Very interesting. Let see what Mitch does.

Bleacher Report: Tracy McGrady would like to sign with the 2010 NBA champion Lakers, and has forwarded that sentiment to his agent and close colleagues, according to sources within the Lakers’ front office.

…Ron Artest, the defensive-minded role player who played a huge factor in this year’s Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals, has reached out to McGrady to “end his career as a champion.”

  • Marwan Marzina

    He said that he doesn’t mind accepting a lesser role when playing with Kobe Bryant. I say, make it happen Mitch!

    • strick3

      I agree… a second person who could breakdown the D, AND get his own shot…

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      Isn’t anybody concerned with T-Mac’s curse in the post season? He’s never been out of the first round when playing for his team (he was out with an injury during the 09 Rockets run into the 2nd round).

      • double

        Pau never got out of the 1st round before he got to LA.

      • socal.s

        plus he wouldn’t be playing for ‘his team’….. it’s Kobe’s team.

  • carlo

    Miller and TMAC splitting the MLE?

    • Monkija87

      haha i wish, you can’t split the mle :)

      • Soy

        Actually, you CAN split it. 3 mil to one player, 3 mil to another. Or even 2/2/2 to three players. The impossible part is finding players willing to take only a portion of the MLE.

      • big d

        Yes u can remember payton and malone teams always split mid level exemp

        • GJW

          Malone and Payton didn’t split the MLE. Payton took the MLE, Malone took the bi-annual exception.

  • lakers0828

    Nahhh I dont Realy wanna Go threw 04 again Guys to Much ego to Much Players Man realy if You add t-mac to the Roster it just 04 all over again with Malone and GP it wouldnt work

    • bigstlakfanindaeast

      I think it coulda worked in 04 if Malone wasent hurt in finals and kobe wasent dealing with all his legal issues, but i also dont think tmac is close to as good as malone or payton.

      • Cuff

        Are you serious?
        10x better…especially where he’s at now and where he was then
        he 2years past his surgery, been through his hellacious rehab…Knee truly will be 100%

        Get Real

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    I would welcome this as long as he signs for the vet min…. I saw him with NYK and he still has game in him- with less responsibilities he can be GREAT off the bench with LO. And those games in which Artest might be struggling- he is a trusted player that can come in a make something happen.

    I would have to know that he is willing to accept his role as a role player because we don’t have 35mins to give him.

    • Monkija87

      you are 100% correct!

      • ricky

        What you said makes a lot of sense. He still has some game left and coming off the bench with Lamar would be great because we need a scorer and all around player that can get offense off the bench. If we can get him for cheap and nab a few solid veteran PGs (also resign Fish), we will be good. Also should look for a solid big to back up just in case, I say we look at Craig Smith of Clippers who’s now a FA. He was blossoming in Minny before being traded.

    • stucktrader

      can you imagine…

      If this happens, L.A. could have a bench with
      L.O., T-Mac, Brown, Javaris (if healthy…mentally)

      L.A. should keep DJ & Powell… both hard workers especially on the defensive end. Powell actually developed a 3 ball

  • Chicano

    Sounds too good to be true.

  • oca

    I think its true, back then he was ask who he wants to play with.

    his answer was “jelly bean”.

    • stucktrader

      he KNEW before most of us that Vincanity wasn’t the answer.

  • Monkija87

    tmac is definitely not a slasher anymore, he’s a pure jump shooter, but he still knows how to get to his spots. could he maybe just suck it up and accept the vet minimum?


      Nah! Coz dude made over $100 million in his career! Why would he accept minimum wage? We all know players are all about the money. This is just another athlete trying to get a ring before he retires ala GP in Miami.

  • fabz24lakers

    TMAC AND mike miller of the bench would be pretty nice….

    • Monkija87

      yes, but also impossible

    • stucktrader


      T-Mac (Vet minimum)
      Korver (MLE)
      Javaris (league min. since he has to earn it)
      A defensive/rebounding big man.

      Nothing wrong with bringing back DJ & Powell… they work hard on D and on the boards.

