90040708NG025_MAVS_LAKERSSomewhere in Los Angeles Mark Cuban is laughing and saying, “I told you so,” and for one night only, I am going to have to agree with him. The Lakers played the worst game I’ve seen them play since they walked off the court in Boston late June 2008 – I thought it was that pitiful.

The Lakers went from playing lackluster in the first half to playing like a girls JV highschool basketball team the rest of the game. They came out of halftime turning the ball over, playing out of the offense, not making the proper rotations on defense and ultimately lettings the refs get them rattled. Before you knew it, the 7 point Mavericks half time lead was now 16 and they were never able to recover.

Other than Kobe, no Laker scored more than 15 points tonight, as a team, they shot only 40% from the field, had as many turnovers as assists and our bench got outscored by an embarrassing 41 to 28. All a recipe for a loss.

Something positive to take from this game would be the play of Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar. While much of the team was still in celebrating mode, Brown and Farmar played great and kept the team treading water in the second quarter by making big shots and getting back on defense

Why Phil chose to stick with Sasha over Brown in the second half for so long is something I’m trying to figure out.

Player of the Game: Shannon Brown played phenomenal tonight. He was the only one who played like it meant something. He ended the night with 12 points on 5 of 7 shooting, 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals.

Play of the Game: There are no rules in this post-game article, so I’m choosing 2 POTG’s: Kobe to Lamar to Bynum for the dunk in the 1st quarter (easily the play of the season by the Lakers), and Shannon’s ridiculous put back dunk early in the 4th quarter (do I need to give you a reason?).

What’s Up Next: The Lakers host the improved Atlanta Hawks on Sunday. The Hawks are 2-0 and haven’t been light on their opponents. The Lakers can’t treat this as a easy game.

  • Batz

    The Lakers played the worst game I’ve seen them play since they walked off the court in Boston late June 2008 – I thought it was that pitiful.

    So true… I had somewhat the same reaction aswell.

    • dawg

      TLN legend dawg gives this comment a thumbs up.


  • lakerfan4real4ever

    Let’s not make too much out of it…awful team performance but it’s just the second game,a lot of room for improvement…The call on Odom and later on Artest just got us out of the game,we showed so much raw emotion that didn’t translate in smart decisions with the ball.Also,I think it’s too early in the season for Kobe “the Preacher” to start pushing his teammates like that,that could wear out really quick,save it for later,when it really matters Kobe,against the Mavs,not so much…Jeez,Mark Cuban celebrates like his team just won a championship,I feel bad for him…lol…the highlight of the night: “Cannon” Brown’s dunk WOOOOW!! talking about vertical leap,that was just insane,this kid is gonna be so good,I can see in the air…Anyway,maybe we can now quit that nonsense talk about our Lakers breaking the Bulls record,is not gonna happen and it shouldn’t be our goal…Kobe said it right…

    • ilikebasketball

      every game matters.

  • Sean All Ivy

    Flat out embarrassing, Phil better get their heads right.

  • lakers0828

    Like I said they Need to get Pau back soon cause if this turns out to be a serious Issue the lakers arnt going to repeat I can garentee that

  • kob24

    emberrasing as fuck, humiliation, phil said we shuld give the fans their money back. sooo true, forget the bulls record our team is no way near their talent and focus, the douches we have lose focus right away, we have on of the shittiest benches in the nba. lets atleast try to win the ring forget the records.

  • 09champs!

    hahah ok.. this game was awful, period.
    but some of you “fans” just react to the fact that we got our butts kicked in the second game, i just dont see why 6 hours ago all of us thought this lakers team was ready to compete for the bulls record, and now all of a sudden we suck? C’mon, its one game and the refs really messed up the lakers try for a comeback but you guys know exactly what we have here in LA and the great chance to see one of the greatest teams in history. So dont let one game make you think otherwise.. we will repeat :) Go lakers…

  • pauu

    Sorry not beating the record, and they dont need to win a championship.

    All that talk of beating the Bull’s just adds pressure that leads to a loss like that.

