With no Kobe in the line-up for a fifth straight game, the need for a clutch understudy was up for grabs.

Sadly, not even a Fish could save Los Angeles tonight. But the Lakers had it. They were almost there. Yes, Boston had dominated for the greater part of the game, but even despite the 11-point lead to break down, there was still hope.

The bench came in the third quarter and nearly ran these old and creaky Celtics ragged. Sasha Vujacic, probably thankful that he was still in a Laker uniform after this afternoon’s trade deadline had passed, chipped in 4 quick points and stuck to red-hot Ray Allen much more effectively than Derek Fisher could the entire game. Allen scored 24 points on 10-15 shooting and proved that his struggles of late were not at all indicative of what he still had the ability to do, and tonight what the Lakers missed most about Kobe was not just his clutch appeal, but his defense on Allen.

Andrew Bynum, still nursing an injured hip, played as well as he could, contributing 14 points on 7-15 shooting and bumping against wide loads like Kendrick Perkins and Glenn “call me Uno-Uno” Davis.

Pau Gasol, not to be intimidated by technical foul-loving Rasheed Wallace, did not back down, but did allow Rajon Rondo to steal the ball right from under him three times too often. Though with 22 points and seven rebounds, this loss was not for his lack of effort.

Ron Artest and Lamar Odom led the Lakers in toughness tonight. Artest, with 15 points, eight rebounds and three assists, did his damage on Paul Pierce, who only managed 11 points on 4-9 shooting. Odom’s 13 points and 14 rebounds do not reflect his aggressiveness, especially when getting in Kevin Garnett’s face. Unfortunately, it didn’t carry out throughout the fourth.

Momentum had clearly shifted the Lakers’ way midway through the third quarter, and it carried them from the end of the third through the middle of the final 12 minutes when suddenly, a four-point lead was theirs for the raising. With Odom, Gasol, Brown, Vujacic and Farmar on the floor, the Lakers’ quickness was difficult for Boston and it’s a wonder Phil Jackson didn’t stay with this line-up longer.

Brown, who has made long strides in improvement, is still lacking in sensible decision-making. Too much isolation, and not enough ball movement on his part led to wasted possessions.

Yes, Boston needed this win more. It’s true the Lakers had beaten them the previous three meetings, and yes every critic has called out the 2008 Champions and they’ve had something to prove for months. But did it have to be this game, when the Nuggets did the home team such a great favor by beating the Cavaliers and helping the second best team in the league close the gap? Did it have to be at Staples, the Lakers home turf?

Maybe Boston owed L.A. one, and maybe the last 2.2 seconds showed exactly what the Lakers miss in not having Kobe on the floor. Or maybe, just a few thousand freethrows at practice tomorrow is necessary. In a one-point loss to a heated rival, all the toughness, physicality and quickness can translate to a vain effort.

In a one-point loss, nine missed shots at the charity stripe is simply not nothing.

Pre-Game Thoughts: The problem with TNT double-headers is that the first game always cuts into the second. But on a more relevant note, Kobe’s out again tonight but the Lakers seem to be fine without Mamba. Hopefully they rise to the occasion again, especially against Boston.

Half-Time Thoughts: Only 5 points behind. We’re still in this!

Most Thoughtless Player(s) of the Game: Everyone who missed a freethrow: Farmar (0-2), Bynum (0-2), Brown (3-5), Fisher (1-3), Odom (2-3) = 9 freebies… lost by one. Just something to think about.

Most Thought-filled Player(s) of the Game: Frontline gets the credit for this one. Pau, Ron-Ron, Drew and L.O. toughed it out tonight with 64 points, 38 rebounds, 7 assists, and 3 steals. Too bad it wasn’t enough.

