This was a fun game to watch.

The Lakers made yet another comeback Sunday afternoon at Staples Center against the second place Nuggets.

Both teams really played well tonight. There was a lot of aggressive defense, good passing, and some incredible shots on both ends.

For a game built around two superstars, the scoring was very balanced. Neither team had a player score more than 21 points.

If you knew the Nuggets would only shoot 36% from the field and the Lakers would have 16 steals, you probably would have guessed a blowout game, but this one stayed close to the very end.

Lamar Odom really stepped up today as Gasol was getting pretty abused on the inside. Phil took out Pau briefly in the fourth to send him a message and Gasol responded with a huge rebound, a big score, and the game securing tip rebound to the backcourt.

It was a big win for the Lakers as the Nuggets are likely the team they will face in May again.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Lamar had 20 points, 12 rebounds and 4 steals. He really stepped up today.

2) Artest had 17 points, 4 boards, 4 assists, and 6 steals! He also played amazing defense on Melo. I think this is one of his best games of the year.

3) Pau really stepped up in the final 2 minutes and finished with 15 points and 14 boards.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Kobe might have had 12 assists but he shot 3 of 17 and had 5 turnovers.

Play of the Night: Fisher’s no look shot on the break that didn’t count.

What to Look for Next Game: The Lakers host Indiana Tuesday night at home. Should be a high scoring game… very high scoring.

Ticket Info: Next home game is Tuesday vs. the Pacers. Tickets starting at $40. E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 for info on how to lock these tickets up today! Go Lakers!!!

  • lakers2000

    I don’t think it was a good game to watch. The Lakers played sloppy and lazily. They have not been playing champion type basketball. I am sure they will turn this around, but this kind of play has just about given me heart attacks. It is funny how you watch a game to relax, but this has not been the case. Let’s go Lakers!!!!

  • Jim

    Now THAT’S what I’m talking about. When a team comes into a game talking trash about you and disrespecting you, you need to stand up like men and take care of business.

    Even though I would have much preferred this to be a 20 point blowout win, I can live with the fact that they came back from an 11 point deficit in the 3rd quarter and said enough was enough.

    LO was huge in this game offensively he started attacking aggresively when it was clear that Kobe was not going to come out of his funk.

    But THE MAN in this game was RON ARTEST. Now this is the maniacal S.O.B. we all thought we we’re getting as a free agent this past summer. He totally punked Carmelo.
    He aggravated and frustrated him so much that Melo ended up fouling out of the game. I loved the fact that he wiped that stupid smile off his face by the end of the game.

    I’m proud of our guys, it would have been really difficult to sit through another loss at the hands of those arrogant, self consumed, trash talking clowns. Way to apply the smack down in a huge statement game.

    • pauer

      Loved Ron’s game but I just wanted to mention that the last call of an offensive foul on Melo should’ve have been called. I think that kind of thing should be let go in the last few minutes.

  • ilikebasketball

    hats off to jaime. putting kobe in the smush when he deserves it.
    even though his assists where very much needed and helped us win the game.

    if ron artest plays like this from now on, the pick up was a genius move.

    hopefully he can do this at least in the post season too, this is the ronn we wanted to see!!!

  • lakeb

    kobe does not deserve the smush. he had a double double. yea he had an off game shooting wise, but whatever

    • lilkobe24

      his field goal and turnovers shadows the double doublee YOUR IN DENIAL

      • THAT guy

        I agree with all you say except your spelling of the word “you’re”

  • likwidsage

    Geez, Kobe doesn’t score well, but does just about everything else good, and he gets smush of the day…I agree that Kobe played really bad, but even then, he’s the reason everyone else scored so easily. Gasol wouldn’t get his layups/dunks, Artest would never be open, and the defense wouldn’t even take a gamble on any other player. I mean come on, the guy sits out for like 1 minute and denvers practically erases a 8 point lead. Dunno if you realized this, but the only time we actually started building the lead was when we played through Kobe. No one else was able to be center of the system. He also played some crazy defense.

    Props to Gasol for coming back in with attitude, and Artest for shutting down Melo. If there was going to be a smush of the day, it should have been shannon brown for not doing anything at all with his play time, including on the defensive side.

  • 007

    Play of the Night: Fisher’s no look shot on the break that didn’t count.

    Did i miss something or did someone forget about to update this part of the article? Hello?!? This was the “Play of the Night” for some other game. I didn’t watch the entire game, did this even happen?? LOL at the editing job on this site if not

    • 808ty

      yea, im pretty sure the no look shot was against philly or something when they tied him up and he just threw it up. I watched the whole game and maybe i blinked for a sec but i didn’t see the same thing today.

