The Lakers snapped their 3 game losing streak at home Tuesday night against the Raptors. All it took was a fourth quarter comeback capped by a game winner from none other than Kobe Bryant.

After Bosh hit a three in the closing seconds, Kobe answered with a fadeaway jumper with just over a second remaining to give the Lakers a 109-107 victory.

The Lakers simply didn’t play hard in the first half, giving up 58 points to Toronto and couldn’t hit a shot from downtown ending 3 of 15.

While it was an ugly win, it was much needed. The Lakers need to get some wins with Denver creeping up on them in the standings.

The starting Laker bigs offensively did well with 39 points combined, but did a poor job on the glass as the Lakers only got 40 rebounds as a team, allowing 11 offensive boards.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe had 32, 6 and 6 with a game winner!

2) Bynum had 22 points on 8 of 12 shooting.

3) Lamar had 10, 8 and 5 off the bench. Another solid game.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Shannon shot 2 of 9 and just didn’t have it tonight.

Play of the Night: What do you think?

What to Look for Next Game: The Lakers travel to Phoenix Friday night after a few days rest. Look for a W.

Ticket Info: Next home game is a week from Friday vs. the Timberwolves. E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 for info. on how to lock these tickets up today!

Go Lakers!

  • Luke makes me Puke

    If the Lakers want to repeat they need to get their act together. They have really SUCKED the last several games including tonight’s squeeker of a win against Toronto. Everyone is playing like they are asleep on the floor. No intensity – no passion!

    Lamar put his walnut sized brain on full display tonight. Many just plain STUPID plays.

    What’s up with Artest? He is just not getting it done offensively. Even on D he is out of it.

    Shannon Brown – I’ve never seen him throw up so many BRICKS.

    Jordan – not much from him. Certainly does not look like out “point guard of the future”.

    Pau – where is that All Star that we all marveled about how consistent his all around game was? Haven’t seen him for a while now.

    Everyone says how things will change once the playoffs start – well I hope so. Unfortunately, lately the Lakers do not look like a championship level team. They need to get some momentum going into the playoffs or else forget about a repeat.

  • The Fart K

    another impressive game-winner……..
    take that jordan……u suck james!!!!

    LAKERZ RULE!!!!!!!!!

  • The Cookie Monster

    I think it is safe to say that had Kobe not taken any of the game winning shots this season, the Lakers would have 7 less in the win column.

  • Robert

    As Phil said in the post game interview, he would be happier with 12 game winners. Kobe could have had a few more as well. Let’s say that Kobe is hitting about 80-90% on game winners. Pretty good odds!
    In the meantime, because he needs to take and make game winners, it means the Lakers aren’t playing as well. They need to win by more points. Let’s go Lakers!

  • adam

    play of the night was the courtside fan who knocked the ball away from calderon

  • LGM10

    NOT a good trend or thing to see on the stats is that we were OUTREBOUNDED yet again and had almost the same points in the paint. Kobe has always emphasized rebounding but at least he wasn’t satisfied with how they played. Ron ron please work on your shot and bench guys please contribute more. U add that and hustling plays and thats all we needed to truly dominate the raptors last night. At least we got the damn win though. Keep them coming lakers…one game at a time…

  • Mr Terrific

    It took an Italian(Fiat an)to beat an Italian(Calderon)!

    • LGM10

      calderon is not italian; he is from spain. Bargnani and bellineli are italian.

  • Mr Terrific

    It took an Italian(Fiat Man)to beat an Italian(Calderon)!

  • comeflywithme

    Pau Gasoft! if the lakers had lost this game? Gasoft will open his mouth again bashing Kobe.. And to the LA(fake)fans, hate Kobe Bryant all you want, hate him for being the Greatest Laker ever!

  • rondo

    Winning games by 2 points every game is getting old. We should be blowing teams out. I don’t know why people are so happy by these results. Tight games are nerve wracking.

    • lakerman1

      Because a win is a win and right now that is all the Lakers are offering.

      • Kobe “3peat” Jordan

        That’s not the mentality of a champion. A champion is suppose to dominate, not just get by.

        • Green Flannel

          lol. that is what we are so worried about.

