Thanks to Cyrus Santoriello for sending us the following piece. Somewhat of a reply to Shane Bien’s We Are All Lamar Odom article.

Lamar OdomTo Trade or NOT to Trade Lamar Odom.

There isn’t an easy answer to that query. To be a better judge, you must take a close look at Lamar Odom’s life and his journey coast-to-coast. “To trade or NOT to trade Lamar” sounds almost like a Shakespearean drama. But drama has become Odom’s companion, on the court and off the court. And aside his basketball skills, Odom has the talent somehow to be at the wrong place at the wrong time:

Two years after the “Boost Money” scandal in 1997, which was blown out of proportion by the NCAA unfairly, Lamar gets drafted by the Clippers as number 4 pick. Not the right place to start an NBA career. He averaged 16-8-4 in obscurity with the Clippers, overshadowed by the Lakers’ Shaq and Kobe powerhouse and back-to-back championship for the next 3 years. Watching the Lakers’ duo hugging the Golden Ball under the champagne shower around the block, took its tool on Odom’s mind which needed altering and he gets suspended for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy for the second time in eight months in 2001.

Lamar’s ship arrives in summer of 2003 and he sails to Miami. Thrilled was the 23 years young player with a $65.Mil contract in his pocket and the prospect of receiving some decent coaching from the slick Pat Riley. Not so, just a few days before the start of the 2003-04 season, the polished coach shocked the basketball world when he stepped down as the head coach to focus more on his role as team president, shattering Odom’s hope to work with the legendary coach.

After missing 15 games due to injury, the 6.10 forward managed to improve his average to 17-10-4 and experience 13 playoffs games for the first time before getting eliminated by the Pacers in the second round in 2004.

A year later, just as he was getting used to the tropical rain and Cuban cuisine, Lamar was shipped back to LA to fill O’Neal’s big shoes and finds out that another great coach has escaped to play with Kangoroos and Koala bears. Party was over in City of Angels and Lamar had to walk over a lot of broken and dirty dishes. Too late for the party, Odom was again in the wrong place at the wrong time facing an unjustified and unfair expectation. More than he could deliver.

2005 was a confusing time for Lamar working for the frantic Rudy Tomjanovich followed by the laid-back Frank Hamblen. Finally, in summer of 2005, Lamar was given the privilege to play for the most expensive coach of NBA. Jackson’s plan for Lamar was to help to resurrect Jordan-Pippen miracle from the ashes of O’Neal-Bryant legacy. Again, wrong cast and wrong expectations. Odom is sold on the idea and does his best to please the Angelinos and dishes 19-11-5 in 05-06 season.

In summer of 2006, while his former teammates in Miami hug the Golden Ball under the champagne shower, the young father is mourning the tragic loss of his infant child with a broken heart. How much can a man take?

Lamar gets ready to average 19-13-2 in 06-07 as injuries sidelined him middle of the season, ending the best run Lakers had after the big daddy left in 04. He comes back patched up with a torn shoulder to finish the playoffs with an “I am a Keeper” season-high 33 points. Too late.

In his exit interview, he was asked by Kupchack, how would he see his future? Is it going to be the usual 16-9-5 (career)? Or could he make a habit of his last performance on May 2 in Phoenix? LO’s answer is almost the same he gave six month ago in a post game interview: “I just try to play the game of basketball and not just score”

Odom may not retire in purple and gold as he wishes. He has climbed to the top of the Lakers’ trade block not only because of his $13.Mil salary, he is an excellent all-around player, or better said, a coaches’ player.

It would be heartbreaking to see LO leave, for fans and Odom himself, but maybe both Lakers and our hero of the story could benefit from a change. Maybe he could show his real potential if he is not overshadowed by a superstar teammate, and maybe he could finally be himself and breakout of the Scottie Pippen cast.

Lamar needs a break and I hope, wherever he goes or stays, he can break out of his melodramatic mold and experience the bright side of life. Lamar deserves more appreciative teammates and less expecting audience. An audience who would let Lamar Odom do what he does best; “just play the game of basketball and not just score”.

  • Nikko

    Trade! who else would get us Garnett?

  • Nikko

    Is McHale back from his redneck trip? Come on Ass, stop holding everyone back!

