The game was close throughout and the lead went back and forth all evening. It could have been an exciting game between two opponents playing their hearts out. It COULD have been that kind of night, but it was far from it. The Lakers could have given this game away. They gave Philadelphia every opportunity to steal one from their own homecourt, but the defending Champs did enough to win tonight.

Their version of enough, however, was barely watchable.

On a night where Kobe played facilitator to the tune of eight assists, both Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol produced an impressive set of double-doubles (20-13 and 23-11 respectively) and five Lakers scored in double figures — the flow and energy of the game could have been a lot more exciting than troubling. Instead, turnovers, which the box score indicates was 10 but on-air stats reflected about 14, seemed to occur every other possession.

The Lakers were throwing passes that were constantly deflected, stolen, and scored from; they committed THREE shot clock violations and the defense? The term “Defending” Champions” might take a hit after tonight’s effort, or lack thereof.

The Lakers might as well have laid a red carpet to the basket because the Sixers walked right up to it with little to no resistance… the entire game.

Lucky for the Lakers, the crowd refused to leave, staying and cheering with every shot made, waiting, just waiting, for signs of life from their team. Yes, the Lakers won tonight and true, they hold the best record in the West and the second best record in the NBA, but games like this are worrisome.

D-Fish missed three layups in a row, standing not one foot from the hoop. Kobe’s shot looked flat. There was just little to no defense to be found.

Denver is coming to play the Lakers on Sunday. The hope is for a good old-fashioned battle between two exceptional teams. If tonight is any indication of the Lakers’ state of play at this moment, however, that Sunday game could be one really long afternoon.

Pre-Game Thoughts: Joey Crawford is officiating. I hope Andrew keeps his mouth zipped.

Half-Time Thoughts: Eight turnovers already. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

Most Thoughtless Player(s) of the Game: Every set of players on the floor who allowed the Sixers to run right to the basket, which means everyone in a gold uniform was guilty.

Most Thought-filled Player(s) of the Game: The 7-footers played like 7-footers tonight, chipping in 43 points, 24 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 blocks. However, their man, Dalembert lit the centers up with 24 points.

  • Jack Y.

    Well said. Between watching Olympics Hockey and this game, this game was horrific. I got the feeling that these guy are just running through the motions. They’re not focused. A lot of the turnovers they make are careless mistakes. They were not forced by the defense.


    fisher going 3-11 is KILLING us!!!! in dallas he went 3-13 or something like that… STOP TAKING away shots from people like artest and pau.

    • Jack Y.

      Fisher is not to blame. Everyone (including Pau) is turning the ball over. The turnovers are what that cost us the games.

      • rudy t.

        NO OFFENSE, (and no pun intended) but fisher IS taking shots away from people. 3 of 11 and 3 of 13 (if lakeshow420’s info is accurate), is really killing us.

        i get the impression that we’re taking away from the formula that has worked so well for us in the past: ball movement + player movement.

        fish is fish and i love him to death, but his offense is really killing us.

        • Green Flannel

          look he is in a slump he needs to shoot out of it. but yes those stats are not helping the least bit.

  • KindSir

    Our team playing like pieces of shit all the time, and not playing hard is what costs us. Also fisher being horrible and needing to retire.

  • Robert

    Hopefully the Lakers will step it up on Sunday’s game. Beating a team from the “LEast” conference isn’t difficult. The Cavs have it easy because they play some of the worst teams in the league, 4 times (and the Lakers only play them twice).

  • Djzzero2009

    If fisher is shooting 3-13 he should be more selective, we shouldn’t put the blame all on Fisher. Lakers need to hustle and get better def.

  • expo

    This team is fractured you can tell. Something ain’t right!

  • Jack Y.

    Even Phil said in post-game that the team is having “mindless turnovers”. If you know basketball, you know that Fisher isn’t the problem. Right now, we are either over-passing or not-passing-enough. There’s a discontinuity in the team on the court.

  • lakers2000

    That definitely was not a fun game to watch. We will do better in the next game.

  • berkyberks

    don’t worry guys we owned march scheduled we should be 15-0 on march…trust me!

  • berkyberks

    but cavs is more lucky co’z they face the 7 worst team in the east maybe in the nba 4 times.

  • LAL_fc

    Don’t forget the Cavs won both meetings this season. Look how they completely demolished the celtics after trailing at half time as compared to the lakers’ loss at home. Cavs r definitely the better team now. It’s hard to admit but i doubt there’ll be a repeat unless Lakers get back their focus and intensity. I don’t think the other teams got better this year… I think the lakers got worse. Just my 2cents.