  • Monkija87

    sh*t.. let’s be honest, the cap is projected to be around $56.1 mil. the lakers are right now at $81.7 mil. they still have to consider fisher, brown and farmar.

    let’s say shannon picks up his option $2.2 mil (unlikely) and the lakers are willing to pay farmar the qualifying offer of $2.9 mil (and farmar accepts it). they would now be at $86.8 mil and fisher is still left. maybe he takes something like $3,2 mil and now the lakers are at $90 mil with their MLE still left.

    i don’t think Jerry Buss is willing to pay a penny more than $90 million + another $34 million in luxury tax ($124 million total), to add to a team that won the title the previous season. tmac would definitely have to accept the vet’s minimum..

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      LA will let Farmar walk and they’re praying that Brown doesn’t pick up his option. Adam Morrison’s 5 million are now off the books, Farmar’s 3 are off, Mbenga’s 1 mill off, as well as Powells contract.
      LA is tired of this non-producing bench and will clean house. They can take what they were giving to Brown and offer it to McGrady and what Farmar was stealing from the Lakers and offer that to Miller or Blake.

  • Drake Ramoray

    TMAC is a cancer and injury prone. This guys career is as washed up as a 10 year old sponge.

    • Alan Chung

      i remember some dude saying this about artest. Almost exactly these same words. What are the chances that ignorant person was you?

      • Drake Ramoray

        Why don’t you look up the history of this site homes! I totally supported the Artest signing and was getting bashed on because I was hatin on Ariza for wanting more money. Check your facts before you try and put somebody on blast!!!!!!

        • Drake Ramoray

          I still can’t believe this fu ckin guy is trying to call me out on something I didn’t say! This Alan Wang Chung guy who probably eats fortune cookies all day! If you don’t know me yet on this site, you better ask somebody. I’ll go full throttle on your azz just to make sure you eat your words!

          • Babak

            drake, do you feel proud that your known on this site? that doesn’t make you any more knowledgeable than me or your chinese brother alan or me, so relax, TMAC is an upgrade from ADAM, SASHA, LUKE, and the rest of the bench except LAMAR

          • Drake Ramoray

            Babak is jealous of my popularity on this site! Lol…..what a hater!!!!

          • Jakethe snake

            Heil Hitler:

            Drake, You stupid Nazi Racist.

    • http://LATIMES LA818


      you guys apperantly dont watch any other teams play besides lakers and i can understand that but stop commenting on things you dont know.

      T-mac coming to LA? HELLLLZLZZZZZZZ YEAHHHH!!!!

      stop bragging on him and how his prone to injuries. yeah we all know that and saw that, but go on bleacherreports on here and read about how his done with his injuries and is ready to play..

      you guys dont understand what this means to our team, first were gonna have another LO type of bench play who is so versitlie and can play many positions and will be hard to guard from the opposing teams point of view. also, great scorer, he will be scoring points at will as soon as he comes off the bench, we wont have to pray for sasha or farmar of hoping they score, tmac will score at will.

      also, you guys havnt noticed that any team they have tooken TMAC he was the only star and only scorer in those team, so his ready to give up the leader role and sit in the bench till his called on to score which he will.

      he will be a great buy plus he is willing to take a paycut, i think this is the best news we have heard for a long time. we need a consitant bench and when you have players like TMAC AND LO on the bech who can come off and dominate i say were gonna go for a 5 PEAT!!!!! not 3!!! we need TMAC guys stop bagging on him and his luck.

      you guys forgot about when TMAC just came in the NBA and what a freaking superstar and an amazing scorer he is…

      LA NEEDS TMAC… im a die hard lakers fan for 25 years and i think we really need this guy. we need to clean up the PG on our bench and put in some realy guys who car score.

      clean up the bench, FARMAR got to GO
      BROW – maybe he can stay
      Mbenga- Gone
      Sasha- Gone

      everyone says LESBONE plays good! well what happend?? he couldnt get passed the easter conference finals!! and your braggin about TMAC not being able to lead a team to a first round?

  • KB24LordoftheRings

    here’s the video where stephen smith interviewed t-mac and asked who he would want to play with, if he left the rockets.

    the answer? kobe jellybean bryant.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    People need to stop including Farmar on the Laker roster next year. He was on the Scott Van Pelt show on Friday and he sounded like he has one foot out the door. He said he wants to be the leader on a team and start. I don’t think he’ll be back.

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      That’s GREAT news for Laker fans!