  • Rok

    Nice article.. I agree, he should stay, and get JO as well:), KB, JO , LO, thats a contender right there:)

  • Faith

    It’s not a question of appreciation, but of expectation. At a certain point, he’s got the power and the responsibility to take himself out of the trade block. He has yet to do that. While I love me some LO, I know that he’s never going to be the second consistent option we need. He can and is though, the best third option in the league. Kobe once said LO can be a HOF if he puts his mind into it…and I don’t disagree with that. In fact I think he took a big, huge step towards that direction this last season…but we’re still left expecting more from him…and continuing to do so.

    That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate what he does. I for one love the versatility of LO, but his game always has the connotation of…expectations, of “if only.” He can be dominant, I love his dominance, if only he can exploit that dominance consistently and all season long.

  • Keep Lamar Get KG


  • laker2421

    I love Lamar,great guy,real good talent,that being said trade him ASAP for KG. GETGARNETT and make Kobe happy and make Laker fans happy by making us a championship contender.

  • Adam

    Forgot about Garnett and try to get Artest, and or Jermaine O’neal and besides Dr. Buss doesnt want to pay luxury taxes.


    …..Damn your never to old to dream uh, but this lineup can definitely make some noise in the playoffs.

  • KBisDarthVader

    kg is not comming. seriously.

    the wolves just dont want what we have to offer, and KG is too loyal/classy/stupid to force a trade to the lakers.

    given that, we need to find a way to get another players and keep LO…

  • Ed24

    I feel bad for Lamar. Great guy on and off the court. It just sucks to see bad things happen to good people.

  • Cyrus

    Luke Walton: “we don’t need Kevin Garnett”!!!!!

    I just saw this ON ESPN TV,

    Reporter asking Luke Walton (Para Phrase):”Do think Lakers should get Garnett?”

    Luke Walton (Para Phrase):”No, we don’t need him, we can do a lot of damage with our existing roster, especially if we get Derek Fisher.”

    He said it twice, I wonder why?????

  • Adam

    KG isnt coming period, and besides if he wanted to he could’ve a while ago beause he is basically in control of his own destination. We should focus are attention on getting a good dominate front court player like JO who could help us as well as Lamar “Sometimes i show up” Oden

  • coca shayne

    FYI: Lamar NEVER averaged 19-11-5 in a season … more like 14-9-5 in 05-06

  • cyrus


    Look at my finger, concentrate looking at my finger……don’t fall asleep but just concentrate.look at my finger…..LOL

  • KB222324


  • double

    I have nothing but love for Lamar, but we’re a team desperate for major change.

    Lakers first.

  • Tim-4-Show

    Great to see all the regulars posting, from Cyrus to J Fatty, to Faith.

    What’s with this Luke quote? Is he insane? There’s a big difference between being good, say we’ll be able to beat a few teams here or there, and contending, which was a primary motivator to the Kobe fiasco.

    To say “we don’t need him”? That makes me say, let’s swap Luke in that deal if he’s that far in denial. Fish will bring some solid leadership to the team, but he doesn’t make us that much more competitive than we already were.

  • tim

    lamar is a pussy. theres nothing else to say.

  • Cyrus


    Good to see you here, adding another asset to this site. Fatty and I moved here a while back, the hatred was becoming unbearable at LA-Times Lakers’ blog. We feel among true Laker fans here, there are plenty of different opinions here and occasional bashing but nothing like the other side and most importantly, you don’t see reposting of hate-filled comments over and over again. The webmasters are very alert and they wouldn’t let their website to become a dumpster for hater’s garbage.
    I hope you stay with us.

    Now back to Walton’ I watched him on ESPN saying it twice; we don’t need Garnett. I don’t know, maybe he knows something we don’t know. I hope not.
    I went to the ESPN site to see if they have Luke’s clip, the do but they cut it short and that Garnett comment is cut out.

    Cyrus (Vent.)

  • Justin M.

    The Garnett dream is over, Stop it, u people are praising someone we dont have and has shown no indication of wanting to come to LA and at the same time bashing our second best player that has been nothing but loyal to the Lakers, he almost puts the Lakers over family. This is enough, forget about KG and start thinking what can be done to make 24/7 better. Man, im disapointed in some of you Laker fans.

