90041154NG045_HEAT_LAKERSThe bank was open late Friday night, and Kobe took full advantage of it as he robbed the Heat of a win in Los Angeles.

Kobe capped off a spectacular night with a game winning buzzer beating three pointer as time expired in the fourth at Staples Center.

While everyone expected the Lakers to win this game easily, the Heat showed up ready to play. The Lakers didn’t necessary play poorly, but the Heat fought to the end, hitting big shots and contesting many Laker outside jumpers.

This game had a playoff feeling as two of the NBA elite went head to head for most of the game. The game also got testy when Odom and O’Neal got into a feud in the middle of the fourth quarter.

It was a really clean game as there were only 19 turnovers combined (only 7 by L.A.), but it was the Lakers poor shooting that kept it close. The Lakers did attack the offensive glass however, with 18 boards leading to crucial second chance points. In the end, it wasn’t pretty, but the Lakers found a way to steal this one at home in front of the Staples faithful who stayed until the end to see another Kobe dagger.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) I wonder who… maybe Kobe? If his 33 points, 7 boards and 3 steals weren’t enough, maybe that last second bank shot?

2) Bynum again was a force inside. 19 points and 8 boards for the big man.

3) Pau had 22, 8 and 4 tonight for the Lakers. He played quietly consistent all night.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Artest played some great D tonight, but he took some terrible fadeway shots. He needs to improve the shot selection.

Play of the Night: Kobe’s game winner, me thinks…

What to Look for Next Game: Suns come back to Staples Sunday night.

Ticket Info: Next home game is vs. the Suns. E-Mail me at  steve@averytickets.com or call 213-221-7681 for info on how to lock these tickets up today!

Go Lakers!

  • bc18

    1st. KOBE!!!

  • mr.laker19

    I love that man, I will shed tears when he retire. Best to ever do it…. period

    • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

      You bitch came b4 me by a split second!

  • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

    1st. To 2nd KOBE!!!

  • http://lakersground.net lakers4life2417

    1st to mention play better defense!

    3rd to say KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    I loved this game. Although it scared me and got me thinking “Oh crap, first the Blazers, now us, how the hell can we lose to Miami… AT HOME!” Then DFish hit the 3 I was yelling and I was saying to myself, DWADE, miss AT LEAST 1 free throw, when he did, I knew that Lakers had a chance. When Kobe got it and slipped I was like “Hes going for the 3″ and when it left his hands, it looked good, and when it went in I was frozen for like a fraction of a second til I got up and watched Kobe get surrounded by his teammates. Truly a magnificent scene.

    But…. I dont like these type of games where its decided by one shot, I would rather have boring games for the rest of the season (with Lakers winning of course) and as long as we win the championship, I dont care how we win.

    One thing that is overlooked is Fisher’s 3. If it wasnt for him, Kobe couldnt have won the game cause DFish’s 3 got us back in it. He deserves alot of credit too.

    Kobe for MVP, Ring Number 5, and Finals MVP.

    • http://lakersground.net lakers4life2417

      2nd. dSwish!!!!

    • SupaUglyfromthePI

      Yep! Couldn’t have done it without D-Swish definitely!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Best Laker game this season.. Mamba!

    Good job to Fish for being clutch too.. as always. Lake Show baby!

  • Drobot

    Went to the game, stayed till the end, lost my voice. I freakin lost it for a few minutes there.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    You know what Kobe and Fisher should do. They should stay home and at the end of the games, like 5 minutes left, they should call Phil and ask “Hey coach do you need me?”

    These 2 guys are CLUTCH. Its amazing how Lakers have the most clutch players in history.

    Kobe Bryant
    Derek Fisher
    Robert Horry
    Jerry West
    Magic Johnson
    Kareem Abdul Jabbar

    Where are y’all bad mouthing Fisher and saying “Im tired of his old ass, hes useless to us, he should retire, bench him Phil”. Just like Game 4, he shut you hates up. I love Fisher (no homo) cause the guy has a massive heart, and you should too, hes a great guy, he doesnt have much years left in him so enjoy what he has to offer til then, whether its miss a shot or make a clutch shot like today.

    • Sean All Ivy

      big game james should be ther too!

    • Robert

      Agreed about Fish. When he made that 3 pointer, I knew we had a great chance to win. We seem to always win when he makes that 3 pointer. This is what Fish is for, and why he’s with the Lakers. How many 3s has he put up, that not only have been game changers, but have been ‘series’ changers, or “championship” changers? This is HOF type stuff.
      Also note – Fish is playing better than last year, at the same time. He was pretty dry last year, until about mid March, or even the playoffs. This is a ‘great’ sign.
      Every piece of the Lakers puzzle is important, and Fish is one of the most important. Also, he’s the only Laker that that weenie Sports Guy actually likes (he’s just a Kobe hater, but who cares). Fish is a class act, and a great competitor. And once again, he set up Kobe for a clutch win! We are lucky in LN to have these champion players.

