What can you really say? It’s Kobe’s world and the rest of the NBA should be miserably by it.

The Lakers reign in 2010 in dramatic fashion as they defeat the Kings 109-108 on yet another game winning shot by Michael Jordan, errr… I mean, Kobe Bean Bryant. *ahem*

This wasn’t the prettiest of games. The Lakers came out like they were still hung over from last night, and found themselves in a 20 point hole at some point in the first half.

With Ron still out, they continued to play sloppy defense — not getting back on transition, not making the proper rotations on defense, resulting in the Kings to score over 100 points on over 50% for the game, including a 36 point output in  the second quarter.

Offensively the Lakers weren’t much better. They shot well below low 30% the entire first half. Our bench troubles also continue as we were only able to get 11 points out of them tonight.

To add to the offensive mess, Derek Fisher had his worst game of the season scoring only 6 points on 1-10 shooting. Thankfully, we have guys on our team like Kobe, Pau, and Lamar who can turn any ugly game into a W.

Pau was relentless down on the block contributing 17 points and 16 boards. Lamar had one of his best games of the season with 20 points and 10 rebounds. And Kobe was, well, Kobe and led us to victory with his 39 points on the night, including yet another game winner.

Player of the Game: Kobe poured in 39 points, including 5 of 7 beyond the arc, he added 5 boards, 5 assists, a steal and, of course the game winner.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s game winning 3.

What’s Up Next: The Dallas Mavericks roll into town Sunday. I expect us to play much better against them than we did than we did back in October.

  • LAtimes

    very interesting second half. it almost looks as if the lakers are toying with their opponents now and getting down on purpose to not get “bored”. Hopefully dallas on sunday will be different and they get off to a better start. We’ve missed ron the past couple of games, hopefully when he comes back so will our d.


  • 09champs!

    Man what was that! Did he really make another one? The guy is the best to ever step on a basketball court. C´mon man, its not even fair…. A lot of people say they are not surprised anymore, I disagree, I mean, Pau´s pass wasnt a good one and he still knocked it down with about 1 inch away from stepping out of bounds and 0.1 from not getting it off.
    I´m surprised and I am amazed; I just saw a title on ESPN that Lebron was better than Kobe.. really? Lebron has hit 1 buzzer beater in his 6 or 7 year carrer, KB has 3 in the first 30 games of this season.. WOW GOAT definately.


      Kobe is great, but Thinking people know who was the GOAT.

  • the ape

    the lakers should get their defensive act together. it’s not just missing artest, but bynum does not rotate well – he’s still missing the point.

    i’m pretty confident though that their poor play is just part of the ups and downs of a season and they’ll get it together soon enough

  • bernzter

    Again the Mamba strikes and leaves the opponents out, COLD!!!

    Time and time again we need his help whenever we get ourselves in a clinch, and he has always come through. I really enjoyed the 2nd half of the game. It had all the makings of a Hollywood movie (ah duh, we are in LA here!!!).

    Too bad that the inconsistency of some of our players make it so that we have to comment on how we could have played better, but that’s life… Sometimes you are up sometimes you are down. I just hope that the rest of the guys get their act back together and follow the lead of Kobe and Pau.

    Great start to the year (at the end of the game) and hopefully we can use this as a springboard to show the rest of the teams out there that we are no flash in the pan like some other teams in the league but a serious stakeholder to the domination of the NBA.

    Remember this everyone, we can only get better…

    2 cents shared, now Bernzter out…

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    Team defense needs major work. Kobe does it again! Wowza!

  • http://LakersNation KB24 Fan for Life

    I can assure you, that shot was not a Hollywood effect, it was a Kobe effect.

  • Particle Man

    In the last few minutes I thought to myself, “That would be pretty fun to see Kobe get another game winner.” And then he did it again. Nobody else in this league is even close to Kobe. He does things regularly that seem like no big deal that seem like miracles when other people do them. His turnaround fade away, a left handed shot through traffic, shots with the game on the line… they’re practically like layups to him. If anyone else did the things he does, they’d win MVP. But people are just so used to what he does that people overlook just how incredible he is. Lebron is a great player, but there is no comparison.