  • comeflywithme

    well, it would be nice to sign t-mac to add more scoring option on the bench and mike miller, but only if they’re willing to accept minimum salary.. Assuming ammo, farmar or shannon will leave.. but the Q is do they have what it takes to be a champion? lol, man, July will be the most exciting month in the NBA..

  • si pepe

    i dont lyk him playing with the will only destroy our chemistry and the thirst for more say better with mike miller

    • http://LATIMES LA818

      Arizona anyone? lol

      and can you clarify why you think they shouldnt sign TMAC?? or are you on here just to pick sides?

      sounds like it…

  • willmo

    The Bernard King of his generation who will trip over the sidewalk and be out for the season..if he didn’t have such a huge ego maybe he could help by coming here but he’s drama. On the other side,can you say Bob McAdoo? Big scorer who just wanted a ring or two at the end and was willing to be a bench player to make it work. Don’t know if the 2004 sequel would work and Lakers fans can go through that circus again. You are going to see many players who will want to come here, mitch will pick the best fits and the bench will be strong once again. I can see TMac going to Boston though…

  • Xtro

    Do it Mitch!

  • Be Strong

    So our starting lineup: Farmar, Bryant, Artest, Gasol, and Bynum.

    Our Bench: Fisher, Brown or Sasha, T-Mac, Odom, And Shaq.

    But first get rid off Adam, Powell, Mbenga and sign a free agent like Shaq, T-Mac, Channing Frye, etc

    • iHatePaulPierce

      farmar is not a started…….yur on crack

      • http://LATIMES LA818

        agreed with Ihatepaulpierce!

        also FARMAR thinks he can lead a team just like the guy above posted… well lets see if he can even lead the next teams bench…

        and your wayyy off with SHAQ he aint ever coming back to LA….

  • ilikebasketball

    NO WAY.


    artest may be an exception.



  • Spider316

    For goodness sakes, TMACs career needs to Die Already! Man I’m from Houston. I’m a kobe laker fan! Go Lake Show! With that being said when TMac was in houston he was shear pollution. The guys stays injured! He had potential when he first came into the league now he’s wash up old and uselessly pathetic. That guy did nothing for the rockets but stay injured. The guy missed games because he had headaches and sad to say I’m serious. The guy is seriously a corpse. The last thing the lakers need is TMac tearing down our potential 3peat chances. And TMac is a liablility. I mean he did nothing for the rockets. That guys is a certified LOSER! I cant believe Im saying this but at this point in his career he is actually a BIGGER LOSER THAN PAUL PIERCE, and thats saying alot! No wants TMac because he isnt just trash now …………….. HE’S A LAND FILL SERIOUSLY! Kobe dont want him on the team because tmac has no heart! With Tmacs injuries Morrison would get more playing time and we all saw Jimmy Kimmel! I could go on and on but let me just end with this, when Tmac first came in the league he was my no. 2 guy after Kobe! Now because of his heartlessness, I would hand him to the Boston Celtics as punishment to them because I know he would plague their team with ETERNAL HANDICAPPS AND AN ACTIVE ROSTER!

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      I was reading your post UNTIL you said “With Tmacs injuries Morrison would get more playing time”.
      That told me everything about you. YOU DON’T KNOW SH!T! Therefore, reading your hatred laced post is a total waste of time.
      Morrison is a free agent and LA will not bring him back.

      • Spider316

        Whoa Whoa Whoa!! Chief I speak from experience! For 1 Morrison has spent more time healthy in the League than Tmac has not only in the League, but in Tmac’s entire EXISTENCE! The guy when he was in Houston never got past the first round! He went to New York and after a while couldnt even finish the game! He himself talked about retirement if he can return to top form. He’ll NEVER return to the TMac YEAR ONE OF THE NBA! The man is beyond WASHED UP! Anyone who thinks otherwise is a DAMN FOOL! I’m just trying to save the lakers from a huge waste of time. I’m from Houston, the season tmac was here, I went to every game of the season and I witnessed first hand how big of waste of talent he is, not to mention I used to be a huge Tmac fan! Untill years later he showed me that he has no heart no will to win and that he is WITHOUT A SHADOWOF A DOUBT, A LOSER! Things the lakers should want zero part of !

        • http://LATIMES LA818

          Marwan is right dude, gotta give him his credit!!

          YOU DONT KNOW SQUAT!!!!

