The Lakers finally blew out an opponent Tuesday night at Staples with another balanced scoring attack.

Th offense really came through for the Lakers as they hit over 50% of their shots including 10 pointers with lots of points off the bench. They also had 33 assists for the night and forced many turnovers to a sloppy Indiana team.

It was just a very good performance by the Lakers as they looked as good as they have in a long time.

Every Laker that played scored, except for Powell and six hit double figures. The Lakers really just hit their shots and grabbed every loose ball.

Definitely a fun game to watch!

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Artest had 11 points and 5 steals and held Granger to 9 points. AMAZING GAME BY ARTEST!

2) Gasol had another double double with 14 and 16 for the Lakers.

3) Farmar had 19 off the bench on 8 of 10 shooting.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Powell was the only scoreless Laker.

Play of the Night: Pau’s oop to Bynum early in the game.

What to Look for Next Game: The Lakers travel to Miami Thursday night. Should be a fun one for fans.

Ticket Info: Next home game is Tuesday vs. the Toronto Raptors. Tickets starting at $40. E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 for info on how to lock these tickets up today!

Go Lakers!

  • bc18


  • bc18

    DJ Mbenga Player Of The Game! Sweet fadeaway, Dacos!… lol jp. Ron Artest played awesome. Bynum finally played a game where he wasn’t timid. Needs to be this aggressive with every opposing center, even if they’re a star (Dwight Howard, etc. )

  • 09champs!

    Great game, man Ron´s D has been the best defense I´ve seen him play for 5 years.

    BTW, after the game John Ireland asked Kobe if he had seen some episodes of a show KB is gonna be in, which is a funny show. Anybody has an idea of which one might be?

  • berkyberks

    I rather want to see luke plays than ammo he always look so scared when he plays…by the way dj got more confidence than him….

  • KBloyalist

    I hope kobe will have his surgery on summer! I misses kobe! but I still have faith on him…

    • Marwan Marzina

      That really will depend on his mood. Knowing Kobe, if the playoffs end bad (I pray that it doesnt) then Kobe will see to it that he improves and improve his shot like he did after the 2008 finals loss. If he win then he would have time to kick back and do things that he usually can’t and I wouldn’t rule out surgery. But that all depends on Kobe though, whether he wants to get surgery or not is his choice, but as he saw with resting an injury, its the best thing to do.

  • Michael

    Nice postgame report, Steve Avery. It would be nice to know the score of the game though. Also another suggestion would be to put up some stats such as the box score. It would lead to better comments, arguments, etc. Thanks

  • 007

    “Th offense really came through for the Lakers as they hit over 50% of their shots including 10 pointers with lots of points off the bench.”

    Can someone tell me how they made 10 pointers? What kind of shot gives you 10 points?! Do you have to make it from the stands? Too bad no other team knows about these shots.

    • lakers4life372417

      lol. ditto.

  • lucid

    What’s a 10 pointer? I know the Lakers seemed to score in bunches but I don’t remember anyone hitting a “10 pointer”.

    • 808ty

      Yeah I laughed so hard when i read that.

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