Interesting take from the guys over at TNT. Thoughts?

  • daboss1848


    but, who can listen to all that stuttering and broken thought process?

  • Margo

    Actually I agree with them about the finals! We need Drew back! He just gives us that defensive proweress! Making players adjust there shots! Too bad that’s not a stat that’s kept because he & Dwight wouldown it! Drew will return soon and we will be at full strength!

  • lakersman24

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  • lakersman24


  • Mike

    Well, we WILL have Bynum back so there you go Kenny and Charles!

  • gugy

    We need Bynum maybe just for the Celtics but we can get to the finals without him.
    Plus, I think a lot of people are looking at this Lakers team from last year to compare with the Celtics. Our young guys learned a lot from that experience and Pau is way more into the system now. I think even without Bynum against the Boston at the finals we will not lose like we lost last year, if we actually lose. We already proved we can beat them at their home without Bynum.


    AGREE WITH THEM…. Coz,Gasol and Kobe are playing a lot of minutes since Bynumite iz out. We need em both rested for the PO’s, so we need Drew Back AND we need Sasha playing much better from bench. Coz Sasha iz doing a bad job this season.

  • xtro

    ‘drew will return. we’ll stuff it to charles and kenny after we win the nba finals.

  • David

    Bottom line is this. We proved last year that we are the best team in the west without Bynum. We are even better this year. The only team we would need Bynum for is the Celtics, which I’m not worried about because Cleveland will probably beat them. None of this even really matters because Bynum is going to be back in 3 weeks.


    Kenny and Charles are just two more light souls to prove wrong. I’m waiting for F@GBAG Joseph to come and comment this one. Bynum will be back before finals and the West is to the least of my worries cuz Lamar and Gasol can take anyone in the west

  • machine lover

    id have to agree with them. drew is the key to our defense.

  • rhymenoceros

    Geez, take off your goggles for a second. They have valid points. Sadly, without Bynum we are sorely lacking in the physicality that a Boston or any other team with quality big men possess. And yes, we all celebrated when the Lakers beat the Celts without Bynum in the lineup, but can you really say we’d be able to take a possible seven series grind with them? They’d eventually just wear down Gasol with wave after wave of abuse, and the rest of our team too. We know they’ve got this nasty defense and it’s gonna wreck us unless we can throw someone who can push back a little more than our lanky Spaniard big man, as talented as he is.

    All I hope for is that Bynum comes back and doesn’t need half a season to get into the swing of things. We need his A game right off the bat. Maybe have Kobe rip him a new one now and motivate him? Kidding..kidding. Maybe.


    The Lakers can beat any team in the NBA in a 7 game series without Bynum…

    …except for the Celtics. We need Drew for that. The Celtics proved that last year.

    I am not at all worried about the Lakers going against other teams that they mentioned without Bynum, such as The Spurs, Jazz or the Cavs.


    All good points. Bynum is the key! The celtics are extremely physical and the Lakers are not. One thing that no one is mentioning is their mental toughness. They are much tougher mentally this year. That being said, I truly see why there is so much doubt that the Lakers couldn’t win witout Bynum. But I have to believe that the Lakers can beat them without him but I can almost gurantee that if Bynum comes back healthy the Lakers will defenitely win it in 6. I actually don’t think the Celtics make it passed the Cavs or Orlando this year. They are not as hungry.

  • 123kid

    ^agreed! i really do not think the celtics will be there at the end. but overall, with the season coming to an end and a lot of teams adding pieces and/or making their push to get the best spot in playoff seeds, i really think the lakers have the upper hand to get home court throughout the playoffs. obviously we’ve seen it last year that the lakers could handle the west without drew, but its an ultimate test to see what he can do against the east come finals time. but to me, the playoffs are 20 somethin games away, so i think the best thing to do is keep our bench and guys like L.O. and Ariza mentally ready to get back where they want to be. i myself like the fact that the lakers are being doubted to win it all, so it takes off the the hype and pressure. but this year bynum will be with us and we will take whats ours!! AND F*CK YOU JOSEPH!!!!!

  • lilkobe24

    the lakers are better without bynum to be honest…

  • zgum

    Listen to Phil!

    He said ‘Bynum completes them Lakers!’

  • 187 on a BOSTON SUKDIK

    I think charles had been drinking again

  • mandoeone

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