You can pick up one of the slick jackets at the NBA Store; although they’re likely to be outdated soon. You bought one of these last year and regret it, didn’t you? Tonight’s ring ceremony will begin around 7:10 PM. Don’t be late to the party.

  • LakersEnElCoco


    • daboss1848

      dammit ive been trying to be 1st for years now, but cant seem to be so quick on the draw and finish – must come with youth . . .

      • MambasVenom81

        Stay up late u will be first for sure!

  • 2Much4You

    That look sick!!!

  • trippleoccho

    Anyone know what the rings look like this year?

    • MambasVenom81

      Like your face when you break out!! LMAO!

  • kb24 4life

    is the ring ceremony before the game?
    i heard it was going to be at halftime!

    • tbo

      Ring ceremony will be at halftime. Gotta make sure LA traffic doesnt hinder the full crowd participation to crown our champs!..;)

      • 242LakerFan

        The ring ceremony begins at 7:10, before the game.

  • Sanfransucks

    I liked last years better. Still these are pretty cool. Go La!

  • 18beforeboston

    wow i would LOVE to have one of those, but the price tag makes me sad :(.

    • MambasVenom81

      Cheap ass!


    yes i read it!!!