Timberwolves Lakers BasketballKurt Rambis’ return to Staples was spoiled as the Lakers win their eleventh straight game with an easy win over the young Minnesota Timberwolves.

For the second game in a row, the Lakers came out looking a little sluggish. Instead of pulling away from the Wolves before the halftime, they let the opponent stay close.

The Wolves were also able to hang with the Lakers partially due to Kobe having to leave mid-way through the 2nd quarter with a fractured index finger. Did that stop him? Not a chance. He returned to the game after halftime with his finger taped and played as if he never left by nailing a three and making a pretty reverse layup that helped extend the Lakers lead to ten.

The Lakers then went on a 12-0 run to finish off the quarter and pretty much controlled then game from there on out.

The Wolves are just too inexperienced and too small to stay with the Lakers. The Lakers dominated the boards and in the paint with their size. They have way too many weapons as well. Almost every Laker came in and contributed tonight.

Player of the Game: Pau played an overall great game. He filled the box score with 17 points, 20 rebounds, 7 assists, and a block and a steal.

Play of the Game: For one game only, I’m going to give this spot to a non-Laker player. Corey Brewer posterizing Derek Fisher mid-3rd quarter made him more than deserving of it.

What’s Up Next: The Lakers start their longest road trip of this young season tomorrow. First stop: Utah. It should be a very entertaining yet tough game, especially considering how Wednesday’s game vs. the Jazz ended.

  • xfellerx

    what about shannon’s alley-oop?

    another failed Postgame Report.

    • 242LakerFan

      That dunk was SICK! I hate to say it, but it deserves Play of the Game. Love you, Fish, but that was the worst posterization since…well, Mikki Moore! Ouch!

      • Jim

        Wow!!!! I was there last night guys, 7th row, center court, and that dunk on Fist was just NASTY. I’ll never forget the reaction of the crowd when that happened. it was a mix between shock and awe and a feeling of being violated. We all felt so bad for Fish. It was just embarrassing to see him go sliding into the photographers under the basket. Everyone was hoping the next time down the court, that Fish would drop him like a sack of potatoes like he did Scola in the Houston seies.

        But when you look at the replay, Fish was just standing in there to take the charge, and I’m not sure that he shouldn’t have gotten it.

        • 242LakerFan

          He probably should have and I have pointedly not watched any replays for the same reason; it was painful to see. But that’s kind of my point. What other play last night illicited that kind of a reaction? Love it or hate it, it was the play of the night.

          • lakerbunny


    • kbryant24

      This is better than Steve Avery’s post game report. Thank you TLN for listening! Kick that Steve Avery ass outta here!

  • skim

    pau was sick
    kobe is always sick
    corey brewer had one of the sickest poster jams ive ever seen!!!!

    • NBAmazingkb24

      Shannon Brown’s dunk over Warriors Mikki Moore
      was the sickest.
      Small guard getting dunked on, you see it often
      Shannon Brown dunking on 7feet Center
      Now thats priceless…

  • Salty

    Aside from having to play Utah on the road on only 20 hours of rest, this trip SHOULD be a breeze for them.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    easiest schedule in the NBA ….keeps on rolling..

    • 242LakerFan

      Oh, boy, look! Another hater whose own team is not exciting enough to keep him on THEIR website!
      For your information, the Lakers have had the eighth toughest schedule so far this year, according to ESPN’s Strength of Schedule tracking.
      By comparison, the other “elite” teams are ranked 21st (Orl), 24th (Cle) and 26th (Bos) by SOS.
      But, hey, don’t let a pesky thing like the facts get in the way of your blatant, pathetic HATING!

      • NBAmazingkb24

        He has nothing better to do
        Lakers are the most exciting thing happening in his life
        Either he loves Lakers this much to put his time in our blog or he is scared of the Lakers

  • 242LakerFan

    I find myself wondering if the Lakers are getting complacent and letting these teams feel like they can really play with us.
    But I have to factor in that we ARE the Champs and everyone gets up for the Champs. So sometimes, like last night, teams are going to come out hot, make an array of really nice plays, great shots, etc.
    Then, like last night, reality will set in and we will stomp the living crap out of them. End of story.
    We are on a 70-win pace again and I see no other team in this league who has a realistic shot of taking us out in a playoff series.
    Lots can happen between now and June, but as of now, it’s the Lakers’ league, the rest of you just play in it.

  • 242LakerFan

    Oh, and heart-felt congratulations to Kurt Rambis on receiving his Championship Ring.
    He was the beating heart of the Showtime Lakers and no matter which sideline he roams, I will always see a tousle-haired, mustachio’d, black spectacled wild man in short shorts hustling on every play, leaving it all on the floor (and sometimes in the third row) for his team.
    Always a Laker. Always a Champion!

  • NBAmazingkb24

    Miss Stu’s voice!!!
    Weird listening to HOT ROD
    1/2 of the time he seems to be mumbling
    His voice is too weak
    It feels like a background voice

    And Lakers dominate in 3rd quarter again

    • lakerman1

      Hotrod made Norm Nixon sound good and to think this guy was a commentator for Utah. I am sorry but that is the worse commentating i have ever heard everything he said sounded generic The really bad thing is we are stuck with this guy until Stu returns. The Lakers could have found a much better replacement. I guess it was because he used to play for the lakers. Joel pretty much had to carry the show. It looked like he was reading everything he was saying on the post game show. We miss you Stu and best wishes on your wifes recovery.

  • http://lakers-edge.com/ dEDGE

    Luuuuuke did a decent job filling in for Mychal Thompson with Spero last night. He actually said “Ron Artest is the best defensive player in the league,” then Artest, as if on cue, stole the ball.

  • 09champs!

    sasha getting his machine touch back. Nice to see; good win though. Lets keep it rollin’