It was an ugly low-scoring game tonight at Staples Center. Neither team shot well nor took care of the ball. Hell, even the bench came back to earth Tuesday night with only 14 points.

The Lakers led  for most of the night but gave up the lead late. They missed a lot of shots that they would normally make, especially from behind the arc and took some bad shots as well. Fortunately, the Lakers held on for a nine point victory in front of another home sellout crowd.

It wasn’t the best Lakers effort, but we will take a win any way we can get it when Gasol is out.

Bynum continued to play well with Pau out of the lineup and Odom flourished as well.

The Rockets shot very poor from three point land with 4 of 23 shooting, which will never get it done on the road.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Lamar had his best game of the year with 17 points, 19 boards, and 9 assists. 1 assist away from a trip-dub!

2) Bynum played amazing with 10 of 16 shooting for 24 points and 8 boards. Now, that’s the Bynum we all missed.

3) Farmar continued his great play with 8 points off the bench.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Fisher didn’t really do much all night.

Play of the Night: Kobe’s left handed shot from the free-throw line with 2 defenders on him.

What to Look for Next Game: The Clippers take on Lakers Wednesday night at Staples… it should be a high scoring game.

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Go Lakers!

  • AllthewayLA

    yeah baby. low scoring or high scoring, we know how to win it.

  • http://LakersNation PWNED

    Should Farmar be the STD and Kobe be #3. Kobe made clutch plays including the assist to LO for the and1 and also where drove, lost the ball twice but scored it.
    Farmar lost his man (Shane) and he popped the 3. Then after that, Farmar turned it over and the Rockets scored on the fast break. He played great, but Im saying, Kobe is more deserving of #3 than Jordy is.

  • O Rly?

    - thanks for showing up Drew and LO
    – so much for our consistent bench
    – in your face Traitor Ariza

    • gugy

      why is he a traitor?
      Just because he is playing with Houston?
      Because he got more money in the deal?

      Man, don’t be so stupid.
      Ariza deserves our appreciation for what he did for us. It is bad he is not among us, but that is not reason to bash the guy.


      • http://TheLakersNation PWNED

        On the contrary, he went there for the same money. MLE.

        • gugy

          Maybe you are right but unfortunately we could not keep Ariza because of Artest.
          Too bad, if we did not have the inflate salaries of Luke and Sasha maybe we could have both.
          Anyway, my point is there is no reason to hate Ariza. The guy was a big part of our championship last season.

          • ilikebasketball

            he’s still a traitor for leaving a championship team for the same money.

        • Smush Walton

          I don’t think he went for the MLE. Seems to me he got a nice payday ($30MIL?). If he went for the MLE then what a shame! Here we are paying a token like Luke something like $6 Mil a year for 5 YEARS and then when we get a real talent like Trevor we don’t have adequate money to keep him. (And how much mooney did we piss away on Sasha?) What a screwed up system!

          • B Holland

            Smuck Wilton we could not sign both Artest and Ariza. You need to learn your facts.

          • Smush Walton

            Hey Boytoy Holland – if we flushed Luke and some of our other rubbish we’d have been able to keep Ariza, and that is a FACT, as is the statement that you are a DICK.

      • O Rly?

        You’re the idiot.

        Yes players have the right for pursuit of money but damn it, if you were Ariza what would you take? More probable title runs in LA or shine as mere playoff contenders in Houston. Everyone gets greedy and lets their shady agents handle everything. Ala Sasha who after Boston tried to up the ante and used Pelinka to land that cancer of a contract we have now. I could understand if stars like Kobe, Bron etc did this but role guys like Sasha, Ariza? Please. If it were any other team, maybe. Maybe work the better deal and land yourself a better gig and pay but come on Ariza, blow the Lakers?

    • daboss1848

      lets not restate facts here . . .
      FACT – lakers offered ariza MLE
      FACT – ariza’s agent (same as Bynum) tried to strong arm the Lakers by asking for 10mil and letting them know that there are other teams willing to pay his market value of 10 mil
      FACT – Mitch said bring back any such offers and we will discuss – Lakers offer is MLE which they believe is market value.
      FACT – Artest calls and says “hey kids, can i play” to which Lakers say we only have MLE. Artest responds “lovely, i’ll play for $1 dollar if i have to in order to play for the Lakers!!!”

      Bottom line is Ariza’s agent thought he could screw the Lakers (same way he did with Bynum), but instead he screwed his cl. Ariza is an idiot for following blindly.

      • WifelovesLuke

        Once again, boss speaks the truth. Kudos!

  • 15x NBA champs

    Lamar Odom was a beast, still pretty boring game but we got the W. We always struggle against the Rockets ! Well lets get the slippers I mean clippers

  • http://TheLakersNation PWNED

    For those who were saying “Lose Bynum, hes a scrub, trade his ass” he shut you up didnt he.
    The “Ladunce” thing. Come on now, he shut all you haters up. It seems like you are all ESPN analysts trying to provide pointers and tips for the Lakers GM on what to do for the team. Just let the man do his job. Its been working if he won us 15 championships.

    • Smush Walton

      What “man” won us 15 championships?
      Mitch Kupchak?

      Interesting analysis

  • Ruben

    Actually, the Lakers never lost the lead. The closest the Rockets got after the start of the game was two points.

  • the ape

    ya, i’d put kobe in the top 3 instead of farmar. to make up for a whacked hand, he made the offense flow.

    my std would be either sasha or mbenga who, when on the floor just turned the ball over or fouled.

  • Paul

    DFish shouldn’t be the STD, he took the late
    game charge on Brooks to save a Rockets &1 after Phil had to put him on because Farmar and Brown were getting a lil bit out of control; they were doing their own Sasha speed dribble to TO drills!

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

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  • daboss1848

    virtual pic?

  • drive-for-16th

    Hey ‘smush walton’ to answer ur question on top, sasha costs us 5MILLION$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. AND theres more, AMMO costs us 5 MILLION $$$$$$$$ TOOO. MILLION JUST THOSE 2 Andif we didn’t want walton either thats more than 15 million, we could’ve kept Ariza brought Artest and brought another good player. But i think Kupchek learned his lesson. I hope he did. Why can’t we get good, hard working players like every other team has. DON’T EVER EVER EVER BRING SCRUBS TO THSI TEAM AGAIN MITCH, THINK ABOUT THE DECISIONS U MAKE BEFORE U MAKE THEM, U’VE MADE SOME GOOD ONES BUT U MADE SOME FUKED UP ONES TOO.