  • tj

    Get garnett and trade LO for Artest!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam



  • lakerfreak

    We dont need garnett luke is right but it would make things easier i think the Lakers should keep the roster that we have im saying right now bynum is going to have a breakout year next year i say if we can get garnett then do it but i dont think he is going anywhere b/c minnesotta thinks they can trade quality for quality they dont realize if u trade a superstar you are taking a loss look what we got for shaq and what philly got for AI and there is no way Sacramento will trade with the Lakers that would be like trying to make a deal with the Celtics in the 80’s I think we should keep everyone except try swapping Kwame, Vlade, Cook and Sasha package them up for something nice

  • tj

    The Lakers just need to focus on getting KG and ARTEST,,,do what ever it takes……Fisher, Kobe, KG, and Artest, and a bunch of solid role players….the Lakers are back….offer three number one draff picks with our players whatever just bring in:

    KG ARTEST & FISHER and we are SET!!@!!!!!!!!

  • Ted

    Trade Odom he’s not a good player. I don’t care what anyone says. We keep hearing people say he had a difficult time this year. Bull crap, this guy never comes though. One game he has 20 pts then everyone says oh see I told you Odom is good, but they always forget the other 15 games where he scores 3, 4,5,2,4,2,3,8,7 etc. He sucks and he needs to go. Let’s not forget he NEVER tries to block a shoot, all he does is hold his hands in the air. Some people would support Odom even if he purposely gave a game away. In other words won’t see reality he sucks TRADE him pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • magic32

    dont trade lamar odom. he’ll come back to hurt the lakers if they do.

  • AlexKB24

    Lakers should try this trade

    it would make the line up like this
    pg: Fisher
    sg: Kobe
    sf: Artest
    pf. Gasol
    C: Mihm

  • That’s Right

    [quote comment=”7245″]dont trade lamar odom. he’ll come back to hurt the lakers if they do.[/quote]

    I thought this was – not SaveLamar’

  • “Billy” Kupchak


  • Nikko

    you guys on crack? you want JO or Artest and think still keep LO?

  • jmkb24

    I would only trade him if we got Garnett but if we got Jermaine, I wouldn’t trade him. He has shown a lot of heart( playing with a torn labrum ) and has played well with Kobe.

  • tj

    The Lakers are working hard on a blockbuster trade I can feel it…

    I have a strong feeling Farmar, Bynum, Kwame, and Odom are going

    And I have a strong feeling KG and Artest are coming…

    I think also JO is going to Sac and Bibby is going…

  • Ricky

    do not trade lamar odom, i repeat do not trade lamar odom!!

    lamar odom is awesome, i got much love for LO. great person, great player, has survived through thick and thin, so lots of love for odom!!

  • Fred A.

    [quote comment=”7195″]Nice article.. I agree, he should stay, and get JO as well:), KB, JO , LO, thats a contender right there:)[/quote]
    You R right!!!!! I thinking the same thing. Keep Odom.
    Get JO for Bynum/Mckie/Farmer/and a First round pick.

  • punkjones

    Fred A –
    Those salaries are so far away from working it’s not funny. You have to throw in Brown for that to happen, which is fine, just saying. Realistically though, it probably won’t get you JO. The asking price is LO and Bynum both. But Lamar probably has to go no matter what if we’re trying to get one of these outstanding big guys JO or KG. I do feel bad for Lamar as far as last summer’s tragedy with his child. Horrible, horrible thing for any parent to have to go through. As a dad I can’t think of anything worse.

    All that said, I like Lamar’s rebounding skills very much and think he’s a bit underappreciated for it, but I don’t like the fact that he doesn’t play in the post at all on the Lakers. I also hate the fact that he has no go to move, no consistency on offense, is a bit too lanky for real post D, and commits some hellacious turnovers in the clutch, not to mention his habit of blowing layups. He’s never had the mental game at all. It just doesn’t seem that he has the stuff upstairs to take it all the way. He has all the talent in the world. He has great ballhandling and passing skills. He can even have a great tough attitude at times like this last post season. But he’s a project in a lot of ways. He has not shown that he can really come through in consistent fashion.

    He also makes a lot of money. He also plays the 4 and we need someone to really play that role to the hilt, and provide some post offense. I would definitely trade him for a true post player.

  • LAKobe4Life

    I love Lamar Odom, there is no player like him in the NBA, that’s for damn sure. Lamar’s height and ball handling skills, it’s amazing for his height. I will NOT trade Lamar Odom for Jermaine O’Neal, I will only trade Lamar Odom if it gets us Kevin Garnett, that’s it, that’s the only way. If KG isn’t available, then trade Bynum in a deal rather than Odom for Jermaine O’Neal.