  • Michael Perez

    Players of the game
    1/ Kobe
    2/ Fisher
    3/ Pau

    DFish is the team’s soul. don’t you forget it. i hope he gets his jersey retired later on. he truly deserves it. if anyone has the heart of a champion, Fisher is it.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      I want DFish to get his jersey retired and also enter the Hall Of Fame. I really hope he is inducted into the Hall Of Fame cause I will be very happy and will proudly say “I watched him turn into the Hall Of Famer he is today” and I will reflect on the big shots hes hit in his career.

      • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377


      • kobe-wan kenobi

        jersey retired?
        HOF – no way

  • wasatthegame

    Really think Lamar Odom should’ve shared Smush of the Day. 4 points, 4 boards? 2 T’s? I understand he was frustrated, but his performance wasn’t exactly the greatest tonight. But I agree Ron didn’t do too hot either.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      Dont forget that Ron’s whole purpose on the team is the defense. The Lakers signed him for his defense as the first option and his offense the second. They werent looking for the offense in him, so he really played well today cause his D was great.



  • Walnut Odumb

    Once again Lamar put that walnut sized brain of his on display for all to see. Is there a dumber player on the Lakers? He is right up there with the dumbest players in the league.

    • Sean All Ivy

      I would be upset at Odom if he didn’t react that way. He plays for the world champion Lakers. J. O’Neal deserved much worse than what LO gave him. Hoes better recognize who they F with.

    • Gino

      screw jerm o’neal. he got what was coming to him. wth was he thinking? yeah that came at the wrong time, but screw that. sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. like that fisher cross-check to scola last year. gotta let teams know that we’re not gonna put up with dumb BS like that on our home court.

    • Robert

      Actually, LO contributed a lot this game! He’s usually soft spoken, and defers to others. This is the first time I’ve seen him act tough. His NY roots are showing, which is great! Maybe he’s manning up in front of his wife, which is a really good thing.
      Trust me, this was a turning point for LO. The Lakers are NOW getting tougher, and I know that’s because of Artest. This will help them in the Finals against the Celdicks. LO won’t be pushed around. Artest will shut down PeePee (Pierce). This is a GOOD sign. LO with 2 T’s?!?!? when on earth did we ever think that would happen!

      The Lakers have arrived!!!!

      • SupaUglyfromthePI

        Co-sign! Gotta let your emotions get the better of you once in a while!

    • atomicpunk

      for a second there I thought Pau was seriously hurt by Odoms swipe of the ball. The way Pau went down I was like NO!!! Odom strikes again.Thank god

  • KING

    went out and celebrate the W. what a fukken shot!!! yeah lakers. like drizzy drake im feeling like im faded fa fa faded faded!

  • Randy’s Donuts

    Kobe got a better clutch game than a ferrari. To bad Odom didn’t knock out O’neal punk a$$. Did u guys see Khloe about to attack O’neal in the tunnel like Doug Christie’s wife did to Rick Fox!

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Hey Jermaine O’Neal shouldve got ejected too. He got the technical for shoving Odom and he shouldve got the the first technical for hanging on the ring. Gasol got a technical for an alley oop that the refs didnt like and Jermaine O’Neal hung on the ring longer than Pau and Odom suffered for it?

    I say Jermaine shouldve been ejected too, but with the outcome of the game, doesnt matter now.

  • kevio2000

    Yeah that play where they kicked him out was ridiculous and that when the momentum changed but thanx to kob we got the dub!

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    so that makes it 7 out of 45 game winners for the rat?…Lebron still has a better percentange…kobe is a ford..lebron and wade,chevys baby!!

    • d

      dont matter about percentage kobe got more championships than him and kobe is a space shuttle compared to lebron as a chevy hoe

    • laker realist

      when Lebron hits free thrown in the 4th quarter come talk to me…better yet when he wins a championship come talk to me…sh*t when he get s a post game…you et the idea

      • http://LakersNation Marwan

        Robert, he isnt that good at 3 pointers either. Seriously though his only move is drive in through 3 people and get the “Lebron Treatment” from the refs.

    • Robert

      Total ring count: Kobe=7, LJ=0 (after Kobe retires). In fact, LJ will have to wait until Kobe retires to get even 1 ring (unless LJ comes to LA to play on the Lakers with Kobe).
      (LJ has only 2 moves: run to the basket and slam, or 3 pointer/long range – no mid-range, and certainly no post up – he’s too rigid. He better add some moves to his limited arsenal or he’ll never even come close to Kobe or MJ — come to think of it, maybe he SHOULD play football – get banged around, see how is moves work in the NFL.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      bisexual, thats 7 more than Lebron and Wade will ever get :)

      BTW, you cant make em all and Kobe does a good job at making them :)

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      One more thing, for a Kobe hater, why the hell would you count his stats? You dont see me counting Lebron’s stats do you? For a Kobe hater, you have a good way of showing it.

