Hopefully a win over the Jazz prompted most Laker fans to take a big step back from the ledge of the sunset overpass on the 405 freeway. The widespread concern and panic emanating from many Laker fans since Christmas Day has been as misguided as a DeAndre Jordan free throw attempt. Now im not going to sit here and act as if the Lakers have no issues at all, that would make me just as delusional.


But it is fairly obvious that the Lakers are experiencing some growing pains as they transition to a new offense, new defense and a new head coach, all while under the umbrella of a shortened training camp period. That notion is clearly evidenced by the sometimes ragged offensive possessions and supplemented by porous defensive communication (see, the Sacramento game). You add together the aforementioned issues with the fact that Andrew Bynum has yet to play a single minute on the floor and a 1-2 start doesn’t seem that farfetched. Above that, barring a bad turnover in the final 20 seconds of the game on Christmas Day, the Lakers are 2-1 with a win over the reigning league MVP.


Among all of the apparent negatives that have shown themselves in this first week of the season, there have also been more than a few positives. How about the improved outside shooting and overall offensive aggressiveness of Steve Blake? How about Devin Ebanks being an effective scorer in the starting lineup? Maybe most shockingly, Metta World Peace actually producing on the offensive end of the floor. What about newest addition, Josh McRoberts, showing a toughness and grit that has already earned himself the nickname “McRambis.”


I realize that its too early in the season to anoint World Peace as the 6th man of the year or Steve Blake as the comeback player of the year. It’s all about having proper perspective. As premature as it is to start jumping to conclusions of grandeur for Blake and World Peace, it is just as premature for Laker fans to start walking the plank. A 1-2 start to the regular season means just that and nothing more.