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    it served as a good measuring stick for us..but,boston is not what they once were either! that loss looked more like a victory.now we just need kobe to fit with this new look.an make him our missing piece,perfect fit. we’ll see how it works.he woulda won that game!so if the rest of the team plays that way with kobe.we will be hard to beat!just for us to stay confident and execute!will be key. theres also energy out there!the defence has come alive!!! good game! shannon could improve his focus,but still pretty good for a new temp starter. pau is getting leadership experience.lamar is an animal.and ron is showing his game!farmar plays more veteran like.play played like a bad ass wit attitude.we can make a good run this year.no matter how other teams improved! we are loaded.thats what this loss showed. 1-2-3…16 RINGS!! GO LAKERS!

  • iamthetie

    Absolutely loved this postgame report. Very thorough.

  • Gino

    disappointed that we lost to boston. but considering how we KB24 wasn’t playing, we played pretty damn well and were pretty damn resilient through the game, not letting letting the lead get too out of hand. by far the biggest test for the team out of these 5 games that mamba’s missed so far. just gotta continue gelling together.

  • Matthew

    free throws play a big role in the game… but wtf fisher… he didnt even shoot it,, just chucked it up there.

    • Marwan Marzina

      He thought they were going to use their foul (they had 1 to give) so he was seeking contact to try and get to the line.

      • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

        with 2.2 seconds left in the game though, what official would make a call? Fish should’ve known that.

        • Christian

          Fish should not have been the one to take that final shot! I know he has saved us before in the pass but someone else should have taken that shot and as a matter of fact why after Pierced missed the lay up in the last seconds of the gameI why did L.O. dribble it out!! he should have called a T.O! !Tough lost but just bad play calling in the end. I hate when my team looses but I especially hate when they loose to the Celtics!!!

          • hello world

            he heard pau calling a timeout and so he wanted to advance it…he didn’t hear the whistle and just went for it.

  • Pac Div

    The Lakers front court is in beast mode right now! If the Lakers continue to play physical d and board the way they are, & then you add the most dangerous mid range shooter in the game, ain’t nobody stopin this team! That Odom dunk on Ray was fukin nasty, so was that Ron dunk on Sheed!

    • Marwan Marzina

      Artest is nasty. He is blooming now. This is the Ron the Lakers needed. The tough defender and great on the offense too. I love this deal, in fact, I loved it the first day it happened and loved it throughout his slump

  • Al

    Who came up with that idiotic play at the end of the game. Fisher was 1-9 and he gets to take the last shot against Ray Allen (who dropped about what? a hundred on Fisher tonight).

    • LGM10

      phil had said that if they had a close game w/o kobe that hed like fisher with the ball. Read dave mcmenamins piece about this game on espn los angeles.Great info there. But fish, this game pretty much summed up his season thus far…

      • ed1

        I would have rather had Pau or even Lamar take that last shot. I think we lost this cuz of Jackson. Why would you have fisher in the game that late when he wasn’t effective the WHOLE night on Both ends of the floor. Once again the our guard spot was exposed as our weakness. He was gettin torched all night and I cringe everytime I see him drive to the basket. Also in close games like this I get nervous when Brown has the ball, he just does not make good decisions. I give credit where credit is due. Sasha was playing some damn good ball with a lot of hustle, on both ends, so why take him out?

        • hello world

          Fish is clutch even when his in drought… remeber game 4 of the finals i think he only mad one shot before those TWO great ones.

          • http://yahoo jaydubb415

            THIS AINT THE FINALS,and i’m getting tired of phil dumb ass substitutions he’s always pulling someout when there hot he needs 2 get over what fisher did in the early 2000 damm he gets on my nerves.