    • 007

      Fisher had a nice 3 to get the game within 1 but I say Fish was the smush of the day, not kobe. i think we’re all thankful that he picked up 2 quick fouls in the opening minutes of the 1st qtr so that Shannon had to sub in. i say start farmar PUHLEASE


        Anyone else notice how bad Fisher’s lay ups have been. Since last year he has missed easy two point baskets. I guess it just might be out of his range.

  • L.A

    Smush of The Day was Shannon Brown, no doubt about that. I liked his play before when he used to come in with energy and play smart. But now days when his minutes have increased the quality of his play has decreased. He plays poor defense and makes bad choices in offense. Don’t know why P.J. has so much patience with.

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    we showed we could win,playing a different type of type of game.with kobe not making plays like usual,now 13 assists.that’s the best of both world’s.i know we were wondering how he would fit in with the new team type play.he can trust the team and they know it,but i’m sure we will see the real kobe an a great lakers team before we are done this year. and from the previous losses to this team i’m sure we’ve learned all about them as we have from the cav’s.i think we will be very ready to make our! lamar! is kickin ass!an i’m finding myself trusting famar way more all the time!artest is look’s good so far!i think we’ll be alright!! go lakers!!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Kobe had an off game, but, luckily he didn’t force anything. I’m glad he was surveying the court and setting the table for his teammates.

    Artest played amazing. This is exactly what we needed him for. He did it against Pierce and now Melo. He will be key for us in the post-season.

    • LakerMarc

      Kobe has had nothing but off games and he keeps saying he’s fine and 100%. LIAR!!!!!!

      • Lakers 24 7

        lol he’s probably recovered from most of his injuries, but that finger is probably still bothering him. You know Kobe, he never shows any sign of weakness.

        • hello world

          except his stats

      • pauer

        Had a great game against Memphis

  • lakers3peat

    yeah the derek fisher play happened agaisnt dallas. i guess they forgot to update it


    lmao kobe sure knows how to fuck up his FG %.. anyways best lakers game i seen from ron artest..his defense is so damm SICK!

  • LakerMarc

    I loved this!!!! I hate the Denver Thuggets.





    • THAT guy

      that’s what she said

  • Varick Hudson

    Kobe has repeatedly stated that he is only about 80-85% healthy. Even so, he still commandeers this team to a win against the number one team challenging the Lakers for the Western Conference Championship. I for one greatly appreciate a Kobe Bryant at 80-85% which is his statement about his injuries healing and the state of his physical health right now, propelling the team to continued wins than no Kobe on the floor at all.

  • Pac Div

    Yo the pic on this report is funny as fuk! Fukin J.R. tryin to flop like a little b!tch, fuk dat dude, dude didn’t do sh!t. Great win by the Lake Show, L.O is fukin unstoppable dude must of ate some good candy! Fukin Ron, dude was gettin in Melo’s head! Go Lakers! Fuk Lebron! Fuk Melo! Fuk Durant! Fuk D.Will! Fuk Dirk! Lakers play D like they did in the 2nd half, the mutha fukin ship is stayin put in L.A.!

  • Kobe8/24

    Great game by Odom and Artest. I’m not worried about Kobe struggling coz I know that when it comes to the games that matter (post-season) he will turn it up a notch.

    • Marwan Marzina

      Its his finger. Before injury he was shooting a career high 45%. Thats shooting, not driving. After injury, he has been shooting around 33%.

      • hello world

        he needs to take it easy on his finger for the playoffs.

  • expo

    WTF…. Pau as a top 3 performer!!! Phil had to sit his punk as down the stretch in order to send him a message!!! I’d give it to JP before Pau!!

  • WifelovesLuke

    Artest told Jackson he didn’t want help with Anthony. He didn’t need it. “Remarkable,” was how Jackson chose to describe Artest’s defense.”
    When I read this quote from Phil Jackson, my first thought was Nike should add another puppet to the Kobe / Lebron / lil Dez trio. Artest’s puppet walks into a room and Kobe turns around and says “What’s up Remarkable?” Artest turns back to the Kobe puppet and says “Just locked down another superstar. How about you Unstoppable?”. The deadly duo of Unstoppable and Remarkable….to be continued!

    • KBGOAT

      LOL..second that!

  • Ruin818

    Really…….”Pau really stepped up in the final 2 minutes” is that all it takes to have a “good game”.. He is an amazing player but he is soft… Im glad Jackson took him out in the 4th to send him that message… maybe that will give him that wake up call, but it also sucks that Bynum didnt use that time to insert himself in the game and make a statement that he should also be out there.. he is softer than Gasol and expects that players will be intimidated and respect him by his “potential” and the muscle he has put on alone…. I hope he realizes soon that it doesnt work like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!