  • rmeazy82

    I say we keep L.O. and go after J.O. Lamar Odom would be the best as our third option

  • showtime88

    Forget about getting garnett or anything else…i know I want KG..sure!..But I also dont want us to trade LO..unless it is for KG..period.

    Anyone who says lamar is inconsistent (maybe)…a pussy (whatever)…not a consistent 2nd option (the injuries took their toll..lamar would have been an all star if he doesnt get injured in the game against Houston during the reg season)..

    Did we forget this guy had 33 points and seemingly was the only guy who left it ALL OUT ON THE FLOOR the last game against the suns?

    He almost single handedly fought us back into that game.

    I like Lamar’s character, his will, his desire and above all his ability to play basketball…..

    he is probably one of the most VERSATILE players in the league..

    He is a triple double waiting to happen….

  • j-rock

    lamar cant even back down wnba players, tina thompson would rip him a new one.

  • Berger

    J-rock is simply a moron…why does everyone forget how good we were before the break…Odom got seriously injured as did luke and kwame and thats why the season went to shit..we were in 5th place before we got struck with injuries…ODOM could back down anyone he wants including YAO…He is the only unguardable PF in the game..KEEP LO and trade Kwame for Artest

  • JAVA#1

    I believe the Lakers had the second best record in the league before all the injuries, AND KWAME HAD TO COME BACK AND STEAL MINUTES FROM BYNUM. I HATE KWAME. HE HAS NO PASSION.HE JUST IS THERE.

  • VanHelsing

    Over the last couple of weeks the Lakers front office has given us a few clues that at least hint at where things are going. First they choose not to close the deal sending LO and AB to IND for JO. They could have had this deal done but chose not to. Then they keep the 19th pick that they said they would never use and use it on a 19 year old PG – who I’ve enjoyed watching play in LV but is never the less a 19 year old PG who will in the best of situations even before the Derek Fisher opportunity opened up, would have watched 90% of most games. Then they come to an agreement to sign LW. They not only commit to LW, they do it at 9:01, the first minute they could. They totally committed. Then Derek Fisher falls in to their laps. Talking about catching a break. Sorry for the circumstance but still, what luck. A reliable veteran PG who knows the team and the offense. The Lakers have also made is clear they want to resign CM which at the moment, since no one has offered him more than the vet. min. seems very likely. Add to that that CM and AB can be seen most days working out together at the Lakers training facility and things are beginning to seem rather certain.

    So from this we know:

    1) They are done with one of their two priorities, PG and they were able to do it without having to give anyone up.
    2) LW is their choice at 3. Not VR. Not Ron Artest. Not LO. He still could be used the way Jackson has always wanted to use him though which is as a 6th man.
    3) They haven’t for whatever reason, figured out how to get that one more guy many/most seem to think they need.
    4) As long as Ron Artest is owned by the Kings, he is not coming to the Lakers, even though a Artest for Brown deal would seem a perfect fit for both teams. Kings are desperate for size – they have zero, and I mean ZERO inside presence and Brown brings size and an expiring contract. Artest is nuts and there is no way Reggie Theus is going to be able to coach this guy. Artest does bring exactly what the Lakers were lacking which is defense. Folks, this Laker team with Kobe and any 4 guys has offense but Kobe can’t guard all five. He needs some help. As long as LO refuses to block a shot… Which my guess is coached because before he started doing that, fouls were taking him out of every game.
    5) KG could have already forced a trade to the Lakers – if he was not playing for the dumbest GM in the history of the NBA. Who can forget the Joe Smith deal? The list of dumb moves by this guy is huge including why on earth would he pay Marko Jarik 7m a year? No one else in the NBA would consider half that. McDopy would have to shock the world if he were ever to agree to a deal that would make the Lakers better. You’d think MIN owner would eventually fire the guy but after year after year blunders, it does not look like he will ever do that, even though MIN will be at the bottom of the division AND paying the luxury tax. Nuts.
    6) It looks like the Lakers are willing to take JO off Larry Bird’s hands. Who could blame Bird for wanting to give him up. 20m a year for a guy who plays half a game. Still he brings real intensity expecially where the Lakers need it most. My bet though is the Lakers are not willing to give up either JO nor AB. LA is most likely offering up Brown and a bunch of other whoknowswhat like BC, VR, SV, etc. and it would not surprise me if it included JF who has been the best of the PG’s in the summer league no matter how much the LA media has fallen in love with JC. JF would be needed to make IND happy. Lakers would have to come up with roughly 15m in salaries to make the IND deal work. Brown, VR and BC make that and would reduce IND’s salary by a couple million this year and 20m next year. Again, IND is in luxury tax space and don’t look to even make the playoffs next year. My bet is if the Lakers would be willing to also accept either Troy Murphy or Mike Dunleavy’s terrible contract that the deal can be done. So the Lakers would have to come up with 21m. Brown, VR, BC, JF and SV should do it.