  • Luke makes me Puke

    Our guards really SUCKED tonight. Ray Allen ABUSED Fisher all game long. Anyone who still thinks Fisher should not be FLUSHED should watch this game. His shots in the paint are a DAMN JOKE! After playing so well lately Shannon was a big disappointment. He missed so many shots and had several lazy passes which were bad turnoves. The offense got bogged down with Andrew holding the ball. Too damn much backing in and dribbling. At times he looked damn foolish with his goofy backing in and dribbling. This kills the great ball movement. Our offense was much more efficient when Andrew was on the bench. I’d like to see the point differential when Andrew was in the game vs when he was on the bench. Without a doubt there was a big difference there. We should consider moving Drew next year to acquire a top notch player to shore up our weakest area – a replacement for Fisher. Obviously none of the players we now have will adequately fill that glaring hole (Shannon, Jordan or Sasha) These will only be fair bench players at best. We are just kidding ourselves if we think otherwise.

  • MIchael

    Our pg play tonight only reassured the idea that we should of pressed harder to get kirk heinrich. Allen abused fisher tonight and that was the difference. It looked like Allen was taking shots in practice against fisher. He wasn’t bothered what so ever. Also farmar and shannon brown really were a disappointment. Shannon looked lost and cost us with those missed free throws. Nonetheless, it was a great game in that our bigs looked really assertive and made perkins, wallace, and garnett looked like b!tches! I would love to see a these guys again in the FInals.

    Oh, and Odom’s dunk against Allen was as nasty as Kobe’s dunk on Nash in the playoffs!

    • LGM10

      i don see how BROWN is a “PG.” A pg’s job is to DISTRIBUTE and run the flow of the offense, something brown has never done and doesn’t do. He’s trying to be kobe 2.0 with difficult shot attempts. Phil should have let the “speed” lineup in the game, it was killing the c’s. Like i said, when we play the elite teams, teams well play in the playoffs, guys that perform well against the scrubs dont do the same. Fish continues his slumping decline and the injuries keep coming. I hope these guys prove us wrong but i KNOW mitch will regret “standing pat.”

  • j.dizzle

    Without Kobe, Im not that mad about the loss cuz LA could of easily won it if their offense didnt disappear in the 4th quarter..Im especially impressed with Odom & Ron Ron..These guys just add a nice swagger & toughness we need..Kobe must be very proud of em..If someone told me they would go 4-1 vs these type of teams without Kobe I wouldnt of believed it..This experience will make the guys even stronger in the postseason. Only thing that concerns is the PG position..Fisher is just old & cant guard a scarecrow & you never know what ur gonna get from Farmar..I would do anything just to have a good defensive minded PG. Too bad not one team in the league would take sasha lmao..Plus LA didnt wanna trade Fisher cuz they like him as a person..Phil just needs to switch it up, either start farmar or shannon when kobe’s back or bring bynum off the bench..Both Fish & Andrew mess up the flow of the game IMO.

  • Robert

    Remember how physical the C’Dicks are? They were banging around, fouling, pushing around, etc., like usual. But the Lakers were pushing back, which is great. I think the C’Dicks were surprised.
    And … my favorite play … Ron-Ron dunking on Rasheed. GREAT Poster! Rasheed – the bad boy of Detroit. And Ron-Ron got REDEMPTION (remember – Malice at the Palace??). This was Ron-Ron’s coming of age with the Lakers party.
    Even though we lost, it was only by a point, we played great D (overall, not counting Fish’s woes). Denver also noticed that the Lakers’ D is up a notch. The Lakers can play ‘scrap ball’ in the playoffs, without worrying about fouls and technicals! This is GREAT!
    We also won’t be seeing the C’Dicks anymore this year – the Cavs are headed to the Finals. So, this is the last time the ‘dicks get to play with the ONCE AND FUTURE CHAMPIONS, …. Your Los Angeles Lakers!!!!

  • http://57.amklac Charles Barkley

    looks like all the better teams from the east abuse us….we knew we would lose…..maybe kobe could show-up at one of these games for encouragement?where the F is he?

    • MattOD

      I agree dude I dont care if your ass is in the back getting “treatment” your not some diva… get your ass out there and support your team, talk to them, help them see stuff. I cant believe no one in the media has said something yet.

      • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

        When the Lakers played the Spurs, Andrew Bynum was in the locker room getting treatment the entire game too so I’m not gonna complain about Kobe. Besides, injuries early in the season, like Pau’s happened when they had the luxury of time to get him fixed. We don’t have that luxury anymore, not in February. If major players like Kobe and Andrew need to get treatment in their SLEEP they should get it. At least they were there at the arena with the team in all the games they missed.

  • http://57.amklac Charles Barkley

    this is laker nation…anyone blame the ref`s yet?

    • hello world

      your right this IS LAKERS’ NATION so get the fuck out

    • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

      Real basketball and Laker fans don’t blame the refs in vain, dude. The Lakers lost this game cuz they didn’t play smart when it counted and because they bricked 9 freethrows. The only ref snafu in all this was the timeout thing in the end, but that’s not what cost them this game. Stop looking for trouble. You ain’t getting it here.

  • MattOD

    I’m happy we played so well with having our star player out… I really am. These games I think really showed how good we are as an all around team. With that being said I dont know if it is just me or does anyone else see the problems Fisher causes our team during games like these? Yes I know what he has done for us in the past and I have loved him every min of the time, but there comes a time when he might have to take a lesser role. Last time we played the Celtics Fisher guarded Rondo who torched us all game for 21 pts while causing havoc everywhere else. This time around we take Fisher off Rondo and put him on Ray Allen…. 27 pts torched again. Fishers age is the weak point in our D it all starts with him. Notice when Farmar comes in all this stops as pg penetration is non existent? I’ll always love Fish as a player and what he has done over the years, but if you cant play D you gotta at least score. What do you guys think?

    • hello world

      i agree… he sould stay but (like you said) take a lesser role and this is only the regular season and if kobe was in he’d gaurd rondo and farmar would be on allen. nothing to worry about considering the fact that they were just ON FIRE shooting wise. good rest for the team and kobe, hopefully he gets enough rest and treatment that he can return sooner.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      like if farmar D is much better than fish
      we are just bad at pg defense
      too bad we cheaped out and did not get kirk
      this may cost us the ring

      • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

        You think Kirk Heinrich is the answer to getting or not getting this year’s championship? Ummm, no. There are a lot of other obstacles to any team’s chances. A lack of change in PG isn’t going to be their demise if they don’t get it this year.

        • kobe-wan kenobi

          well if we face cavs in the finals (if we can beat denver)
          kirk would have helped to avoid MO owning our pgs
          since we already have no answers for lbj and shaq just owns our bigs, it would have be 1 less losing match up…
          which cavs have plenty

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Lakers have lost a couple close games with missed free throws; it cannot continue. And doesn’t Fish usually guard Ray Allen even with Kobe there? It looked to me like Jesus Shuttlesworth just got hot today.
    On the Lakers side, it seemed like the outside shots weren’t going in. Also, its good to know that regardless of his H.O.R.S.E. performance, Rondo still can’t make his outside shots. As for his rebounding hustle and pokes from behind, it was a problem that to 2nd chance points. I thought it was really interesting that after Ray Allen went to the bench, the Celtics became very paint driven; they were trying to push it to the hoop and didn’t even look for the outside shot.

    That said, the Lakers stepped up to the plate today, offered to struggle themselves not only against the Boston paint specific D but set up the same physical play on the other end.

    • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

      Kobe usually switches between Rondo and Allen. Either way, they could’ve used him tonight. You’re right though. It could’ve been some other kind of game and it wasn’t. Charge it to experience.

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    ok i’m F*cking tired of people saying remember the finals last year everytime we critizie fisher… look truth is if he doesn’t make those shots we lose that game but we’re winning the next 2 to win the title anyway.. fisher needs to hang up the jersey.. put his nice suits on and grab a clip board.. thats it!!!.. its over..

  • http://vinginor@aol.com onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Mitch did you see the game. The point guard position
    was horrible. To not make that trade was DUMB. We cant get better with this bench, Fisher is not the same
    player he was. The clutch shoter is not there .
    What the fuck get us a guard. Farmar and Shannon need more experince Rando burns them all the time.
    And Clevland is sitting back just waiting to get us.