  • Smush Walton

    Fisher has really SUCKED lately. His outside shot is off and his shots in the paint are a PATHETIC JOKE. When he is in the paint he CONSTANTLY flails his arms and fakes being bumped begging for a foul. It looks like he has no intention of making a shot in there and only wants to flop and cry for a foul. And when he starts with his goofy smiling and laughing a the refs he looks like an idiot. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. He has to be the worst guard in the paint. With his 6 inch leap he can’t make a contested layup if his life depended on it.

    We have an urgent need to get a quality point guard as it is clear that Fartmore, Sasha and Shannon can not fill that role. Then Fisher could be moved to the second unit – maybe provide them some leadership. Oh and on defense Udrih was running circles around Fisher as well. Very poor performance!

    • KB24

      You just realized that or what? It’s been going on for more than 5 years now NUB. You just got smushed. That’s embarrassing.

      • Smush Walton

        No I’ve noticed it all along pal.

        We have a lot of rubbish to start getting rid of.

        • Smush Walton

          I should say CONTINUE GETTING RID OF.
          Kwame, Smush Parker, Brian Cook, Chris Mihm, Vlad Rad, Deaven George, Slava, Brian Grant, Coby Karl, Ira Newble, who else am I missing? Just getting rid of each of these Bozos was a BONUS and the same will be true with Luke, Fartmore, and Sasha.

          (Personally I would have liked us to keep Trevor Ariza (especially over Luke), Ronny (he always gave 100% effort which clearly not everyone does today) and Caron Butler (over Ladunce Odumb).

          • BigSAL

            Luke will help our bench and you are Dumb if you wanted to keep Ariza over Artest. Have you seen our defense lately?

          • Smush Walton

            No one said anything about keeping Ariza over Artest. You are DUMB if you would have kept Luke over Ariza! That was the POINT.

          • BigSAL

            Idiot no one wanted to keep Luke over Ariza except Luke’s mother. Nah you just look like a bitch here wanting to keep Ariza over Artest. lmao

  • 09champs!

    Didnt you see Fish’s offensive rebound? It was crazy, he got above the rim.

    • http://LakersNation DFISH for PREZ

      I know, hes crazy. Although he was bad on offense, he made up for it on defense. Its like Shannon Brown possessed DFish on that rebound. WB Kobe jumping over that Kings player for the loose ball, I thought it was Shannon cause of the hops and thankfully, he didnt get hurt.

    • Smush Walton

      Well the coach wasn’t all that impressed as he sat him most of the game. Unfortunately there was not much quality to put in in his place.

  • Eddie

    unbelievable. I was sitting on my couch this morning (Taiwan time) and watching the first half. I was like: o fk, we are really screwed”, same thought when we had like 4 point something seconds left. But then Kobe hits it, i couldn’t even process the fact fast enough, too shocked from the miracle. All i can say is LAKERS POWN! and happy new year to you all.

  • FT87

    What an amazing shot! KB24 doing it again!

    But am I the only one worried that we’re playing this bad?? our defense is horrible, offense is ok (thanks to kobe), and our bench is dried up and can’t buy a shot to save their life…I know it’s early and the season has ups and downs but hopefully we snap out of it soon.

    Every matchup that I had circled on the calendar for the LAkers this year has been a loss…next up is Dallas and the chance to get some revenge from the whooping they gave us at the beginning of the year, this is another test, hopefully we don’t FAIL it again!

