Rockets Lakers BasketballForum Blue & Gold: If you have not seen the news, Kobe Bryant has a strained right groin, something he first got against New Orleans and aggravated in his poor shooting game against Houston.

Groin injuries, like hamstring injuries, can tend to linger. And it brings us to a philosophical question in dealing with these injuries during the season: Is it better to play through them or rest them?

Pau Gasol, who may return to practice with the team this week, has been slow and cautious, wanting things to be 100% and resting until he can get back to that level. Kobe Bryant just played through it, as he would injuries to his shooting hand that many would get surgery for, and the result was an off shooting night. He says he is not missing any games.

Honestly, I don’t know the answer and I’m not sure there is a one-size-fits-all answer. It should vary from player to player, injury to injury. But how it is dealt with impacts the Lakers early this season, and if it lingers it could impact the Lakers for a long time to come.


    Kobe can play threw it He has done it before. If PJ does decide to take him out and let rest which I doubt then you will almost have to start Gasol or it can hurt for the Lakers but in my mind Kobe will be alright

  • lakerman1

    Kobe has true passion for the game. Maybe he should rest and heal but his desire to win outweighs everything else and its his decision to make not anyone elses. If he sat out during all of his injuries people would find fault in that so Kobe do what is truly in your heart, keep striving to be the best because at the very least your name will be included in the top 10.

  • Robert

    We have an easier schedule for the rest of November. It prob. wouldn’t hurt to stay out of one or more of those games. (e.g., NYK, GSW). If he stayed out just 1 week, that should help.
    The groin is a bit trickier than the pinky. It could get worse if you play through it, and then take even longer to heal.

  • Justin M.

    If anyone deserves to rest, its Kobe. He has paid his dues in this league and then some. On the other hand, Pau Gasol needs to suit up, this extended vacation of his is a joke. His hamstring injury has been over exaggerated just because the lakers and Pau wanted to rest him after his summer endeavors. If he really wants to lose the label of being “soft” he needs to play through, or come back to action way sooner when he gets a injury like a hamstring strain, back spasms or a blister on his thumb. I say rest Kobe for a month if you have to, but Pau has used up all his injury excuses in Memphis and has to return to the starting lineup asap.

  • drive-for-16th

    we have an esy schedule but if kobes out and paus out, u know i want him to take some time off and heal but what im curious about is if he goes out then whos gonna start from the bench and give us good minutes. i know vujacic can’t. But im saying if pau comes back this week then we give kobe time to heal cause i know pau can take over and we got andrew too and artest so we’d be good with that schedule. But rest is up to phil and kobe.

  • drive-for-16th


  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Great. Is it me or is it that when a team wins a championship, the star players get injured.

    Celtics had Kg out with a knee.
    Spurs had Duncan out.
    Lakers had Shaq out.


    Anyway, Kobe is the type of player that you wont see. He can break his shooting arm and both legs and he will still be out there playing, he will hide the pain. Dont let him deceive you though, he is in alot of pain but he doesnt show it. This man’s dedication fuels him just like it fuels me.

    Honestly in this situation I want him to play but I dont want him to aggravate it.

    • desecrator93

      Thats why you hardly ever see teams repeat, its mostly because of injuries the next year from the long season the year before.

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