  • 242LakerFan

    Everything was there last night. WE played tough, we played fast and we played hard. What didn’t do was play smart. A couple of bonehead plays at the end of the game cost us. But those plays would have been insignificant had we not missed 9 free throws in the game. 9!!!
    That’s unforgiveable.
    On another note, yes, Fish is older; yes, he’s lost a step or two, though he never was very fast; yes, he needs to be playing fewer minutes; but no, there is no one else on this team not named after meat who I’d rather give the ball to with under 3 seconds in the game.

    • LakersMike31

      Man, that’s a tough choice. I know Fish is famous for some clutch shots, but he really goofed on this one. I think he should have pulled straight up when he caught the ball. Instead, he tried to drive and pull up, allowing Ray Allen to get in his face. I expected a much more composed effort from Fish in that moment. He looked like he’d never taken a game-winning shot before. Problem is, he’s really just not athletic enough to hit off-balance shots anymore (0.4 was when? 2004?) He also took that stupid 3 pointer late in the 4th, and made that ill-advised drive that got swatted in the 4th. A guy can have all the leadership qualities in the world, but if he can’t play, he can’t play. Fish has been one of my favorite Lakers of all time, but he really does seem to hurt the team on the floor more often then he helps them. I also think I read somewhere that Phil said Fish actually broke the play. I wonder if he was even supposed to get that shot. Either way, I think at this juncture, I would have felt more comfortable w/ Farmar or Lamar taking this shot.

      • 242LakerFan

        Don’t even bring up other plays in the game. That last second shot is an entirely different animal.
        Anyway, I didn’t say it was a good play or a good shot. I said he is the most clutch player on the team not wearing #24. PJ said the same thing as well. Nobody makes every clutch shot. But I like my chances better with Fish than anyone on the floor last night.
        Guaranteed that was Fish’s shot to take. He just blew it.
        This time.

        • laker realist

          disagree! I’d give fish the last shot if its a catch and shoot situation but ron ron, lamar, farmar, and pau can all create shots for themselves. Fisher cannot and its truly that simple! We had 2.2 sec left not a .5 second heave. some else had time to create and get a better look than fish could.

        • LakersMike31

          You have to consider the other plays in the game, because they’re indicative of Fish’s inability to to make good decisions…in the clutch or otherwise! When you ask Fish to manufacture a shot on his own with the game on the line, he will fail the vast majority of the time. If that was indeed Fish’s shot coming out of the timeout, well then, I would argue that Phil made a blunder. He made that decision with his heart, rather than his brain.

      • kobe-wan kenobi

        fish is not a player that can create a shot
        he is great in making open shots
        he was not open since nobody was doubling kobe
        oh well but you guys still prefer lakers wout kobe
        enjoy losing

  • the antoine

    it wouldve been nice if pau didnt call that stupid timeout.. lamar was already at the basket.. nobody stops him on those fast breaks… terrible terrible call on pau’s part..

    • http://thelakersnation pwned

      no, pau saved us
      lamars layup rimmed out and pierce or perkins had the rebound

      • http://www.myspace.com/fabezee fabz24lakers


    • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/category/original-articles/benchmob-beat/ Anna Gonda

      Pau called that timeout because Phil was calling the timeout. YOU gonna tell Phil no if you were Pau? =)

  • Jim

    Wow!! Great game from a spectators standpoint, very disheartening loss if your a Laker fan. Not that I’m complaining about their effort (it was a dogfight out there), I’m just disappointed that after being in a position to win a close one without Kobe, we couldn’t find a way to pull it out. That and the fact that it was Boston. I hate those guys with a passion.

    Highlights: Artest throwing it down left handed right in Rasheed’s face, Odom serving up two facials on Perkins and Allen, and Pau’s baseline jam on Wallace.