          AND STOP JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON.. how can you live in houston and call yourself a laker fan?

          TMAC is one of the greatest players ever lived… he has one of the best talents in the league before and after..

          he will be a great contribution to our Laker Organization.. he will be another LO off the bench…

          dont talk smack if you dont know anything… he is a star play well worth of adam morrison (wth did he do in his laker lifetime??? thats right nothing) so stop talking uslesss stuff cuz you dont know squat!!!!!

          TMAC HATER!!!!
          #1 for LA Lakers Tracy Mcgradyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

          • KB@$

            K i agree that Tmac would be great for the team But dont let me here none of this ” how could you call yourself a true lakers fan if you live in houston. I am a lakers fan from birth and live in utah. Doesnt mean you like the lakers more than i do just because you live in cali!

  • kobez

    Nope, dont need him. Adding him will just include too much conflict and ego on the team. We just need to add a veteran guard or big man. We dont need an injury prone Mcgrady to help this team out. Add Blake, ridnour or Haywood. You dont need more stars on this team.

  • Be Strong

    Y u guys don’t like T-Mac soo much???? He’s better than our bench like Morrison, Powell, and Mbenga.. like cmon! He wants 2 win a ring like Artest wants to win a ring. I don’t know bout u guys but do it Mitch!!

    • http://LATIMES LA818


  • Wilt

    Thats just what we need an old broken down injury prone all washed up player to waste our money with.

  • Spider316

    I see I’m going to need to hop back on here! Trust me I hate on Tmac because I’ve been through this. TMac did this in Houston with the Rockets! Ill take Powell Mbenga over Tmac any day of the week because I know at least when they are called they wont be injured! As for him being like Artest and winning a title I have one thing to say about that…………MAN PLEASE!!!!! Tmac has never made it out of the first round! All Tmac want to do is go to a championship team sit on the bench injured all year and win a title by doing nothing. The guy couldnt even finish the mini season he had with the knicks! If you look at TMac wrong he’s injured! Mitch if you want whats best for the lakers read the sign thats on the back of TMac Jersey that states : STAY AWAY OR ILL GET HURT!

  • Vigilante

    Lets sign T-Mac! Make it happen Mitch!

    Also, we can let Mbenga go and sign Jermaine O Neal, whos also gonna be a free agent this year.

    As for the point guards that were looking at, I’ll have to look more into that.

    • Drake Ramoray

      While were at it, lets just sign Iverson as well as we can have three broken down players coming off our bench in TMAC, Jermaine O’Neal, and Iverson! Damn might as well bring Shaq back too!!!!

      • Wilt

        Yes in fact why dont we have a bonfire outside of staples and burn all of our money.

        • weekend warrior

          dude, that’s funny!

    • http://LATIMES LA818

      Lets just sign Tmac and end of story

  • Vigilante

    Also, don’t forget guys he worked out with Tim Grover, Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant, and Dwyane Wade’s former trainer. Hes also going to me watched over by Gary Vitti, and LA medicine. So IF he gets hurt, we got some nice backup waiting for him.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    He’d be great coming off the bench with fish and lamar

  • http://ggggggggggggg scrub

    i say sign him hes better than the trash we have on the bench right now.

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      100% right.

  • arlet

    ofcourse he does. EVERYONE DOES! :P

  • Chris Manning

    Absolutely sign him for CHEAP. He would be an incredible bench piece. Wow. I hope Lakers pursue him. Firepower off bench. Could play low minutes, rehab with great Dr’s in Los Angeles. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    • iiTzDanny

      i Agree get rid of Farmar Sasha and Ammo

    • ShowtimeEra

      as bad as our bench was this year, HELL YEAH I welcome McGrady to L.A. Him coming off the bench for Bryant, doesn’t get much better than that!

