Read up on this guy, he’s pretty damn good.

tonyMassLive: Tony Gaffney never imagined he would say the words he said Friday.

“I’m a Los Angeles Laker now. Hopefully, I can turn some heads,” said Gaffney, the former University of Massachusetts men’s basketball forward, who was been added to the Lakers’ summer league team roster Friday.

Gaffney grew up in Berkley. He has been a lifelong Boston Celtics fan.

“I didn’t tell the Lakers that,” Gaffney said with a laugh.

Gaffney was not taken in the NBA Draft Thursday. His agent, Sam Porter, said Friday that several teams had shown interest in the 6-foot-8 player as a free agent.

Gaffney has not been offered a contract by the Lakers, but he is assured a place on their roster in the NBA’s summer league, which will be held in Las Vegas from July 10-19.

That alone shows the Lakers are taking him seriously, Gaffney said.

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  • Yoke Kuan

    “Gaffney grew up in Berkley. He has been a lifelong Boston Celtics fan.

    “I didn’t tell the Lakers that,” Gaffney said with a laugh.”

    Dump him. LOL!!!

  • Margo


  • chchom

    [Comment ID #77315 Will Be Quoted Here]

    how did sasha make it

  • xfellerx

    hes ok.

  • sasha vujabrick

    [Comment ID #77317 Will Be Quoted Here]

    exactly if sasha can play on the lakers anyone can!! just believe kids!

  • sasha vujabrick

    exactly if sasha can play on the lakers anyone can!! just believe kids!

  • http://yahoofantasysports J breezy

    yo seen this dude play couple televised games in college. DO NOT SLEEP on this cat, reminds me of someone like the birdman! block shots, rebounds, all the crazy hardworking stuff

  • sasha vujabrick

    i dont like the fact that hes a lifelong celtics fan though.

  • Nam Thành

    He has long arm, quick and block shot ability, can be added to bench but has to prove more before we can see him on floor

  • daboss1849

    With this guy on the team he will take us to the next level. CHAMPIONSHIPS BABY!!!!!!!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #77327 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Those who convert to another religion are the most loyal followers. If he becomes a laker he will trash the celtics no doubt about it.

  • Geloman

    Did anyone see has college stats. He averaged 10+ boards and a game and 4 BLOCKS! I know it’s college but anyone who can average 4 blocks a game anywhere has some skill in that area. If he can be a Birdman type, he could certainly help the team.

  • Geloman

    Paul Pierce was a a longtime Laker fan growing up in LA, and now he’s a Celtic great who has a lot of hate for the Lakers.

  • mastarockafella

    He is pretty good on D and can block shots. He will be like a birdman in LA. I hope he can bring that ability in the summer league. I say I’ll keep my eyes on this dude during the summer league. We need more defensive players.

  • Javier

    From the sounds of the other responders, I will be excited to see if this guy can make the team. It will be hard from him but we will see what happens. First issues to get done is resigning our boys, Trev, LO, and Shannon.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    We have a problem. On the picture he is wearing #24. Kobe’s gotta change his i guess :)

  • 123kid

    having never seen this guy play and only watching youtube highlights (which never really amazes me), this guy definitely has potential and birdman type skills. he has that 7’2″ wingspan, the ability to block shots and rebound, and the speed. i would love to see how this guy plays in the summer league and maybe possibly preseason. maybe even becoming an off the bench center, but i guess we will wait and see.

  • P()()P

    hes another luke walton

  • Hoop Coach

    You guys are getting a quality individual who never quits. In high school he broke his hand in the state tourney and still lead his team to the fleet center. He is a coachs dream and an offensive players nightmare. He wore number 23 in high school it may be here also. You guys will love him.