  • Lakersfannotjustkobefan

    O NOOOO we need to trade Bynum and Lamar and Luke, and Phil is such a bad coach!!!!! Lakers suck and where all going to die in 2012!!! Just STFU and Give me a break, cuz its one game.

  • Please Leave LA Lamar

    someone made a lot of money in vegas tonight!!! the free throw disperacy was ridiculous. still think the lakers would have loss that game but not like that. the league should be embarrased tonight allowing that official crew to get away with that. Farmar played a great game? 2-8 with 1 assist is great? well maybe for him that was great but by league standards he sucked like he usually does. get rid of the 3 white boys luke,sasha, and farmar are dead weight…

    • SliqRiq

      Outside of your name……Excellent said and I couldnt agree with you more!!!!

  • lakaluva

    The author must be blind. Farmar was the worst of all Lakers, and at this point he’s the most overrated, by far. You all can continue with the Farmar/Walton man love, but Boston is going to tear this team a new azz when they meet if we don’t do something about that weak bench

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    way to be a leader kobe,he`s way better than jordan…..NOT LAST NIGHT.

    • Fakers

      Another moron who is obsessed with kobe…
      He aint better than JORDAN….stop comparing!
      He still needs to grow up….did not see or won’t see a leadership in him. Some respect him and consider one of great players. HOWEVER, they don’t respect him like they respect players like Magic, Bird, JORDAN. You ignorant moron, stop it please!!!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

    Post-Ring Ceremony Letdown Big-Time!

    They avoided it in Game 1, but their heads were definitely elsewhere in Game 2.

    Think of it as a wake-up call and a positive thing to get so soundly trounced this early in the season. It will help the team realize that they are now double-targetted by opposing teams.

    The return of Pau will help steady the offense and it will allow Andrew to come off the bench to steady the offense.

    Relax, everyone. It’s early.

  • lainok

    I would rather this happen in early November than late April. Kobe has one bad game a year, he got it out of the way. There was no Pau, which messes up the chemistry from the get go. And I am tired of giving Vujabrick chances. He does not have the mentality to stick with this team. He is a liability, and showed it again last night. Please just put him in street clothes and let brown work for you!

  • willmo

    Guys it’s one game. they are desperate for Gasol to come back, he is the anchor when the offense is struggling. LO I guess had a sugar crash at about 7:25p.m. last night and was nowhere to be found. Ron Ron let the refs get to him and that threw him off.
    I will say that Jordan Farmar is officially the worst player on this team, don’t what game the writer of this was watching or if he is a fellow UCLA alum but farmar only created turnovers and as usual when the team was showing sign of life, he starts jacking up 3’s and playing like a wannabe Pistol Pete passing the ball to the wrong team. Play Shannon more, get Bynum the ball and I hope and pray that Pau is back on sunday. The refs last night were as bad as it gets, don’t know what the difference is between the subs and real refs.

  • Shane

    I think it’s a good thing the Lakers lost last night.

    There have been too many wondering aloud if we’ll break the record for victories this season, not to mention whether we’ll go undefeated for our first 21 games. This kind of talk is amusing, but the Lakers need better inspiration than that. Pride will drive them, not accolades. Now that we know we can get our asses handed to us by the likes of Dallas, expect the Lakers to come back down to earth and work that much harder to avoid such embarrassments.

    Hopefully they’ll trade Farmar soon so we can settle into Brown being Fisher’s back up – Brown deserves to be on the court.

    BTW – the performance of the referees last night is a reminder of why so many fans don’t watch their Lakers until the playoffs – truly abysmal. Bring back the scabs – at least we know they give a damn.

  • ustxpyr

    The game was just terrible, the team was flat, and showed no energy or hunger to repeat. Ron has no clue on how the triangle works and is trying too hard to make a play instead of letting the game come to him. His successful addition to this team is going to hinge on Phill's ability to get Ron to accept instead of a star. Hope Phill can get this team together quick cause Boston is looking sharp out of the box.
    On another note, What is going on with Kobe? His defence is tighter but his offence seems to be a step slow, his jump shot is off or just short, and he doesn't seem to have as much lift (vertical) when he does make his move to the basket.