    • OaklandLakers

      What it comes down to for me is… What is cheap? Somethin tells me there is a focus in his game. Somethin tells me that there is a intense drive to get his feet back underneath him. With a 25 – 4 & 5 30+ minute debut at the Garden is as impressive as a 1st game back can get in “recent” memory. Phil reinforced he can handle handle tough characters with Ron Ron this year, although I do feel Artest made that kinda a walk in the park for him this year, Thank you Psychiatrist! But back to the point, I think McGrady’s minimal attitude issues can be thrown out the door and we can trust Nations front office to keep a healthy locker room. I’d go as far as saying if he’s wearin a Los Angeles uniform next year he’s for real about get some jewelry. What does make me nervous is needs vs. wants considering we do need a 1 gaurd more than a 2/3. Let’s keep in mind that the last time he shot a decent 3PT% during a 70+ game season was his 02-03 season in Orlando. But then (This is where I flip-flop and want him back) I’d have to say he’d be one of the most basketball intelligent players off the bench this franchise has seen in a minute. With dedication to perimeter shooting off the bench, which we don’t have except for Farmar and Ron occasionally, I think he could improve. He could catch and shoot a whole hell of alot better than Artest and Luke without a question. The combination of Kobe & T-mac makes the hair rise off my arms as I’m typing. In the few Knicks game I simply saw better quality rebounding out T-mac than I’ve ever seen outa Luke, Sasha, and Ron. I’ve got more to say on this as far as why I want him but still gota say I’m on the fence but kinda fallin to one side.

      • OaklandLakers

        Forgot to write what I originally wanted to say. But whos the source? What site was this originally on besides bleacher report? How do they know about Artest welcoming him? Was it Twitter? I don’t do no twittin…

  • inverse

    I would like to say I called this first here. Now where’s that douche that was trying to clown me for this

  • inverse

    Reading all these comments I have come to the conclusion that many people on this site are extremely narrow minded and don’t really look at the whole situation. T-mac is NOT done. I say sign him in a heartbeat! To have a scorer like t-mac off our bench would be huge!!! What was our problem last season? That’s right, the bench! And all these concerns about him getting injured are legit, but please, the chances of him getting injured would be the lowest in his career since for once in his life he won’t have the burden of carrying his team on his back. He’ll be coming off the bench giving us 15 minutes a game, and if he does get injured, it wouldn’t affect the lakers because essentially t-mac is taking ammos position and ammo never plays. Do it mitch

    • double


    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      Wow, somebody with a brain posting on this site! Incredible…

    • Spider316

      Sign him in a heartbeat? Tmac’s heart has already broken down much like the rest of his shriveled up body! GOOD RIDDENS!

      • petey

        yup i agree sign TMAC…. we need bench scoring

  • Sir

    T-Mac and Lamar coming off the bench, and you guys wouldn’t want it? You guys are nuts! He’d wouldn’t really be at risk coming off the bench, and he could provide a much needed scoring boost for them. Although if there’s a 100% chance we can sign either him or Mike Miller, I would go for Mike Miller.

    • jonb

      mike miller was more hurt than mcgrady last year. We already have sasha.

      • jonb

        hurt more*

    • Spider316

      Scoring off the bench? Tmacs body hurts too much to even think, let alone dribble or score points in a basketball game!

  • anon

    i dont think farmar will return next season i think its a pretty good idea

  • inverse

    what u do is sign t-mac 4 vet min; sign felton full MLE, thats definitely worth it for him, im not buying mitches bs on not wanting to spend that, theyre over the cap, but the time is now to win, so they need to spend the mle, then resign d-fish. Let farmar ammo, powell,mbenga and even maybe shannon walk, love all those guys but cmon they didnt really produce most of the time. Team would loo like this


    Thats one deadly team, might want to look for a center but dont know how that would work since lakers would be buried with the cap space, but u dont really need one since LO is so interchangeable, Pau/LO/Bynum can just rotate in for each other, thats what they essentially did all season, but definitely will need to get an insurance big man just in case

    • jonb

      we need brown. he’s our only athletic guy when kobe is injured. Don’t u remember what okc did to us?

      • inverse

        ya but still, i mean i love shannon, but sometimes he looks lost out there on defense. He does provide energy, but hes still not a lock down defender. Of course i want him to stay but if he leaves it’s not like its really gonna hurt us IF we get mcgrady. I also have a feeling that sasha is gonna be HUGE for us next season, especially if shannon does decide to leave, then that will leave sasha all the back up minutes for kobe, and he’ll provide steady offense and pesky defense. I’m feeling good about next season, really good actually, first move starts with signing t-mac though

  • jonb

    wow. T-mac was supposed to b one of the “big name” free agents of 2010 until he got hurt yet again. He seems healthy now and would b lethal coming off the bench. I like it, he’s a MAJOR upgrade over luke and ammo and could even provide cover for kobe if he gets injured. I doubt we would sign him if he wasn’t fully healthy and bench min. won’t kill him. And ppl stop w/ the chemistry thing, wasn’t ron supposed to mess up our chemistry? right. I like that this guy has admired and wanted to play with “jellybean,” plus ron’s already played with him. Do it mitch! I just hope we get some young guys though, we need to think about the future too.