  • dEDGE

    It could be much, much worse, we could all be Clipper fans…


    Hands down the best closer in the game! However, we can’t keep on letting Kobe save our ass

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    I Can see either lamar or kobe having 2 get into shannon brown face about him coming down the court straight looking people off ”’ like a pitcher looks off a catcher ”’ and just guns it .It looks like everbody is going 4 self and as far pau ” don’t talk about where the ball should go if you’re not tough enough 2 board over a 6’8 small foward,stop lookinng 4 the ref and be a damm man.And phil ” snide ass remarks ” are not helping either he should know every now and then its cool if he come’s un glued and rip his team 4 not playing tough enough and deeing up but the jedi mind tricks he uses with the media is starting 2 play out and might start rubbing his players the wrong way.I would’nt mind if he lost it on farmar or even kobe 4 the most point but his little back-handed comments will stick with you more than you’re coach rippinmg you during the game that’s how i feel philo.

  • papachango

    can farmar defend anyone in the leauge?
    hes always getting torched!

  • freshasian

    cant believe im saying this but i really think kobe is more clutch then mike

  • Mr. Clutch

    The lakers bench is a disaster right now. Since the all star break they have not helped the team at all that is why the Lakers are struggling.
    Farmar is a joke.
    Luke is bitting his nails while sitting in the lakers bench
    Shannon has run out of gas.
    Sasha is mediocre
    Josh Powell is lost in the woods
    Adam is bored
    Mbenga is asleep

  • Purple & Gold Fan

    I couldn’t quite explain the feeling I had about Pau Gasol’s recent complaints and then I read the following on the LA times Lakers blog. It’s dead-on as far as I’m concerned regarding Pau’s recent comments and behavior.

    Somewhere In Time, Episode 1, Season 1
    The Moderator

    Just a few years ago, I was fighting Kobe haterolics vehemently as they made their push to the castle walls. They were hurling the fireball Suns, the resurgent Clippers, Shaq’s classless raps, and delusions of Nash, Wade, and Lebron at the troops.

    They made snide remarks about Lebron being a better team player. They spoke about Wade being a better closer. And they spoke of Nash as a bigger winner. Sometimes, they even mentioned Shaq as a better competitor. Anything to bring down the Purple and Gold banners.

    Me? I just swatted away those clowns as I called them, swatted them away like Jackie Chan in the new Karate Kid. I sat and watched. Observed from a distance. The trials and tribulations. The misses by Smush. The sever lack of athletes in Luke, Brian, and Kwame, as they were outmanned, outgunned, and outmatched in every important contest. I saw the Kobe winner in Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs against the almost-exposed Suns. I saw the loss in Game 7 and the fire that scorned Kobe shortly there after. The following season, I watched it happen again. This time, with less fight, and less flair. Yet still, ground zero.

    Then I watched the Summer of Kobe. As Lebron was in the Finals, the only thing we heard on ESPN was Kobe. It was the heart of a lion not able to get his prey that captivated the media’s attention. Not the lowest rated Finals in Finals history.

    Then I watched as we got Pau. Oh, Pau. The sweet, young, under developed 7 footer who landed at the feet of the Staples Centre and instantly transformed a team, and with it, transmuted a city.

    The games had finally begun.

    Kobe ripped the hearts out of every rival who had once hurled trash at him. Long memory. Long hit-list. It was a sight to see. One of the most amazing moments of Kobe’s season that year was after thoroughly dismantling the Suns in the regular season, just after getting Pau. Kobe was caught on camera walking back to the locker room. Beaming, but at the same time, scintillating. The words he spoke will forever resonate:

    “I ain’t goin’ to a gun fight with butter knives no more! Nah! I got guns now! I got guns now! We gon’ see what’s up!”

    It all could be attributed to Pau. His passing. His shooting stroke. His brilliance beside Kobe. His place as a major contributer in the Laker Justice League.

    After a brief let-down against Boston, we had returned to Parade’s in the summer due to our clockwork like display against Orlando. The girls were out. Cars were set ablaze. The police worked crowd control.

    L.A was L.A again.

    As with any story of great triumph, soon came the fall. Pau had repeatedly heard his name mentioned now with some of the best players in the NBA. After being stuck in the mud in Memphis, he, profoundly, did not rejoice. He simmered. He nipped and tucked and dodged questions about Kobe’s brilliance. Increasingly, he became to despise his leader’s displays of superiority as a road block to his own dominance.