    So if the Lakers were to make a “big time deal” I’d bet 80/20 it is going to be JO and baggage rather than KG. And it would not be a bad lineup either. Here is what I see,

    1-DF/JC/ME (yeah, in the triangle, ME and LW can play the 1. Even LO can play there though he has yet to show that he can be successesful at it. DF brings the vetran intangibles and JC is quick enough to stay with the quickest on NBA guards.
    2-KB/anyone else is going to play about 5 minutes a game so does it really matter? JC has show this summer he can play that spot and ME when his knees are healthy looks good.
    4-JO/LO/RT/CM/whoever IND throws in – many forget how well CM moves without the ball, defends well and has a nice midrange jumper. He also scores with either hand well which the Lakers coaches have been pushing hard this last year and he rebounds well. He was having a career year in my opinion.

    By my count that guest the Lakers about 11 deep with a little money left in the MLE and of course vet minimums to fill things out. Rumor today is that CK has made a great case for making the team. I’ve been watching and I agree. Also, Sun Yi may end up staying around. That would get the Lakers to their reported target of 13. And not a bad lineup at all.

    The key is how desperate will Larry Bird be to get rid of JO and a sidekick. He has got to be very desperate because JO will opt out next summer and look at those other contracts. They could not be worse. NJ is proably the biggest competition to keeping this from going the Lakers way. Jefferson has got to be pretty tempting so this really comes down to JO. If he wants to come to LA, he can use his opt-out to push things.

    So, we will have to wait and see. Chances are none of this will happen till February and may depend on standings by then. If the Lakers can remain healthy which their injuries list last season was about as bad as I can ever remember, the Lakers should be in good shape. Please don’t forget that the Lakers lost CM for the entire year and he was slated to be the starting 5. They also lost Brown for half the year along with LO. Both played hurt along with ME and LW through the end of the regular season and the playoffs and then if you throw in VR’s injury, Aaron McKie and Shammond Williams… Wow. That is just ridicules and I am sure I left some out. I’m with LW. This team was close and could have made a lot of noise.


    Go Lakers!

    PS Sorry for the long post. Thought I’d get it all out at once.
    PSS I know I am new here but please, don’t post a trade that because of CBA rules can not be made. Salarys exchanged must be within 75% of each other. It is easy to check. Many sites have tools that will check trade proposals for you to make sure they work financially.

  • JAVA#1

    who is ME and VR?

    i cant think of anyone with those initials right now

  • JAVA#1

    btw, i would love if we had that lineup

    we’ll be winning big now, as well as preserving our future in Crittenten, Bynum, and Luke Walton

  • DMo

    If trading Lamar was the only way to improve, then yes, by all means, trade him. But Indiana is bluffing with Jermaine O’Neal right now and perhaps Kupcake knows this. The Pacers say they want LO and Bynum in a trade, but when push comes to shove, the Lakers still have the best pieces to offer without LO. Bird is GOING to trade O’Neal this season. He really has no other choice. There are some other suitors out there, but in terms of building for the future and clearing capspace, Bynum Kwame’s expiring contract are his best case scenario. Kupcake’s hard line shouldn’t be keeping Lamar (don’t even THINK of trading him for JO), but Bynum. A competant GM wise to Bird’s predicament could probably get the deal done without Bynum once the season is under way (and Indiana finds themselves in a pinch).

    O’Neal has been a company man in Indiana and deserves to go where he wants, which seems to be LA (who wouldn’t want to play for Phil?). A starting five of Fisher, Bryant, Walton, Odem and O’Neal could play with anybody. But take Odem out of that equation, and we aren’t much better than where we started.

  • VanHelsing

    I’m totally with you, though don’t forget that LO and CM are only are only 27 as is LW. Kobe turns 29 in late August. This is a very young team. If only folks would give them a little time to grow up.