  • Salty

    You guys are discounting Malone like he wasn’t big against Yao, Duncan, and Garnett that year in the playoffs. How can you forget that he got injured during the finals and they were forced to give Slava Medvedenko minutes instead?

    Luke is still signed on for three more years, so would you rather have him or T-Mac be the first SF off the bench next to LO? He’s essentially taking Morrison’s now empty rotting spot, so it wouldn’t ruin things if he gets injured.

  • edsel

    tmac has been a fave of mine.

    with that said, his game regressed with his infinite injuries(knee injury, is an infinite injury). But he and Kob might have interchanged places, the story though is that tmac is just plain unlucky. His stars all fell from the sky. I kinda rooted for him in his NY debut but to be honest his over and done.

    on the other hand, one of my fav wallpapers is kobe dressed in a suite and pointing in a side way direction, in the middle of it is a text: “Resurrection”. That is the most inspiring kobe connection for me. Kob has been down hated to the gut, no one could ever fathom what the dude went through especially after the colorado incident then the shaq/kob dynasty break-up, with his current coach calling him names. To rise from his ashes and be the player–no, the man that he is today made me love the guy even more. You tell me one man who went through what kob went through and to rise from his ashes, to prove not to the world, but to himself that he is more than what the media deemed him to be, what the world deemed him to be. The guy for me IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, just for the fact that he was able to overcome all his adversities, where I doubt few( not even mike would handle what kob went through), will ever will.

    You know why kob is hated as much, because he favors character over reputation. He is an ultimate John Wooden-guy (“Reputation is what people know about you. Character on the other hand is what you know of thyself. Character is more important than Reputation…”).

    Now is t-mac wants to join the lake show for a chance at immortality, he can look no further than his former teammate Ron Ron, who now i can honestly say is a Kobe desciple. He has to make sacrifices, and work within the chemistry of winning to contribute to another chip.

    He has to do WHATEVER.MEANS.NECESSARY to help la to another banner. That to me maybe, if this time his lucky, would be his ‘resurrection’, his rise through adversity. And he can learn a lot about it kob.!/photo.php?pid=365791&id=100000066772098&fbid=135865016425723

  • edsel
  • Jack /

    I say Lakers should sign T-Mac for cheap (either half of MLE or vet. minimum). Resign D-Fish. Resign either Farmar OR Shannon.

  • bigstlakfanindaeast

    I think i would rather have AI coming off bench than Tmac, if he understands that this is his role.

    • Jack /

      AI will NEVER accept a bench role. On the other hand, I can totally see T-Mac being effective as a bench player. Remember T-Mac was a great passer during the time when he was playing injured for the Rockets.

    • Spider316


  • richtown

    As was down for a tmac signing until I head that anthony randolph was a available from the warriors. I say trade for him. I doubt it will take much more than sasha or luke plus draft pick to get him and he’s still on his rookie contract

    • gus26

      hahaha… come on now… anthony randolph for luke or sasha… lets get serious… everyone knows he is a blossoming young kid and they’re going to want a lot more than sasha or luke with some picks…

      • richtown

        Not necessarily. 1st the team is up for sale so right now they are trying to save cap space. And with horrible contracts to meggette, vlad and biedrens they will need to cut bait. 2nd randolph has been branded weak minded, selfish and an underacheiver albeit very talented he has basically worn out his welcome. Not to mention that Wright has pretty much subplanted him on the roster depth chart. 3rd the faces of that fanchise are Curry and Ellis. Now knowing the W’s they’ll end up trading Ellis within the next 2 yrs but for now those are the 2 that put the butts in the seats in oakland

        Sasha would fit very well in their style as an expering contract plus pick (warriors have done a helluva job with picks that last several years) and it makes since. It only stops making sense for the W’s becuase they would be trading into their on div. and they already have several guards on the team. I would say ammo in sign and trade but nobody wants him and he’ll likely end up back in CHA. Luke fits because he passes extremly well, can shot ok from three. problem with him is contract. These type of trades do happen. To say that it would never happen is a bit much. Is it unlikely ?….yeah probably. Is it impossible… hell no.

