Shannon Bryant, err… I mean Brown came through tonight against the Golden State Warriors as Kobe missed his fourth consecutive game.

Against an explosive Warrior team, the Lakers needed plenty of offense and Brown led the way with 27 points for our Lakers. Every Lakers player starter hit double figures, which was a must tonight as they really only rotated 8 players.

The key tonight was the Lakers perimeter defense as they held the Warrior guards Corey Maggette and Stephen Curry to a combined 9 of 37 shooting!

The Lakers also out rebounded the Warriors 53 to 36 mostly due to Lamar’s 18 off the bench.

Biedren’s was never really a factor tonight as he was in foul trouble all night long. It was a really sloppy games on both ends, but the Lakers great defense helped hide their 19 turnovers.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Brown had 27 points and 10 boards.

2) Bynum had 21 points on 8 of 11 shooting.

3) Fisher had 11 points, but contested many jump shots to hold Curry to one of his worst games of the season.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Sasha was scoreless tonight in 17 minutes.

Play of the Night: Brown’s entire game. Kobe can sit the rest of the month if Shannon keeps this up.

What to Look for Next Game: The Lakers host Boston in a huge game Thursday night. Should be a low scoring game.

Ticket Info: Next home game is Thursday vs. the much hated Boston Celtics. Tickets start at $135. E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 for info. on how to lock these tickets up today!

Go Lakers!

  • Sasha4Lvp

    damn dude. are you just summarizing the box score and passing it off as a post-game report?! anyways…great game by the lakers! i smell a blowout thursday night if kobe plays. boston is playing like crap right now.

    fyi: looks like nate robinson is heading to boston for eddie house. not a huge move by boston but a move at that.


      Cockston is NOT playing like crap… they’re just OLD! Gay Allen is shooting like he typically does ( between 30%-45%) and Gay G doesn’t have the legs of yester-year, especially after his surgery. Rash!t Wallåss is a shadow of his former self. Pudgy Pierce(d) by a d!ck still has his game, but definitely a step slower and is resorting to a lot of push offs and fastly becoming the “Vlade” of 2010!

      The one that’s really ballin right now from the Celd!cks is Raggin Condom! Hate to admit it, but that dude is pretty badåss! Without him, Cockston is NOTHIN!

      And if you’re right about Nate goin there for House… then I’m loving that trade. House is a dangerous 3 shooter and definitely gives Cockston an added dimension while he’s on the floor. Nate is exciting, but extremely streaky and I’m not too worried about him!

      Another good thing is that if that trade does go down, then the Lakers won’t see either one of them until the post season “if” they even make it to the Finals to face us. They’ll have to sit out at least a game to be cleared by both teams and the league in passin physicals!

      I’m liking the Lakers’ chances more and more with every passing day. Especially with the way the our guys have been steppin up since Kobe’s been out resting and healin!

      GO Kobe!!!!!!!!!!! Keep getttin treatments and heal up!!!
      GO Shannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO LO and keep grabbin those damned boards!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO Bynum!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO Pau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO AWAY Sasha and Morrison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 09champs!

    People focus too much on scoring, as you mentioned Sasha 0 pts , but what about Farmar´s 5 turnovers, Bynum´s 4 and Pau´s 4? Just because they did score doesnt mean they played better.

    Anyways, being objective people, what do you think is the main reason for Sasha´s play this last 2 seasons compared to the 07-08? It looks like he still shoots a lot after practices, and I still see some of his Machine shooting sometimes.

    • lakerfan2010

      Agree completely, people that judge everything by points don’t know much about basketball.

    • lakerman1

      What you say is true but the most inportant stat is the Wins versus the Losses and the Lakers stand at 42/13 that & the Championships are the most important stats in my book with the Latter being the most remembered.

  • karl

    H knows he’s on the trading block and doesn’t want to end up like Camby. Stupid clippers – what a bunch of douche bags!!! Helping out the Blazers by sending them a great rebounder/shot blocker – and I really liked Camby playing in LA.

    Sasha don’t want to end up in a place like Minnesota – so he keeps playing like a pos and no team wants him. He gets to stay in LA and get his 5 million and possibly another ring.

    • nope

      If that’s the case, I hope he gets no playing time. They might as well do that because its the same as letting him play and getting nothing in return. Fuck this guy, he wants to play like that, reduce his minutes and make him feel like shit.

  • FootLong

    i think brown had something to prove after that embarrassing performance in dallas. on a good note, the scrubs played consistently bad. hoping to avoid the trade deadline, vujabrick and farmer continue to play bad to bring their value down so no other teams will want them. how the hell did fluke get injured? don’t you have to actually play to get injured?
    i’d rather watch the lakers girls shake their arshes then watch vujabrick/farmer/fluke/ammo play.

    • lilkobe24

      farmar is doing well u SUCK

  • lkrz008

    Funny how luke goes “down” after rumors of him seeking to be traded by the lakers. nice coincidence, and sasha not looking to shoot much; these guys are smart.

  • Jack Y.

    Wow. This post-game report is horrific. How the-bleep did Lamar not get top 3? Every time was on the course, the Lakers played better. His rebounding was one of the components that won us the game.

    • Luke makes me Puke

      Yes, but he was not mentally tuned in. How many DUMB plays did he make? Bad passes, bad shots. What was that one under the backboard where he somehow pulled the shot back? Never seen that before. I was disappointed in Lamar – I thought he was finally past making dumb plays. He looked spaced out on the free throw line.