    ME = Mo Evans
    VR Vladi Radmanovic

    PS I read today that a LAL front office type says the Lakers will do whatever it takes to get Garnett.

  • nba analyst

    Funny vanhelsing…..Lakers doing whatever it takes to bring in Garnett. Nice sound bite, but in the real world, the Lakers don’t have the assets to get KG. Outside of trading Kobe, that is….

  • VanHelsing

    [quote comment=”7752″]Funny vanhelsing…..Lakers doing whatever it takes to bring in Garnett. Nice sound bite, but in the real world, the Lakers don’t have the assets to get KG. Outside of trading Kobe, that is….[/quote]

    Such one dimensional thought.

    Certainly if your only goal is to trade “points for points” that is true. However that is only one possible motivation for making the trade and often not the primary one. Another reason would be to cut salaries – K.Brown’s final year contract would be attractive now. Another would be to appease a soon to be departing player – If KG wants to go he can force a trade to almost any team he wants even if you don’t take into consideration he can opt out next summer. Another might be that you’ve come to the conclusion that you’ll never build a champion around KG (which is probably the case) so you want to blow up the team now and get as much back in return in young players, cap relief and draft picks. Gee… a 19 year old 7 footer loaded with potential making 2m a year sounds awfully good here, etc.

    In fact PDX is a great example of not thinking simple like you. Many people think that the Blazers traded Z.Randolph to get rid of a bad egg. What they really got in exchange is 20 m in cap space after the 2008/2009 season. Can you think of a reason that might be valuable? We’ll I’m hoping you guessed it right but I won’t hold my breath… L.James, D.Wade, C.Anthony, C.Bosh and our one and only K.Bryant are opt out players that year. Here you have a young team loaded with young talent and suddenly you have 20m to spend on anyone you want. Hmmm…. Nat McMillan for a coach… This is starting to look like a real plan! Wow… someone must be thinking up there! (Give it a try but be careful. We don’t want you to hurt yourself.) Bet you were wondering still why PDX would draft the big guy rather than Durant? Take another look at the list of opt out players. If you look closely, only one is a big. Oh my GAWD… This is starting to make sense!

    You’re view is the simplest possible. I’ve suggested a few more complicated and I’ve not even begun to dig in to the many, many more complicated reasons for making a deal to move KG now (like wanting to get rid of some very stupid contracts like M.Jaric or T.Hudson). My feeling is MIN is nuts not to move KG now. He will never be worth more and if they don’t they will be BOS for the next 5-10 years. Lucky to be an 8th seed if everything breaks their way. Only chance they have is to get off the dime while there is still time because come the start of next season, trades become more difficult especially as teams become more and more convinced that if MIN management doesn’t make the move now, KG will make it for them when he opts out next summer.

    Still, even after all that, if you’d read what I wrote I had said that I would bet that KG is NOT traded to the Lakers. Not what I hope but what I think. I just don’t think McFail is smart enough. Fact is, don’t take my word for it. Just look at the guys record as a GM. The fact that Taylor isn’t smart enough to fire the guy, well… Enough said.

    Some people you just can’t help no matter how much you try.

  • VanHelsing

    [quote comment=”7544″]If trading Lamar was the only way to improve, then yes, by all means, trade him. But Indiana is bluffing with Jermaine O’Neal …[/quote]

    I’m with ya DMo… I think Bird is stuck between a rock and a hard place which just got a whole lot harder now that NJ has signed Magliore. That pretty much takes them out of the picture for JO. I’m looking around trying to see if there is anyone else out there looking to spend 20m on JO and my thinking is LAL is all that is left and then, only on LAL’s terms. That means no LO and probably no AB either. If I were the LAL, I would not make a deal that included either under any circumstances. JO is an Leastern Conference All-Star who is injury prone and shoots a surprisingly low percentage for a post player and on top of that he has a HUGE, CRAZY contact that he can walk away from next summer. Giving up Bynum for a player you may have for just one season would be nuts to say the least.

    Problem is, you look at the IND roster and all they have is stupid contracts. I mean, tell me Dunleavy’s contract doesn’t make Radmanovic’s look great? Walsh/Bird know this. They are toast. They have got to find way to free up money and get some picks. I have no idea how they are going to do that. Chances are, neither do they which is why nothing is happening.

  • Brian

    ey trade lamar for vince carter it will be better for both team but odom could handle the ball,pass,also hes fast so i would trade walton mihm sasha for a all star like vince