        Its a way more likely than Shaq and tmac playing on this current lakers squad that’s for sure.


    Don’t do it Mitch. This guy is prone to getting hurt way too much. When a regular player gets hurt he is out 2 weeks tops. This guy is out 2-4 months minimum. We already have a player that gets hurt alot in Bynum. There is only one bed in the recovery room.

  • gus26

    ok guys seriously… we’re talking about a guy who has been hurt a lot… but IF he is willing to accept a lesser role and less money… then why not…


    If we are bringing people for the bench then let’s bring shaq! How bout this for length…
    starters…fish, kobe, artest, gasol, bynum
    bench….farmar, lamar, sasha, shaq and any starter

    oh yeah

    • gus26

      i thought there was a chance of that happening but after hearing kobe so quickly say he got one more than shaq… i know he would never ever want to help shaq get any more rings… shaq is jus not an option no matter what we hear him say this summer


        That sucks. I like shaq, and even though the fued was public, it was both of the screwing us out of at least 2 more championships. If shaq does become a laker again, then kobe will always be one up.

        • gus26

          true but you think kobe even wants him to keep getting rings… kobe said he never forgets… remember how shaq went to miami and said it was wade’s team and he was the greatest teamate ever, then saying lebron was the best he ever played with… i liked shaq too… and basketball wise this would be the perfect move BUT character wise, shaq did this to himself… he burns every bridge on his way out… and the lakers as a whole want nothing to do with him…

          • lakerman1

            If Shaq’ would have done what the Captain did in Magics heyday he would have still been here and calling out Buss did not help the situation. I don’t think Kobe wants to help Shaq win anymore rings period. Kobe’s got Gasol and a pretty good supporting cast. The roster just needs some tweeking another person or so like Ron Artest who only wants to help the team not cause problems and butt heads with the Black Mamba.

  • Patrick Bateman

    I say sign T-Mac for the Vet Minimum, and use the MLE for back point guards such as Steve Blake or J-Critt. Farmar wants to be a starter and Brown may opt for more money.

    I would want Shaq back because of the 3 peat he helped us win and he could retire a Laker, but if he takes a bench role.

    So IMO, Sign, J-Critt, Shaq, Tmac and Fisher
    Let Brown, Farmar, Morrison, Powell, Mbenga walk.

  • rabbimaster

    Though Tmac is intriguing wouldnt we rather spend our MLE on a new point guard then a Tmac. The bench actaully played pretty well during the playoffs, the problem next year (again) will be fishers age and the need for more PG production so lets focus on getting Blake, Felton, Hinrich to LA. If TMac will sign for the vets minamum great but that aint happenin

    • inverse

      I’m pretty sure this whole situation hinges on t-mac making a sacrifice to win a ring, therefore taking less money such as the vet min, where he’ll get paid roughly 2 mil a year. When you want to cement your legacy and show that you really want to win, this is what the REAL NBA players would do. Those that have a chance at getting a ring but are not willing to take a paycut to do so, well then those are the players who just don’t care about winning as much. This will say a lot of T-Macs character. if he’s willing to take this role and money, it will show a complete transformation in a person who once held himself as one of the greatest players on this earth. It will be an intriguing summer, and i feel that T-Mac coming to the Lakers would be a perfect fit in so many ways. The guys coming back healthy after months of rehab, barring any injurues, this could be the best bench lakers have had in a long time when you think of T-mac/LO and maybe fisher. a lot of people here on this site are speaking too early, but for now, i still believe he can put up numbers, and put them up effectively.

  • stucktrader

    T-Mac: vet minimum
    J-Crit: league minimum
    one of the 3 PGs: vet minimum

    Kyle Korver: MLE

    Keep DJ & Powell… they only need to worry about playing D, rebounding and maybe a few put backs/short jumpers.

  • caleb

    shaq will be baq

    • petey

      haha i like this i wouldnt mind having him back lol

  • rondo

    Livingston from Washington would be a cheaper younger and better choice for the Lakers.

