Thunder Lakers BasketballTonight was a night of highlights at Staples Center. First it was Kobe’s over the backboard, then his reverse layup, then we had Shannon Brown’s oop from Farmar and his other dunk on the break.

If that and free tacos weren’t enough for the fans, the Black Eyed Peas were in the house and sang a quick song during the timeout in the fourth and Jay-Z made his way over from the AMA’s across the street to make an appearance.

Kobe really played one of his best games of the season. He was very efficient and really dominated inside the paint. The Lakers were also very efficient throughout the game. 25 assists to only 9 turnovers. The ball really moved well as every Laker played unselfish basketball.

It was also great to see the bench get some playing time. Even Morrrison got some action with the first unit.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe had another MVP performance. 26 points, 6 boards, 7 assists, 2 steals and no turnovers.

2) Bynum continues to play amazing shooting 9 of 11 for 25 points and 9 boards.

3) Shannon Brown only had 6, 3 and 3, but he had some amazing dunks! His defense was also pretty solid tonight.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Powell was 1 for 6 and took terrible shots as usual.

Play of the Night: Kobe’s shot over the backboard or Brown’s oop from Farmar.

What to Look for Next Game: A high scoring game with the Knicks in town Tuesday night.

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Go Lakers!

  • lakers4life2417

    GREAT GAME! NICE HIGHLIGHT PLAYS from kobe and brown! btw who won the kobe doing work contest?

    • Jaime Quintanilla

      You did, sir. Check your e-mail.

      • lakers4life2417


  • gugy

    Lakers are in control.
    If we stay healthy all the way, I see another parade next year.

  • earl

    wait a second i said 26 points, 6 reb, 5 ast, 2 stealts

  • Jim

    Great win tonight guys, this team is a force to be reckoned with. Bynum’s turning out to be old man river, he just keeps rollin’ along. Shannon Brown’s hops are just sick , did you see how high his hand was up on the backboard on the oop from Farmar? Just like Charles Barkley said, this team doesn’t need anything. When they’re healthy, there’s not a team in this league that can beat them 4 out of seven games. I think I’ve finally got the bad taste of that Denver loss out of my system. It helped a little bit to see the Clips take ‘em out the other night :-)

  • the ape

    again, man, again… artest’s D on durant. took him out of the game.

    and pau played great – very smart. just missed more shots than usual

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Lakers shaking things up?

    “The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t playing like champions lately, and it’s concerning head coach Phil Jac.”

    That was taken from an article on Its the latest one from today and apparently, the Lakers arent playing like champions. Anyone care to elaborate on that?

  • getgarnett

    Did anyone see KG’s game winning shot??? It was awesome!!! GO CELTICS!!!!

    • Aprochlometh

      Getgarnett, can you be any more of a fool? KG’s winning shot was wide open from the free-throw line. Anyone who can shoot better than 50% from the free-throw line, which Rondo cannot say for himself(Go Celtics, right?) would have made that shot. Your comment is nothing more than a poor attempt at deterring Laker fans’ attention from the fact the Celtics absolutely sucked it up the entire game against a sub-par team. Go to and cry with the rest of them, you’re not welcome here.


      Absolutely agree with Aprochlometh! Your dude is just a straight up PUNK! That motha fucka shot 4-15 and still had the gall to parade around afterwards. It was the Knicks… the Knicks! Fcukin Cockston Celd!cks Suck!

      Hey Gay G! Christian Laettner called to congratulate you on the game winning shot from the free throw line! And this was Laettner’s stat for the game: “Laettner, who makes two field goals and four foul shots in the final two minutes, finishes with 31 points on 10-for-10 shooting from both the field (including one 3-pointer) and the foul line. ”

      Gay G’s stats vs the Knicks: 4-15 (26.7%) 2-2 Ft, 7 boards, 1 Assist, 3 TO, 4 PF, for 10 pts. in 32:21 of game play! Yeah, why wouldn’t he be proud of that? That fcukin gimp is a has been and both LO, and Pau will beat his sorry puffer fish ego down like the b!tch that he is when the Lakers see his sorry åss!

      FCUK COCKSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • WOWZERS

        I bet you guys wouldnt be saying the same stuff if garnett was traded to the lakers 2-3 yrs ago

        • Jim

          Probably not, but thank God we got Pau instead, I’d much rather have him on our team than that trash talkin’ clown Garnett. His arrogance is disgusting and pathetic.


          and I bet you wouldn’t have even admitted that you were a Celd!ck fan before Gay G got there, so SHUT THE FCUK UP you stupid inbred backward motha fcukin racist from that little piece of sh!t hole called bean town!

  • Jim

    Yeah, I saw KG’s shot, if I was a Celtics fan, I would be a little concerned that they’ve lost 3 of their last 5, and one of the wins was forced into overtime by New York. GO LAKERS!!!!!!

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    lakers keep beating up the CUP-CAKES,when is pre season over?or is this league so watered down that it make LAKERS shine?


      Hey at least we beat up on the cupcakes! You lost to Phoenix… we beat them 121-102! You lost to Atlanta… we beat them 118-110! And you almost lost to the lowly Knicks and you want to talk about us only beating up on cup cakes and the league being watered down…yeah right!

      Hey, Corky from the 80s show ‘Life Goes On’ called… he thinks that you’re an embarrassment to the down syndrome community! Take your meds and stay the fcuk outta our blog site you fcukin Cockston å-hole!

  • 242LakerFan

    Celtics fans need to worry about a team that needs a last second shot in OT to beat the Knicks. Your starters are all healthy, so what’s the problem?
    Obviously, the ESPN reporters have been asleep for the last four days since Pau came back.
    No disrespect to Shannon Brown, but Ron-Ron needs to be at least #3 on the top list for locking down Kevin “the Festivus Pole” Durant like a chastity belt!
    Kobe…Kobe…Kobe…first the Jordan double-clutch hand switch in the Finals (but going sideways), then the no-look over the shoulder flip (off the glass, no less) now the Bird behind the board shot (except it counts). It’s like a one-up tribute tour. Next, the rebound my own jump shot and lay it in all in one motion (but reverse it). Then Magic’s Real Real Junior Sky Hook and the bounce pass on his ass and he’ll have the trifecta.
    Can you say GOAT??!!
    LWO: Stand UP!

  • desecrator93

    Powell SOTD?? Yeah he missed them, but they were wide open shots within the offense. Come on bro

  • lakerman1

    Ron is a beast. Ariza is good but he ain’t no Artest. The man has been totally concentrating on holding his man to a low scoring percentage. Ron is just what the Lakers needed someone who will commit to defense evey night so far i have not seen him take a day off. The repeat is all but done as far as i can see. # 16 IS ON ITS WAY.

  • matthew

    bynum ddint look injured to me.. its great to have to a center making his free throws :)

  • getgarnett

    The Lakers will fall to the Knicks tomorrow, just like last season!!!

    • Aprochlometh

      The Lakers will fall to the Knicks, huh? I’m watching the score right now, and it looks like we’re up by 21 points going into the fourth quarter. Interesting, huh? In the words of Ron White, “the next time you have a thought… Just let it go..”

  • Dave

    I predict that Garnett’s injury will plague him all season and he will retire after the Celtics are eliminated early in the play-offs. After this season, he will have to taunt and bully the rookies from his couch.

  • kobe_mvp

    lakers world best clob ever.:)

  • Robert

    Gotta love the first quarter by Kobe. I’m sure glad I picked him up on my fantasy team!

  • drive-for-16th



    Artest 3rd top player. He shut down Durant