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The (23-10) Los Angeles Lakers are at Staples Center tonight to face the (14-19) Memphis Grizzlies.

The Lakers were able to hold off the 76ers for a 102-98 victory in the last game of 2010. However, the win was way to close for comfort. The Lakers played well at times, but had way too many mistakes and defensive lapses.

Tonight will be the third game of the season against the Grizzlies. It is always nice to see the Gasol brothers compete against each other; this writer wants to see Pau Gasol dominate tonight.

The Grizzlies are a talented team, the youngest team in the NBA. Memphis has had an up and down year to this point. They’ve shown a lot of progress; the talent to rise to the occasion and beat the Lakers, Heat and Mavericks. They’ve also displayed a bit of a schizophrenic side that allowed them to lose to the Kings, Wizards, Cavaliers, and Nets.

Both teams are seeking consistency. For the Lakers, it’s all about their defense, energy, effort and execution. The coaching staff have gotten their message across to the players that this is an inside out team. Despite being the third game of the year against Memphis, tonight will be the first with Andrew Bynum in the line up.

The Lakers have to start their offense in the post and establish both Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol inside. The Lakers front line needs to dominate and produce 50+ points and 20+ rebounds.

Defensively, the Laker guards have to stay in front of Mike Conley. They have had trouble slowing down small quick point guards. They need to stop the dribble penetration of Mike Conley, play solid on the screen and roll plays, get back in transition and quickly rotate out to open shooters. They’ve been caught flat footed on defense too frequently.

The Purple and Gold have to focus on consistently stopping their opponents; getting a lead and seeking bury the opposition. They have to take care of the ball and drastically cut down their turnovers. Turnovers and points off of turnovers were a big reason the Sixers game went down to the wire. The ball movement and player movement are keys to the team’s success.

Lakers: D. Fisher, K. Bryant, R. Artest, L. Odom and P. Gasol
M. Conley, O. J. Mayo, R. Gay, Z. Randolph, M. Gasol

Tip-off: 6:30 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: FS West (Joel Myers & Stu Lantz)
  • Memphis: FS South TN (Pete Pranica & Sean Tuohy)


  • Los Angeles: ESPN 710 AM (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Memphis: 103.5 FM (Eric Hasseltine & Hank McDowell)



  • Theo Ratliff ( Left Knee) Out


  • SF Rudy Gay (Stomach Virus) Listed as Day-to-Day
  • SG Xavier Henry (Sore Right Knee) Listed as Day-to-Day
  • lakers_The_Truth

    Lakers are playing like crap. My goodness!

  • Laker4Life

    Another blowout loss Wow ! I guess the lakers don’t want to show up in the regular season.

  • juanv

    The lakers look like they r tired of each other pay looks like he is sick of seeing kobe go one on one everybody else just standing around watching.

  • Dragon

    Lakers suck they lost again I knew it


    WTF was that BS????

  • juanv

    Can Phil please change his starting lineup Fisher needs to sit his old ass down and wtf is wrong with Gasol this dude looks like he is fucken sick or somthing. This is embarrassing 3 of the last 4 games getting blown out unacceptable dr buss. Needs to stop paying these bums.


    Another game, another lack luster performance. I’m tired of….
    1- seeing fisher miss layups. Why is it that we have the only guard in the league that cannot freaking break anyone down or make a layup?
    2- seeing Pau just raise his hands and not jump to block or dunk? Being 7′ tall and barely blocking anyone or dunking.
    3- seeing Kobe freaking stall the offense with one of those 3pointers from almost half court or just a 3 when no one is in rebounding position.
    4- stupid promo’s from 570am that say how the Lakers are going to whoop the other team then I tune in and see the Lakers get blown out by 20.

    tired, tired, tired….wise man once said “If all you have to look forward to is the turn of a switch, then don’t be surprised when waiting in the dark”.

  • J.crack

    Bynum is getting better each game so im happy about that. He blocked & altered a bunch of shots tonight but nobody had his back to grab the boards & loose balls. LO & Pau played like they got laid before the game IMO. No energy from both of them on both ends. Is Phil ever gonna realize that Fisher & Artest are bringing nothing to the table lmao. If Artest is gonna let Gay abuse him then whats the point of him being on the floor? He’s being paid to play some defense since he cant hit a shot or make a simple layup to save his life haha. I would be pretty pissed if I paid good money & drove in the rain to watch this game.

  • sipepe

    be patient guys…

  • richard

    Lakers needs to stop playing like this, where are they defense? Dallas is struggle due to injury, Lakers should take advantage of this, cause if they continue play liek this we will be 4th or even 5th seed.

  • SoSoCal

    Paul Gasol Looks sickkk… LoL. Fisher looks OLD… Artest cant make a Lay up… Kobe doesnt play defense gets picked and doesnt try to fight or guard just being lazy… Lamar looks like hes Day Dreaming…. Brown plays starters minutes plays more than Kobe and Paul gasol.

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