  • Josh in Da 310

    Vujabrick is such a piece of the hell did he start dating that fine ass tennis chick? He probably lied to her and said he was a all-star Laker or something. Man I wish the Lakers could make one move to get Sasha, Luke, and Morrison outa here. Morrison isnt that bad a player but he deserves more playing time. Shannon Brown played his ass off today!

    • Luke makes me Puke

      Yeah, what a shame we have money tied up with this loser. With the money we are wasting on Vujaturd, Puke and Adam we could actually get a player with some value.

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  • Pingback: Head and Neck Cancer Therapy Area Pipeline Report –Aarkstore Enterprise : Aptamera

  • 242LakerFan

    Hands up who still wants to get rid of Shannon Brown based on the Dunk Contest?

    • lakerman1

      Just the Idiots, the same incessant cry babies who want to trade every player on the team for whos it. Trades only look good on paper people. Each player that is traded to a new team has to learn a new system. Its more then just putting the ball through the hoop. Its like any profession or job for that matter you still have to learn the basic operation of that company. The Lakers got lucky with Pau and that is not going to happen most of the time. This is our Laker team get behind them or stop watching them. The every game complaining is really ridiclous.

      • http://yahoo jaydubb415

        Wow you wen’t hard on e’m , but that’s the truth lol that’s why were lakers fans its like the yankees of basketball we want everbody ,we fill like we should win a champioship every , were not happy even when its going good ,and last if are players ain’t if our players ain’t on EVERY night trade em get them the hell out of here that’s what make us the best .

        • 242LakerFan


      • Luke makes me Puke

        Yeah we should have kept Mihm, Kwame, Cookie, Smush – what was Mitch thinking in trading our beloved stars?

  • L8ker

    Dont sleep on Boston. They did whoop the Lakers in the finals. Until the Lakers face them again and get their revenge, I still have respect for them. We need a guard who can contain Rondo!

  • Pastorius

    Shannon Brown’s value keeps going up, up, up this season.

    The Lakers, sadly, will not be able to afford him.

    I have been wondering why they didn’t not re-sign him during this season. Maybe they approached his agent and were rebuffed.

    The Lakers system does not require a point guard. The Lakers ought to be looking to Brown as Fisher’s future replacement.

    He has a stunning skill set and will likely continue to get better for years to come.

    • http://yahoo jaydubb415

      Yea shannon played good last night but he’s not a pure point gaurd did he even had a assist last night he’s a 2 gaurd if he could pick up his assist with his size and speed he would be a mis match some nights until then he’s a 2.

      • 242LakerFan

        But that’s his point, The triangle does not hinge on a true point guard. Jordan’s Bulls didn’t really have one either. It’s a passing offense in which assists tend to get spread around. That’s why on any given night Kobe, Lamar or Pau might lead the team in assists.

      • Luke makes me Puke

        Well Jordan’s team did not have a guard that couldn’t make a layup and did pathetic flopping on every one of his contested shots in the paint.

    • Jack Y.

      It’s fine. We have Shannon through next season as well. We won’t have to worry about resigning him until a year and a half from now.

      • daboss1848

        player option

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    yea the lakers should send farmar and vuish!!t down 2 the development league the lakers got there on i can’t remeber there name but ship them down to aa league and give somebody who’s hungry a 10 game contract .But i do feel like the lakers will make a small trade 2 today it might not be 4 hinrich but they will find someone but honestly the lakers saw all three of them playing like bums on and off more off last season vuibrick fell off b4 the playoffs last year why the lakers didn’t do nothing in the off season was kind of retarded now its bitting us in the ass this season not 2 the point where i think it will stop us from repeating but enough that we couldn’t pay somebody 2 take those bums!!!!!

  • avcpl

    So when are we going to change “STD” to “Sasha of The Day”?

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      yes, that’s perfect!he deserves that title,far more than even smush did..and that says alot!

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    But pastro shannon did’nt have an assist or maybe 1 assist he’s good and a diamond ina throw in trade which is really good but he’s 2 gaurd if he can get his assist up 2 like 4 or 5 assist a game and still score 12 to 14 points a game with 7 or 8 rebounds a game man then we really rolling.

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    I feel you 242lakerfan you do make sense but he still need to get his assist up to 4 or 5 and making plays we don’t have 2 worry about sorry !ss farmar or vuispit

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    why want the lakers look at getting tyrese thomas he’s long reounds well and shot blocks you can miss and match with him certain nights. Give up morrison 4 him

    • 242LakerFan

      Because this team has enough bigs. If there’s anywhere that needs improvement, it’s at guard. We need a consistent outside shooter or someone who can effectively slow down the little speed guards, not another big guy in the middle.
      And I don’t understand why you are so down on Farmar. He’s been playing really well through the middle part of this season. Sasha and Morrison, okay, but Farmar is not the scrub you make him out to be.

  • poop

    Fuck Steve Avery, can’t write articles for shit

  • Luke makes me Puke

    The offense sure went stagnant with Bynumb in there. Why is it he thinks he is the #1 option when he is no the floor? Traveling can be called virtually every time he starts his clumsy backing in routine. Yeah he scored – but look how everyone else’s game suffered. Pau’s productivity declined greatly, Lamar – everyone ends up standing – the nice passing and ball movement we saw the previous four games all but disappeared. I would not make a change now, but after this season we should consider using Bynumb to get a QUALITY player to address our weakest area (replacement for Fisher?).

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