  • Swoopster

    I think Tmac would be a great addition. He has a very high basketball I.Q. and he is a play maker. He could obviously spell several players including Kobe with little to no drop off in production. However, to keep Tmac at top efficiency you would have to keep his game under 25 minutes on the average.

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    No man get the fck out of here. Im sick of these overrated players wanting to sign with the team that just won a championship. No one fcking wants you. Try getting out of the first round and then say you wanna move to a legit championship team. Fcking bust. Pack your bags and get the fck out of the NBA. I think your set for life with the money you’ve already received. LAKE SHOW ALL DAY

  • domz

    Dont you guys remember when TMac put his money on us winning the ’09 Chip last year (when he was still in the Rockets)? You gotta give where the credit is due. Do it Mitch!

    • domz

      Do it, Mitch. As long as he will be willing to get the Vet Min.

      We are gonna need the MLE or Bi-Annual Ex for a good starting PG like Blake or Ridnour.

      And we need a replacement for DJ and JP if they leave. I say Kurt Thomas, Louis Amundson, Joe Smith, Brad Miller or any cheap big men out there.

  • Swoopster

    Tmac has one of the highest player point averages in the history of the NBA at 29.8 points per game. The reason he never won a Championship is because the rest of the team was either hurt or did not have enough talent.

    • http://LATIMES LA818

      WOAAAAAAAAA right on!

  • drive-for-16th


    • http://LATIMES LA818

      agreed X2

      although you sound like a laker hater??

      • http://LATIMES LA818


  • lex

    The great thing about signing T.Mac is this, with him on the court its makes it very hard to double and triple Kobe.
    The defense Boston was running against Kobe would not work anymore because you have another person on the floor in Tmac that can create there own shot.

  • lex

    BENCH PLAY: who ever@point???? T.MAC @ twoguard Mike Miller @SF, Odom @the Four Who ever @the five
    man thats a hit squad….can u say 4peat

    • http://LATIMES LA818

      I CAN SAY 10 peat with TMAC!

      • gus26

        take your meds LA818… lol… jk jk


    lets pass on tmac. he’s a wuss. we’d rather have mike miller than tmac. he is cursed. too much ego in LAL already.

  • Patrick Bateman

    anyone think tmac can play a little Ron Harper role from the early 2000 and 2001 teams?

    If YES, then its a no brainer, sign him.


    • http://LATIMES LA818


  • BUB


  • http://LATIMES LA818

    WOW people come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

    LA needs T-MAC
    Kobe needs a consitant bench other than LO
    Tall, athletic, no injures, great socrer, and versitile player = tmac

    Do you guys even think what the opposing teams would do when Kobe, Tmac, Gasol, Bynum and artest ont he floor??? they wouldnt know who to guard…



    VETS minimum but if LA could afford more i suggest they pay up…

    i mean the guys a superstart willing to sit on the bench and give the leader role to kobe… anything else?? didnt think soooo

    TMAC for LAKERSSSSSSSS!! woooooot!!!!

  • Lakeshow lovr

    Well I know we all want a big wish list for better players. But in reality who can we actually get.
    Tracy McGrady
    Mike Miller
    Luke Ridnour
    Steve Blake
    Raja Bell
    Javaris Crittenton
    Raymond Felton?
    And for some reason Gilbert Arenas
    And in reality we can get at least 2 guys on this list

    • KM

      what hell? Where you been bro… 95% of that list is already gone, and only tmac is rumored a lot to go to the Bulls..

    • KM

      My bad I shoulda read the date

  • http://lexmccain lexmccain

    lets get T.mac ….lets get tmac

  • http://lexmccain lexmccain

    mitch kup better get on that Tmac wagon a.s.a.p

  • NBAmazingKB24

    do it. somone coming off the bench that can actually create his own shot will be a great asset to us.
    definately a + for us.

  • GJW

    TMac’s a ballhog without the athleticism that he had before that let him get away with it. Some of you are still living in 2002 or something.

    Adding has-beens can make a team take a step backwards. Look at Orlando adding Vince Carter.

  • Street

    yess!!!! T-MAC TO LA!!! It would be great if he joins LAL!!

  • whogivea—-??

    Who gives a f— where he goes??? How about all of u losers get a life that not about watchin ESPN all day????????????

  • cfoster

    yo ming ways hurt , andrew b is always hurt but he work out for the laker way not take a chance on tmac