      You wouldnt see me watching 45 Lebron games.

  • Lakers 24 7


  • Smush Walton

    What was “The Machine” doing on the floor at the end? Thank goodness he didn’t touch the ball.

    • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

      I thought he was there because he can feel cool by being in clutch moments.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      What Phil did at the end with the substitutions was he put Sasha and Brown in for defensive purposes and then when it came to the offense he would put Bynum back in for Brown. He would do this for 2 possessions when DFish hit the 3 til the Kobe Gamewinner.

      Its pretty smart on Phil’s part. Shows why hes GOAT. Y

  • Robert

    This is a sign of ‘legacy greatness': no matter how much the lame sports media (espn, etc.) try to downplay Kobe and the Lakers, and prop up LBJ, the Celdicks, and even DWade, Kobe always finds a way to top everyone – not with his talk, braggadocio, dancing during a blowout, fake camera shots, verizon commercials – just with his great play. MJ had a great media machine backing him up, and a huge world brand driven by his skill. Kobe doesn’t have that – in fact, he’s so purely driven by basketball alone, that there’s no way MJ can compare with that. No movies, no cologne, no underwear commercials – nothing – just PURE basketball.
    We at LN are appreciative of this legacy NOW. The rest of the friggin’ planet (mostly, the negative media press, and other parts of the country) will be sorry they didn’t appreciate this greatness while it was happening. In years after Kobe retires, they will truly regret this.
    In the meantime, “KOBE 81″, player of the Decade; top 5 player of all time.

    • atomicpunk

      nicely said.

      • imfasterthanur

        Very well said.

  • kb248always


    perfect sum-up.

    ’nuff said.

  • Josh in D 310

    Kobe is most def top 5 all time great. Lebron maybe will get his Jersey retired in Cleveland or not if he goes to N.Y.C. He won’t be champ soon bcuz he’s going to have to start over from scratch with a team that is rebuilding and it might not happen there either. Kobe is like the last of the Mohicans. Now a days they don’t make ball players like they used to. Now just like LBJ all kids do now is dunk it and drive. Kobe has post, perimeter, 3point game, simply Ice cold Killer game. Kobe=championship Rings Lebron=2nd round Losses

  • The Mamba24

    If someone says LeBron is better than Kobe TO MY FACE, I’ma punch them in the throat.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      Call me when they do, I’ll come too, and bring all of LA with me.

    • Eidraq

      im in

    • Ronin99

      Count me in too!

    • tanmayk


      this says it all!!!

    • TheLogo

      You gonna punch the NBA Logo?

    • bernzter

      Can I bring my camera and document it? I’ll play it back in slo mo so that it could be cherished forever… LOL… Bring them on… Stupid haters…

  • Eidraq

    • tanmayk


    • Robert

      wow! This scene could not have been more perfectly scripted. Also, we should recall (or know) that front shot banks are very difficult to make. The spin on the ball has to be absolutely perfect, in order for it to drop cleanly into the net … which it did in this case.
      This is truly amazing – I would say that it rivals with the famous MJ shot in which he jumped in the air after the shot – maybe it’s even better. This should be the new signature NBA shot, that they play over and over again. it will be!

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Its a shame Odom couldnt be in the game, he wouldve been the first one to run over to Kobe and hug him, he usually is, thats how close their friendship is. I bet he was pissed off that he couldnt be there. I would be.

  • tanmayk

    what the best part is that kobe wus so humble abt it…..
    lucky shot he says!!!
    the guy practices clutch shots every end of quarter…..
    he rocks!!!

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    I bet kobe is hoping all this tiger woods goes away ……think VANESSA is remembering some fun times your MVP did to her and his kids…….GREAT GUY!

  • laughing

    How the hell could there not be one mention of Derek’s three in this entire recap. Proof that all anyone cares about is Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. If Fisher didn’t make that three, Kobe wouldn’t have been able to bank his. Hold down your Kobe boners and appreciate how this whole situation was set up.

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    ROBERT; The reason kobe doesn`t have any sponsors or A media machine is because just as many people hate him as love him ….can`t make money breaking even….Jordan is still more popular…and likeable and marketable..

    • Robert

      Yes, that concurs well with my point. Even though Kobe’s career may have started out with some high level media exposure, it is certainly now 99.9% about basketball for him. He still does have sponsors; just not the same media stardom that he had for a while.
      In fact, I would say that MJ is more about MJ, and Kobe is more about basketball. It makes sense if you take into account MJ’s foray into baseball. “Hey, I’m MJ – I can do anything”
      MJ is definitely more popular – he’s a star. Shaq is a star too.
      Kobe’s balling will be studied for years to come, and used in the future to show how do basketball the right way, and the ‘perfect’ way. MJ is great (overall), Kobe’s skills (after all is said and done) will show to be better.