This was a much better effort from the Lakers. It was great to see them take the ball to the hoop, finish their layups, and show energy. It was night and day from Friday’s disaster of a game vs. Dallas.

The Lakers easily took care of the Hawks tonight with 118-110 victory at Staples Center. Don’t let the score fool you though… the Lakers blew this game open in the third quarter. The offense was great tonight. The ball moved well leading to 53% shooting for the Lakers as a team, led by Kobe with 41 points. The run in the third quarter is something we need to see more of.

Stifling defense led to many easy baskets in transition and just took the Hawks completely out of the game. I also liked how the Lakers took smart shots tonight, aside from that one with Kobe where he tried to get fouled.

Everyone did their part tonight and played the role we needed, whether it was Artest locking down every Hawk he faced or Lamar dishing the ball to Kobe on the break.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe’s 41 points, 8 rebounds and 5 steals says it all.

2) Artest is still not putting up huge offensive numbers, but his defense tonight was amazing. 3 blocked shots to go along with his 12 points!

3) Lamar did a bit of everything tonight with 11 points, 14 boards, and 8 assists.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Can’t really pick one tonight… even Sasha did okay.

Play of the Night: Kobe’s breakaway dunk from Lamar.

What to Look for Next Game: A high paced game vs Oklahoma City Thursday night.

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Go Lakers!

  • CelticPride

    Who cares? My Celts are undefeated baby!!!!!!!!!!! Eat it Lala fans.

    • brilliantn

      yeah celtics doin their thang. gratz to them

    • Sy43Yes!

      You sad little man. Whooo, undefeated, after a whole week! That is something to really sing about right there…go on, get excited!! /facepalm/


        let him have his little celebrations, cause at the end of the season, that’s all the cockston celd!ck fans will have. yay, we beat them and them and them… while the Lakers will say, we won another Championship!

        FCUK COCKSTON!!!!!!!!!!!

        GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Whatsa

      Haha I like how this Celtic fan is enjoying his little streak while it lasts ;). Celtic fans WOULD make their first couple of games a big deal ;).

    • lakers2000

      I guess it’s because they weren’t distracted by a ring ceremony! LOL

    • Laker Marc

      Yeah the celtics were also undefeated and on a huge and very impressive streak last year when Kobe and his elves delivered a HUGE CHRISTMAS LOSS!!! Bring It!!! I don’t see it ‘Sheed.

  • brilliantn

    kobe with 3 assists only though :( still great win for the lakers.

  • WOWzer

    does STD stand for Sasha of the day from now on?

  • SHeShe

    Props to Phil for taking out the whole bench in the 4th quarter before the lead got any smaller…

  • Freshh

    Drew seems more focused on making all star team, opposed to other things:Rebounding Defense.

    Oh well, let the young kid find his niche offensively, once Phil lowers his mins when Pau returns, he’ll find a balance between O & D

  • XXL

    What to Look for Next Game: A high paced game vs Oklahoma City Thursday night.

    Let me fix it for ya:

    What to Look for Next Game: A high paced game vs Oklahoma City Tuesday night.

  • domz

    STD should be the bench mob once again. Starters should have gotten their well-deserved rest in the 4th but the so-called ‘Bench Mob’ slipped the lead, again.

    • WifelovesLuke

      The bench scored 27 points Sunday as opposed to 5 on Friday. That’s a pretty big improvement.

      Don’t jump on the “hate the bench mob” band wagon too soon. These guys can play and are just trying to find an identity for this season.

      • ilikebasketball

        i think the benc needs a leader, an anchor. odom will be that once pau comes back, right?

  • Sean All Ivy

    The bench def played sloppy. We need them to tighten it up.

  • skim



    The Celtics are actually all gay. Therefore there is no way they can even be talked about in the same breath as the lakers. IF the celtics are lucky enough to get to the finals itll be a fuggin bloodbath. 4-0 Lakers

    • Laker Marc

      Why are Celtics fans here anyhow? This is The Lakers Nation.



  • Robert

    Actually, it’s hard to admit that the Celtics are formidable. But, they’ll keep playing hard, and wear themselves out (a few more knee busts, hamstring pulls, etc.) by the end of the season. That’s how KG got injured. Can’t play that hard (especially after clocking that many miles) for that long in the season.
    Anyway, the Lakers are also formidable, and will be ‘\impossible’ to stop once Pau gets back (they are hard to stop now, but have to work a ‘little’ harder at it).

  • Salty

    Don’t worry, once Pau comes back, the ‘Bench Mob’ SHOULD give credit to their name once again.

  • lakerman1

    Play of the Night: Kobe’s breakaway dunk from Lamar.

    No No No’ the play of the night was the behind the back pass from Kobe to Artest and Artest with the LEFT HAND DUNK. Now that was sweet. And did you see Arte shut down Joe Johnson in the 2nd half who finished with 27 after going for 20 in the 1st half. That why Kobe was able to go off for 40 plus. Look for plenty of that as the season progresses. Great game last night especially in the 3rd.

    • WifelovesLuke

      Well said, sir! Completely agree!!!!

  • Short Dog

    Tight 3rd quarter. Artest and Odom have impressed me with there game. Lakers looked dominant once again.
    2010 Champs
    Kobe #1