  • Rober

    We can’t win every game like this. The Lakers are just out of sync. I don’t want to think that the league is actually getting better, and more competitive for the Lakers. I would rather like to think that the Cavs and Suns are just playing well now, and the Lakers aren’t, but will pick up things later.
    Unless everyone is healthy, it’s not necessary (or even good) to try to dominate. That’s what the Celdicks did last year, and fell short. KG got injured, and they were out of the playoffs. We don’t want that to happen with the Lakers.
    In the meantime, it did look as though the defense was flat. Several times, I would see our bigs standing around the post, watching the Kings dunk or get an easy layup,like they were watching it on film. I don’t understand this. What happened to basic defense? Everyone knows the Lakers’ weakness now – pic and roll. The Suns do it best and that’s why they won. The new rules protect the guards more, and the smaller ones can get to the basket and ‘blow’ past our ‘bigger’ guys. Our team is built to play bigs, like the Cavs (allegedly) and the Celdicks. The smaller teams are actually more trouble.
    Anyway, Phil and Kup better work this one out. I think we’re ‘one’ speedy guard away from a guaranteed championship. And we need Ron-Ron back. Get well Ron-Ron (not being selfish – a concussion can be a life long problem – look at the NFL players, who get concussions from ‘playing’).

  • Laker4 Life

    I am not worried that the Lakers are in a slump right now. First of all they got Kobe, who is the best clutch player in the game. It is early in the season so Lakers Fans should not be worried. When Ron Artest is back in the lineup Lakers will have their d back.
    Go Lakers!

  • Robert

    If LeSkunk had done it, it would be the talk of the town. If you look closely, this must have been the ‘closest’ win in NBA history. The ball ‘just left’ Kobe’s hand even less than 0.1 second before it got off. That’s as close as one can possibly get to a shot. This actually should be a ‘historical’ shot. Again, if LeFake made it, it would be in the list of top ten last second buzzer beaters of all time.
    Phil has seen MJ, Kobe, and LePuff. He compared this shot with ones that MJ would make. Case should be closed.

    • 09champs!

      Loved the Lesunk, LeFake and Lepuff nicknames ahahah
      But yeah, the shot would be all over ESPN had LeBrick made it.

  • The Mamba24

    Bynum to the bench and start Lamar at the PF position. That will open up the court a little bit more and there will be a mismatch somewhere EVERY TIME on the court.

  • Robert

    Mamba24 … that works! The Lakers can take advantage of it’s mismatch capabilities this way. I think they’re realizing this. Having Bynum starting only works decent when the other team has several bigs starting. Then the twin towers rule (or should, in principle). Your suggestion is best for most teams.

  • gugy

    While is great we have a guy like Kobe that can turn a game around, I just wish we should not be in this position in the first place.
    The WHOLE team needs to step up defensively specially and put the hammer down on team that are young, weak and on the .500 margin.
    Kings are a talented team, but the Lakers should have take care of business on a much different fashion.
    I hope tomorrow against the Mavs we can put a great game and play well. I really not looking for another last sec heroic Kobe shot to save our asses once again.

    Come Lakers, let’s play ball!

  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard

    its a good thing he MISSED THOSE TWO FREE THROWS,sets up the hero shot.he does that alot.


    “It’s Kobe’s world and the rest of the NBA should be miserably by it.”

    i’m sorry but this grammar is terrible. I’ve tried reading this line over and over and I still can’t make sense of it.

  • touching_myself

    Man, I missed the entire game because I was out celebrating my dad’s birthday on New Year’s Evening. When I got back to the hotel room and flipped on ESPN, I saw Kobe with his hands raised and immediately I thought that they were doing a recap of the previous game against the Queens.

    But then it hit me…”wait a minute, we’re on our home floor this time and I then thought… again? Really? He hit another game winner at the buzzer?” And sure enough, watching the highlights confirmed it! His dude is a baaaaaaaaadddddd boy! It’s just sick how amazingly poised he is at the end. While everyone is at the edge of their seats, he’s just calmly going about his business. Fcuking amazing!

    Hey, all you LeHype fans out there… the difference is this. When LeBrick hits a game winner, he’s jumping all up and down and is just so excitable. Contrast that with the ice in his veins Mamba, all he does is raise his hands in the air to show his dominance! This is just all routine for him. If you look at the Queens bench, they all looked as if they knew that ball was going in as soon as the ball left Kobe’s hands. Look at the replay and you’ll all see that those fools were dejected and heading towards the locker room as soon as he took the shot!

    GO GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • issac

    This was poorly written…

  • papa

    Trade= bynum , farmar , powell , sasha
    bench= fisher

    • GasolMVP

      Papa that is poo poo.

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