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The NBA world isn’t just about what you do on the court. We scoured the web for Lakers-related quotations to provide you with the 10 best quotes from the past fourteen days:


I think championship should be an expectation. Realistically we have enough talent here that there will be enough to where our goal is a championship.

Mike D’Antoni, via


[The fans’ support] drives me. It gives me more fuel and more focus to have that support. They believe in me. I take that and I wear that as a badge of honor not to disappoint them.

Kobe Bryant, who’s been recovering from a torn Achilles tendon suffered on April 12th, via


My back was pretty much painful the whole year. I came back five or six months earlier than I was supposed to, for this team, for this city because I wanted to win so bad.

Dwight Howard, via


As a coach you sleep like a baby … Every 15 minutes you wake up and cry.

Mike D’Antoni, via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin


I understand the position I find myself in. It can be a little draining. It’s not ideal. But I also accept it. I accept where I am. I accept the circumstances the team is in. I’m not upset about it. It’s just the way it is. The future is uncertain. There’s a possibility I could be gone. There’s a possibility I could stay. But I’m prepared either way.

Pau Gasol, via


We have a great legacy, a great history of great players in this city dating back to when the franchise came here in 1960, and he certainly fits the mold. If you just look at the opportunity, which is to play for this franchise in this city, with what this franchise has meant to this city and its accomplishments, that’s probably the most any team can offer a player.

Mitch Kupchak, on why he’s optimistic that Dwight Howard will re-sign with the Lakers, via


This is probably the craziest year I’ve been apart of. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong, with the talent, the expectations we had. We definitely had a team that was capable of winning a championship, we just never had a chance to put it together.

Chris Duhon, via


He went through a situation with back surgery where he was all by himself. He sees that and he doesn’t want me to experience the same thing he experienced. Our bond grew a lot. It shows through adversity your bond can become stronger. The support for each other really shined through. That’s why I would love for this group to come back and get another crack at it.

Kobe Bryant, on Dwight Howard, via


When you lose, everything is in play. This is the third year in a row that you could argue we didn’t live up to or play up to expectations. Everybody is in play, whether it’s Pau [Gasol] or anybody else to look for ways to improve the team. By and large, the organization has always looked to put the best product on the court, and that will continue to be how we’ll move going forward. Looking for the best players that give us what we think is the best chance to win.

Mitch Kupchak, via


[This year] was like a nightmare. It was like a bad dream, and we couldn’t wake up out of it. It seemed like nothing could go right from the start.

Dwight Howard, after the Lakers season-ending loss to the Spurs, via NBC Sports

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