, via the OC Register


I wish they would’ve amnestied Kobe before the game

Dirk Nowitzki, joking about Mark Cuban’s comments on the Lakers possibly amnestying Kobe, via Ramona Shelburne


If he goes one-on-one and tries to play an “And-1″ kind of game, then he is very normal or bad.

Mike D’Antoni on Steve Nash, via ESPN


It’s great to win when you don’t play your best, not on your A game; that’s what it’s all about. Playoff teams always find a way.

Steve Nash, after the win over the Trail Blazers, via


People forget it’s been only 10 months since Dwight had major back surgery, he’s been traded, he injured a (right) shoulder that may require offseason surgery. He’s the best center in the NBA. The criticism, to me, is unwarranted and he should know – and I think he does – that we support him 100 percent.

Mitch Kupchak on Dwight Howard, via


It’s not a question of if we make the playoffs. We will. And when we get there, I have no fear of anyone — Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Denver … whoever. I have zero nervousness about that. We will make the playoffs. And we will compete.

Kobe Bryant, via Sports Illustrated


Jerry dreamt it, we saw it, we went after it, and it became a reality. Jerry created a new Laker paradigm and for 30 years, it captured the imagination of the entire sports world. We weren’t just the best of the best. The Lakers are unique, they still are. The Lakers separated themselves from the pack and left footprints to follow, and there’s a lot of teams that are trying.

Pat Riley, at the Dr. Buss Memorial


Kobe, if I had a diamond of great value, four or five carats, would I give up that diamond for four diamonds of one carat? No. There’s no equal value that what we can get for you. A trade would not match what you can bring to this team.

Dr. Jerry Buss, as revealed by Phil Jackson at the Dr. Buss Memorial


Jerry embraced life with the same enthusiasm and energy when Magic embraced me when we beat the Clippers in his first NBA game. His passion for life made Jerry a modern Renaissance Man. He was a beloved college professor, a courageous entrepreneur and generous philanthropist. No matter what he did, he was a success. His greatest quality was his willingness to share his success with every one else.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, at the Dr. Buss Memorial


I encourage all of you, me included, to just look around the room and look at the greatness of one man’s vision. Look at all the players that are here, the coaches that are here… We all have one thing in common: we all believed in Dr. Jerry Buss. And so for us to look around this room and to understand that we are playing for something bigger than ourselves, bigger than a single season. We are playing for the memory of a great man: Dr. Jerry Buss.

Kobe Bryant, at the Dr. Buss Memorial

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