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The (13-5) Los Angeles Lakers are in Houston, Texas on the second night of a two-game road trip against the (5-12) Rockets. The Lakers arrive in Houston saddled with a three-game losing streak.

The Lakers, surprisingly, had another lethargic outing losing yet another game that the squad should have won.  To avoid the first four-game losing streak since 2006-2007; their energy, focus, effort, and especially their defense have to improve.

Have we returned to Kobe carrying the majority of the scoring load and waiting for other players to step in?  All of the Lakers problems can be solved by playing better defensively, doing a better job of moving the ball and running their offense.

Three alarming trends have started for the Lakers; points in the paint, terrible third quarters, and not enough production from the once Killer B’s. Opposing guards are waltzing down the lane without impunity, knowing for a fact that no one is going to step in front of them or challenge the shot.

On more than one occasion, Mike Conley repeatedly either got free to attack or found himself left wide open. The Lakers need to get back to basics and stop the ball, play solid team defense and challenge every shot.

The defensive rotations are way too slow, the squad is giving up way too many open shots without so much as a hand in the shooters face and the big players are not stopping the dribble penetration when the guards are beaten or protecting the rim.

The last time the Lakers faced the Rockets, was the night of the ring ceremony; October 26th. L.A. came out flat and had to rally to win that game 111-110. The Rockets are a depleted team coming off of a loss to the Mavericks. They have dropped six of the eight games without starters Yao Ming and Aaron Brooks.

The Rockets are a scrappy team that always puts up a good fight. The Lakers have struggled against this team before. However, Houston is a team in need of leadership and someone to step up in the absence of their missing starters. There is no better time or team to face than the Rockets tonight for the Lakers to have a bounce back game and snap their losing streak.

Kobe Bryant will set the tone offensively and start the game in attack mode. The Lakers have to play better defensively and control the tempo of the game, defend the screen and roll play, control the boards and the painted area. need to be display a lot more urgency when closing out to open shooters.They. Also, they have to redirect any drive attempt to the basket and challenge every shot as well as limiting the Rockets to one shot per possession.

Tip-off: 5:30 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: KCAL (Joel Myers & Stu Lantz)
  • Houston: Fox Sports Houston (Bill Worrell & Clyde Drexler)


  • Los Angeles: 710 ESPN (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Houston: 610 AM (Adam Wexler)



  • Andrew Bynum (Right Knee) Out
  • Theo Ratliff ( Left Knee) Out
  • Lamar Odom (Sore Right Foot) Probable


  • C Yao Ming (Bone Bruise in Left Ankle)
  • PG Aaron Brooks (Left Ankle Sprain)
  • 242LakerFan

    I think this is the perfect opportunity to light a fire under the Lakers’ collectively lethargic asses. They need a moment of inspiration, something to get the blood pumping and the heart racing.
    Yes, it is definitely time for Fish to layeth the smacketh down on Scola’s candy ass once again!

    • LakerFan1

      Yes indeed, I just finished watch the new Lakers anthem ‘Beat LA’ by Jim Chitty on youtube. Feeling good all over again. This to shall pass.

  • Kobe2011finalmvp

    Hope the lakers get this one come on guy play like champ all the loses u guy should of won every game those team wasn’t challege to u but u guy just gave up play some defense all quarter please

  • lakerman1

    The lakers will hopefully start racking up some wins 7 to 10 would be nice.

  • si pepe

    relax, refresh, recharge…we will be champions once again..God bless the LAkers

  • sly laker


  • Jack

    Play some damn defense Lakers! I say this for the past 4 games. We’re losing because of slow defensive rotations. They’re hustling, but they’re not playing smart. They’re biting on every fake.

  • Jack

    I’m going to stop watching Lakers play for the next week, and start doing more important things. Low IQ defense = horrific sight to watch = losses.

  • Cmon

    Yup, another loss. What a surprise.

  • damnit

    arrgghh! OMFG!!

  • Jack

    Our point guards are either defending too tight, and get beat off the dribble easily as a result…
    they are playing too far away…
    Did I mention already? Kobe is trying too hard. When he tries too hard, he posses a lot of negative outputs (i.e. Game 7 last finals). He needs to relax, and play his game. They should have kept Matt Barnes in the game near the end.

  • what the hell

    I honestly think even if we have a good team a 4th championship run is too much for this old team they are already tired like hell and it will just go worst they cannot win without a trade right now in the beginning of the seaosn they weren’t tired so they played like the Lakers should play but now they can’t fatigue = bad decision on defense

  • Jack

    Did Pau get hurt in the third quarter? I guess I missed that part of the game. Apparently, he left briefly due to left hamstring issues?

  • Robert

    OK OK ….. um …… ?

  • gugy

    Well, two things.
    They are tired and not very motivate.
    Bynum is missed big time, due the fact Pau and Odom are playing hard minutes and getting tired at the end.

    That said, once we get Bynum back things might start to look good again.

    Also Ratliff is missing.
    It’s sucks but they will get their shit together. Remember last season Boston was 4th seed and nobody put too much on them.

    • John Robertson

      yup that’s right it’s okay if we are not in the top seed so we have no pressure winning every games like Boston that surprised everyone when they reach the NBA Finals

      • Lakersno834

        I beg to differ. We are the champions and don’t forget how much the Home court matters. San Antonio only has 2 losses so far. Utah and Dallas are now above us by 1.5 games. Oklahoma is catching up. So pretty soon we would be in like 5th or 6th seed. Keep in mind that the lakers have an easier front end of the schedule. Back end games are more against tougher opponents. So Lakers should be winning these easy games. Too much individual plays. Wild jumpers and bad turnovers are hurting them big time. Like I said every game matters especially in the Western Conf.

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