90040824NG012_SUNS_LAKRSThe Lakers continued to play great basketball Thursday night at Staples. Everyone played great on both ends of the court and the Suns just didn’t look like they belonged in the same building as the Lakers.

The Lakers shot well over 50% the entire night and had 35 assists for the game. The ball was just moving great all night, especially inside the paint, as Bynum was the beneficiary for most of the passes. They really blew this game open in the third, and the game got even better when the bench came in to provide an added spark.

Powell and Brown had an amazing night to compliment Kobe and Bynum in the starting unit. I’m sure Bynum wishes he could play Phoenix every night as they haven’t found an answer for him since he joined the league.

The Suns leading scorer only had 13, mainly due to the Lakers stifling defense.

Bynum had three blocks inside, and the Lakers were getting their hands on many passes. It also helped that Phoenix shot only 37% from the field. But they didn’t shoot poor enough to get taco’s for the fans at Staples tonight.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Bynum was a beast tonight with probably his best game this year. 26 points, 15 boards and 3 blocks. 13 of 18 from the field!

2) Kobe took some much better shots tonight and it showed. 29 points on 21 shots for the reigning MVP.

3) As good as Powell and Brown played, Lamar did a bit of everything quietly tonight. 8 points, 12 boards and 7 assists.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Benga again took some bad shots and had two turnovers in the fourth.

Play of the Night: Brown’s breakaway dunk in the fourth quarter.

What to Look for Next Game: An intense game as the Lakers battle Denver in a rematch of the past two years in the Playoffs.

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Go Lakers!

  • lakers2000

    Cable was out. :( Listened on line and remember how much I miss Chick! Great game though. 1..2..3.. RING! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!

  • gugy

    good game.
    We are doing well. Can’t wait to see when Gasol is back.

    Bynum will be an All Star this season.

  • Uck_eE

    we all miss chick… but i thinks speero does a great job

    • lakers2000

      Definitely the next best thing!

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    What a great game. Broke 120 points without Pau. The bench really performed well, they kept the lead going and built upon it at points, never let it get below 15 points.

    -Kobe shot well, unstoppable force.
    -Artest struggled with the 3 and at the line, but made up for it on the defensive end.
    -Fisher was great offensively and defensively.
    -Bynum was truly an unstoppable force. Good to see he is rebounding well. All Star for sure.
    -Odom didnt score much but his boards helped. The Offensive boards and the one after the DFish missed the FT for the 4 point play.
    -J Peezy shot well and rebounded well too.
    -Brown was amazing, the energy he brought to the game with 7 straight points, 2 fabulous dunks and a 3.
    -Adam Morrison connected with his only 3, and it was contested too, good to see hes getting there.
    -Sasha shot well, and defense was great.
    -Luke shot well and found his teammates pretty well.
    -Farmar’s hustle and shooting were great in this game. Those no look passes were amazing.
    -Mbenga had a solid game overall but some parts of the game he didnt have such a good time, such as missing the open dunk after Farmar’s no look, over the head pass. But he did have a few blocks and those helped.

    So if you ask me, the bench performed well, really well in this game. That proves my point about the bench, they are valuable to us, each one of them.

  • Sean All Ivy

    When our defense locks down we are nearly unbeatable

  • Sopi

    theres no such SMUSH of THE DAY for wins like this, take it easy

  • Patrick Chewing

    I think the officiating was excellent tonight!

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Am I the only one that thinks that Steve Nash deserves a fine for his comment about the ref during the game. For those that didnt know what happened, after he fouled DFish’s 3pter, he made a gesture that suggests that the ref isnt wearing HER, thats right, HER glasses. Its bad enough that shes a girl too. She did a good job too.

    Any money, if Kobe or any Laker for that matter, had done that, they would get ejected, suspended for the whole season and fined so hard that the franchise will have no choice but to relocate to another city.

    • ilikebasketball

      i consider myself a male feminist. but i think nash was right. that wasn’t a good call. and i think there were some really bad calls, and i think most of them were from her.
      women can make just as many bad calls as a man can.

      but at least they were in our favor for once.

  • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

    If bynum keeps playing like a beast he will be wearing a cavs jersey next year. bynum & artest for the king. sign and trade lebron is better that losing him for nothing.

    • WifelovesLuke

      This is not the real daboss1849. The real daboss would never type such non sense. Kobe / Lebron can’t happen and won’t happen so stop with this idiotic line of thinking!

      1-2-3 Ring!!

      • http://www.vidaguerrasbutt.com/vida-guerra-playboy-picture-a_17.html#pic daboss1849

        Tell your wife to stop blowing Luke and to take care of you…You sound like you can use the relief.

  • Short Dog

    Good ass game. This Laker team we have is top notch. We don’t need the queen at all. We have Kobe and a supporting cast.

    • fern dog

      whats up short dog ready for the nuggets .call me up later for the game.

      • Short Dog

        Chicken Mcnuggets are going down. No sweat.
        Lakers #1.

  • http://vinginor@aol.com onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Bynum is a future player big 7 footer that has finally some promise.
    You dont trade that , Your a chick No offense but what do you know about the game.
    Le bron and kobe cant play together they both need
    to score, plus the nba will never let it happen.
    You are saying stupid girl shit.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Hey Celdics….that’s how you beat a Suns team.

  • fern dog

    good game lakers looked like a real champs.keep on doing your thing lakers lakers1.whats up short dog.

    • Short Dog

      What’s up Fernie.

  • ilikebasketball

    if there had to be a smus it was Morrison. didn’t he have like 3 fouls in that short span of garbage time? it was nice to see him make a shot though.

    i’m so impressed with odom.
    i’m glad he was in the top 3.

    so quiet and so solid for us. i didn’t even notice him a lot of the time, he just goes about doing what he’s doing. so glad we got him back.

  • http://s1.zetaboards.com/2Kstaplecenter/msg/?c=1&folder=-1&id=583753 Omamba

    This game was pretty boring, amazing dominance by the Lakers. It’s a good thing I bet on them this game, I just won me $5, OH YEAH!

  • http://www.michaelserna23.com Michael_23

    Lakers should hire Byron Scott as their assistant coach if they want him to coach the Lakers next season. If Phil retires that is …

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    The Lakers only have 3 teams in the West they should truly watch out for:
    The Spurs
    The Nuggets
    The Blazers

    And I think they can take all 3 in no more than 5 games in a best of 7 series, assuming healthy rosters for all squads.

  • drive-for-16th