    Lowlights: Our guards went a combined 8 for 31 from the field. OUCH!!! Now I love Fish, I want him to finish his career as a Laker. He’s a class individual and the value of his leadership on this team is immeasurable. But, given that he was 1 for 8 when the game was on the line, I probably would have set up a play for LO to come around a pick around the top of the key and catch a pass in route to taking it to the rack with the hope that he would at least get fouled.

    Who would of thought that the best guard play of the night would’ve come from Sasha? I’m really proud of the way he responded tonight. But for some reason, Farmar and Shannon allow nerves to take them out of their games whenever they play Boston. 4 for 16 from these guys tonight which is just pathetic. It wasn’t like they were contested shots, most of them were wide open looks that they usually bury. I think the magnitude of the rivalry is just too much for them to handle at this point in their careers. In the previous 4 games, both of these guys have played extremely well .

    The Lakers showed me one thing tonight, when they want to play lock down defense, which they did in a few long stretches tonight. You cannot score against them. They were giving the Celtics nothing, every shot was contested and Bynum and Pau were challenging shots when there was penetration. The problem was, whenever the Lakers seemed to get control of the game, they let down and lost the intesity on the defensive end.

    Of the 5 games that they’ve played without Kobe, these last 2 have been the worst imo. Against Portland, San Antonio and Utah, our guys ran the triangle more efficiently than they have all year. Ball movement and cutters getting to the cup and receiving passes for layups and dunks was a beautiful thing to watch. Against Golden State and Boston, there was too much one on one play and dribbling in one spot, that’s death to the triangle.

    But all in all, I’m proud of our guys, because we played with heart and effort. With a little bit better execution and better shooting (40% is just awful), this game would’ve been ours.

  • Kobe “Kaos” Jordan

    And that’s why i continue to loose faith in D-Fish.

    It wasn’t just the last second heroics (which nobody on the team wanted to shoot) or the fact that he was 1-9 for the night.

    It was his poor defensive, getting screened and picked at Boston’s leisure. It was his bad shot selection and inability to get the ball to the open man; or wait until help came offensively before jacking up a reckless shot. It was his consecutive missed free throws.

    But as disappointing as it was, we only lost by 1, on a night Kobe didn’t suit up.


    i really love fisher but his offensive production is usually nonexistent for a starting point guard, this is why we needed a good backup guard named heinrich. Sasha did do more contributing then not for once but I still blame his inconsistency and his shitty shooting for not being able to get a good pickup before the trade deadline.

  • http://www.myspace.com/fabezee fabz24lakers

    just got a few things to relate to this article.yes we did lose.but we showed something to those stupid leprechauns!WE SHOWED SOME HEART!from bynum dunking on kg/perkins./to the posters released by Lamar and Ron.to Pau and the bench mob going toe to toe with the celtics starting team without kobe.we made few mistakes that cost us the game.but WE WON THE MORAL WAR!the celtics didnt look like winners last night.they looked liked thieves that got away with their lives!so check one for the GOOD GUYS!

  • pricelesst

    1) We didnt have our best player, we missed 9 freethrows, we made a lot of mistake, and yet we only lose by ONE
    2) Sasha was good!
    3) Phil shoulda put Sasha on allen earlier instead of fisher
    4) someone needs to tell brown, isolation is only for Kobe and the triangle is our offense (he may need to be reminded at times)
    5) shooting a 3 for the win wasnt necessary. fish was 1 for 9 last night! why not go inside to Pau or odom?!

    VERY VERY bad decisions but we only lost by one….
    This is a game to learn from

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      still u guys dont understand we lost by 1
      but this celdix team is horrible
      they lost more games than won in the past month
      we should have destroyed them
      instead of scoring 1 basket in the last 7 min…lol
      celts are not a team that we will see finals
      so lets concentrate in cavs

  • Justin M.