  • thr33peat

    Shannon Brown had a good game, but I don't know what you're thinking saying that Jordan Farmar “played great” and “kept the team in treading water.” He constantly turned the ball over, he only had one assist, and he was 2-8 from the field. Farmar was terribleee

  • showtimelakes

    I know it is only one loss but honestly, can someone please talk to Sasha and Farmar. Also, why does Farmar shoot so many 3’s? His minutes should be given to Brown. I don’t like Phil’s rotation. We should start Luke and bring Lamar off the bench.

  • Robert

    Phil had this ‘astonished’ look all game long. But I do know that Phil’s philosophy is that many things can be gained from a loss. From a loss, and a good one like this, you can learn what you need to adjust, in order to tighten up.
    Imagine if the Lakers went much of the season coasting, and then came into the playoffs without knowing how to really bring it together.
    The other thing it does, is allow Phil to work with lineups – he sees, in real time, what works well and what doesn’t. It is actually good this happens early on. One good note is that the Lakers did finally play with intensity, and were able to cut into the point deficit. They can play that kind of ball if they want, but it does wear them out sooner. Kobe’s ring was more important last year, and it seems as though he isn’t as serious this year – but look for that to change. It is better to lose this game, than any game to the big 3 of the East.

  • l.alakeshow

    that was defenetly one of the worst performances we’ve had at home combining all last year…and was wrong with phil jackson not playing bynum all fourth quarter jeezz….he let powell take his minutes…and please let shannon get more minutes….u could tell he worked on his ball handling and getting his shot off….and is working…

  • The Closer

    I would rather the Laker lose during the regular season than during the playoff. At least we get to work on it and play better when it matters most. Just look at what happened to the Cavs last year.

  • JohnJohn

    Big Wow, we lost a game without our #2 guy Pau. Dallas and Mark Cuban can now go and hang a banner at their Arena for beating the Lakers in 09.

  • kob24

    The game was sooo rigged, every call was for dallas, did yall see mark cubans face like he won a championship, but we can’t lose to those fags at all now, that’ll just motivate them, we need to kick them while they are down and we didn’t last night. Trade farmar and vujacic by dead line and what the hell is wrong with Kobe, he looked fatigued last night, hes always passin up the ball and when he did get it, it looked as he was tryin too hard. But lets hope we get a win tomorrow against ATL, those guys r realy good right now we can’t afford to sleep on them.

  • lakersgirl24

    first of all we dont have gasol
    second whats wrong with a girls jv basketball team you fuck
    fuck you asshole

    • SHeShe


  • lakerbunny



  • LakersRTheBest… Just not last night…

    Farmar had a good game? I was screaming at him through my TV all night. I don’t know what game you were watching…

  • shannon4mvp

    farmar suked yall, lets not get down on our selves now i was pissed when they lost, we the lead came down to 12 i was like yes we can still win but fukin refs man. they fuked up the whole momentum of the game, like that steal by artest and then they call a foul on him and a tech, i was soo pissed at the refs. But we need to forget this game its in the past now and we need to win tomorrow yall its a big game.

  • ilikebasketball

    Artest scared me a bit in this game. He looked completely lost and out of control. It made me forget what he does as a player besides rebound. I know i’m being hasty, but it just worried me a bit. Other than that, Lamar played amazing. Kobe was off. Doo Doo Brown was amazing.
    i don’t like to be that guy who blames refs but some of those calls were such momentum shifters. We couldn’t get into a rhythem let alone some kind of offense.
    and Farmar looks real bad.

  • ilikebasketball

    Also, it seems like the league, like espn, is in bed with boston again. Why is it Joachim Noah gets a T for slapping at the ball after the whistle is blown, but Garnett can block a shot or swipe the ball away after the whistle is blown because “he is such a winner he doesn’t wanna ever see the oppositions ball go in the net” and never get called for a T.

    I really hope the motivation for this team is still there this season. and i really hope artest finds his spot in this team and learns the triangle.

  • shannon4mvp

    “That’s one of the longest nights we’ve had here in this building,” said Phil Jackson. “Every time we got momentum, somehow or other we shot ourselves in our own foot.”