Grizzlies Lakers BasketballDespite being short handing again tonight, the Lakers begin their three game home stand with a win in dominating fashion.

For the first time in a couple games, they came out with great energy; it was essentially what kept them in the game in the first half.

They got most of the hustle plays killing the Grizzles on the glass and in the paint. Unfortunately, it was their dismal shooting (38% as a team), heavy reliance on Kobe, and the mental lapses on defense that allowed the Grizzles head into halftime with a two point lead.

The Lakers apparently got the memo during halftime because they began the 3rd quarter making 7 straight points. As a whole, they played better. They weren’t quite depending on Kobe for everything, and after a quiet first half, it was our bench players who came in and made what I think was the biggest impact in the game. Josh Powell especially.

I think the most impressing thing from tonight was our team play. At first glance you would think it was Kobe being selfish going one on one all night just to put up 40+ points, but as a whole we shared the ball nicely, racking up 35 assists tonight.

A special Congratulations goes out to Kobe Bryant for being the youngest to reach 24,000 points in NBA history; in the process he also passed opponent Allen Iverson for 16th place all time scoring list, as well as hitting the 40 point mark for the 99th time in his career. Congrats, Mamba!

Player of the Game: Someone please get O.J. Mayo a free massage; the boy got schooled tonight. Kobe put in work for 41 points on well over 60% shooting and only 4 free throw attempts. He added 4 rebounds, an assist, and a steal. That’s getting it done.

Play of the Game: Kobe had an assortment of dunks tonight, but I decided to go with his fall away over Marc Gasol late in the 3rd quarter. Kobe being Kobe.

What’s Up Next: Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets roll into town Sunday evening. The Hornets are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Raptors. I expect this to be their ‘bounce-back’ game; the Lakers need to not take them lightly.

  • drive45

    amazing game from mamba…congratulations…especially because you showed the league again who is the benchmark in the NBA today…(a great coincidence that mamba put his numbers up the same night lebron had his game at msg)…

    wish i could watch each of the 19 shots…

    but…though i enjoy every game where kobe does his thing…i can’t wait ’till the team is complete and see them back at full strength and inching game after game to full potential…and most especially…dominating teams night after night…

    get well soon pau and drew…

  • Batz

    Amazing game and worth the watch. Congrats Mamba on the 24,000th point!

  • Grammar Patrol

    “Despite being short ‘handed’ again tonight…”


  • SD Anthony

    I was glad that the bench came to play today (although against the grizzlies). JP and that new three point threat is a very welcome sight. I’m quite tired of the fans chanting for free tacos at the end of every elligable game more than I am of hearing M.V.P. every time Kobe hits the line. If you can actually afford to go to a Laker game then the $.99 jack in the crack tacos should be of no consequence to those people. They should give them to homeless people instead.

    • ilikebasketball

      well said well said.
      the taco chant and the mvp is silly.
      embarrassing for the real lakers fans.
      mvp chants wait until at least the half way point, or else you just make a mockery of yourself.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Artest was awesome today. Glad to see him adjust already and how he shot the ball, he shot pretty good too. The bench stepped up, Sasha shot pretty good, Farmar hustled alot, Walton’s plays set us up for easy points, Mbenga’s rebounds gave us extra possessions, J-Peezy played great. It was a great game for the team with no Pau and no Bynum.

  • The Purple and Gold Blog

    24,000th for #24. Congrats! The Lakers are starting to put it all together on the floor. Can’t wait to get Pau and Andrew back!

  • shannon4mvp

    That was a beautiful performance by mamba and also good effort by the bench. Congrats to kobe for 24000 hope by the end of the season he has 26000, lol. He lit oj mayo up hahaha. Hes lettin erbody know who still runs the nba that he the best. no lebrick shit no carmelo, NO ONE is up to his status. fuk the haters.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      Kobe lighting some one up is no laughing matter, its a very serious condition that needs to be treated to. You must get checked out as soon as you detect symptoms. Symptoms include the first stage when Kobe hits a jumper on you. The 2nd stage it develops and thats when Kobe drops 10 points on you. The 3rd and Final stage is very fatal and there is no treatment and this stage, Kobe drops 40+ points on you and you are considered “lit up” and gone. The embarrassment is too much and you avoid him whenever you can.

  • NBAmazingkb24

    Grats on 24,000 points!

    Greatness = Kobe Bryant

  • WifelovesLuke

    Can we all agree that Mbenga was the player of the game and not #24 (sarcasm). And dude got posterized again. LMFAO when it happened.

    Bench was better. Powell for 3…..
    Artest is fitting in….
    Luke played great last night (getting rid of facial hair was the difference)…..

    But damn, LO is just missing way too many point blank shots.

    1-2-3 Ring!!

  • imfasterthanur

    Kobe never ceases to amaze me. He’s 31 playin’ like an energetic kid out of high school — with perfect form of course.

    Thank you, Hakeem.