    The regular season was in it’s dog days when Pay launched his attacks. Timing was in sync with his perception of reality. Kobe got injured for 5 games. And in those games, even though it was Lamar Odom with the stellar numbers and key stats, Pau was showered with the ‘Leadership’ title — and he took advantage. He launched relentless and multiple attacks on Kobe. Veiled only to the naked eye, he stated repeatedly that the team won because of “better ball movement, better teamwork, and more touches and sharing for everyone.”

    He had, through his immaturity in repeating this words like a drumbeat to the media, given headway for more attacks on Kobe Bryant — a player who had consistently referred to Pau as “my first pick” and “one of the best players in the world”.

    Clearly, the perception of maturity and class that carried Pau Gasol in the eyes of many was one of distortion. He had not lived up to his billing. Pau for reasons not understood by many, including Phil Jackson, had opened up a chasm in the Lakers chemistry that still needs to be worked on to this day.

    Ironically, the self-professed ‘team-player’, had single-handily destroyed a major part of the team fabric. The leader of the witch-hunt had become the witch himself.

    Fortunately, this is a marathon. Not a sprint. And as fascinating as this roadblock in the season maybe, the show goes on.

    Repeatedly torched by physical bigs in Cleveland, Denver, and all over the United States, Pau in his most recent outing, was torched by Chris Bosh for a game tying three in the waning seconds of the ball game.

    He walked back to the bench gingerly, being sure to not make contact with anyone on the Laker bench, in particular Phil Jackson. Kobe Bryant? Forget about it.

    The ensuing play had the crowd on it’s feet. This after all, is where all the talking and high-school gossip stops, where the psychotic masses of hate-induced Kobe posts go mute. This, is where Michael and Magic and Larry and Jerry went into the meditative states where nothing mattered. Not the cries of infidelity, the howls of racism, the scowls of anything obscene.

    This was the defining moment.

    Kobe, game over.

    Just like that.

    As the entire team surrounded Kobe with utter and unfiltered joy, Pau walked gingerly passed Kobe with feigned emotion. His confusion evident. As he stuck his hand high in the air for the renowned ‘high-five’, Kobe barely grazed his palm and kept moving.

    You can only take so much. And in moments of high-energy is when character is truly revealed.

    After the game the post-game analysis by Pau was even more baffling than his recent transfers to the other side.

    He spoke about how in the first half, where the Lakers trailed by 8, “the ball movement was good and we played more like should” – in a nutshell. He then mentioned that in the second half, where the Lakers went +10, that “we didn’t play the way we should”, quintessentially.

    With that, the lights got dimmer, the reporters had diverged on an emergent Andrew Bynum, and the coaches and players failed to mention their starting power forward as even a remote reason they won.

    Pau had made his bed.

    It was not time for him to sleep.


    Quick Analysis:

    – Pau has showed minimal class with his immature comments to the media and his wavering support for Kobe Bryant

    – Pau’s game has dropped off significantly and it is more mental than physical

    – Andrew Bynum may very well be the reason the Lakers repeat this year. His breakout game might be a great sign. Tex Winter says the “game can change on a trifle”, and this might be the game Andrew Bynum turned on his Jet Pack to fly to the front of the Lakers front line

    – Teammates have subconsciously lost their faith, and somewhat, their trust in Pau.

    Spell Check Omitted,

    The Moderator

    • Green Flannel

      lol. your story painted a picture in my mind. and you brought up the biggest chemistry concern with me. a kobe-shaq rivlry? no, a quiet, snooty, gossipy attitude towards each other. i din’t know about kobe barely high-fiving him. i just hope pau realizes what he is doing to the rest of the team.

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    the kobe gets torched nightly,and only plays hard the last minute of games..back off gasoft,douche nozzle!

    • Green Flannel


    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      you always point out kobes injury what about lepunk missing games for his minor shit..i’m tellin you!you little stupid fuck you don’t know shit!!! now stay off this site bitch! go lakers

      • 242LakerFan

        Don’t encourage his bitch ass. Just count along with me and Flannel. 134…

      • 242LakerFan

        Actually, this is 135. Keep going Mrs. Reality, a million awaits!

  • KanA

    we need a new point guard that can truly defend!

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