    Imagine how great Pau would be if he actually acted like he was the one of the best players on the floor instead of kicking it out on 85% of his touches

    • Dan Andreas

      TRUE THAT! Pau was the best player on the floor, but he sure didn’t act like it! He had a good game, but he should know that if Kobe isn’t on the floor, it’s his time to step up. He could’ve got anything he wanted against this horrible frontline, but it’s in his nature to defer and it hurts us sometimes I think.

      This loss wasn’t his fault, it just upsets me because I personally think he’s the best PF in the game, and he just doesn’t have that mindset.

      • Dave

        What happened to his commitment to the weight room last year? It looks like he hasn’t visited in many, many months.

  • Matthew

    i love fisher nd all, but damn… he was non existent both offensively and defensively. when he trys to go for a layup he looks to draw the foul rather than shooting the layup… he’s old, slow… im not hating, but idk. its frustrating.

  • maccassedy

    oh yeah fish att..lay ups is alllbad..trying to lay da ball over kg wit a 8in vert that right there can kill us in the playoffs.. when we sag off rondo it works but when fish and farmar gaurds him. they pick him up at da 3 point line and he blows by..Sheed Tech. Shannon Brown punked Pau Gasol to shoot that Freethrow.. never should have let that happen Pau..KB wouldnt let SB get away with that..And who cares if KB aint out there watching tha game..And if he was sitting courtside they might of had passed him da ball to shoot that last shot..NO BAIL OUTS WIT KB IN DA LOCKERROOM

  • berkyberks

    I think they did great enough by losing just 1 point w/o kobe. I was at my work so I didn’t watch the game, but honestly I wasn’t thinking all they about the game knowing that kobe will not play..and I think the game was boring with just 87 points…I really don’t enjoy watching the celts just like spurs..

  • Popcorn

    The Lakers lost the game but they came to play hard last night. They showed heart and passion for the game; they missed the mamba last night and had some bad TOs. One that I remember that was critical was the Gasol pass to Shannon under the basket Gasol needs to be more aggressive in those situations. The last play when Odom was running like a wild horse to the basket; I thought and almost scream call the time out man. 2.2 seconds left after that when we could have almost 5 seconds I was like fuck!. Oh well I don’t feel bad despite the loss because they play with a ton of HEART. It wasn’t enough but missed free throws, TOs and all that and we were still in good shape to win it. Keep it up play with the same intensity and passion and a lot of good things could happen for the team.
    BTW PJ did the right thing by giving Fish the last shot. The main problem for the Lakers was that we only had 2.2 seconds that’s why that last play before that last shot was critical I thought we could just call the time out with about 4.6? and extra 2 secs is a lot in the NBA.


    Love the way we’re playing, showing just how deep of a team we are with talent! That said, PJ really needs to do something with Fisher, cutting his minutes would be good. I understand the loyalty, but he’s obviously our weakest link. How many times did he run a fastbreak trying to attack the hoop just to get his shot blocked or turn it over? He knows we’re talking and is tryin TOO HARD to prove us wrong. As bad as Shannons decision making was late in the game, FISHERS HAS BEEN WORSE ALL SEASON LONG!

    ps. Why did Phil call a play for Fisher to get his own shot off, when he is NOT GOOD AT ALL at creating his own. He’s a spot up catch n shoot dude, you don’t give him the ball with 2.2 seconds left to get a good look on his own…smmfh!

    • 242LakerFan

      It’s not Fish’s decision making that’s at fault, it’s his execution. He used to be able to sneak a layup around a big guy on a dive to the rim. He used to be able to post a guard and get a shot up before a big could get to it. His body is just not responding so quickly to what his brain is asking it to do anymore. He and Phil both need to admit that and reduce his time. Farmar has been way better this year and Shannon, despite some bad moments last night, has been improving a lot. The could use the extra time.

  • drive-for-16th

    Shannon is great but wat does he think he is taking those shots at the end that pissed phil off and me, like dude ur not kobe who can do make that missed shot look like the easiest shot in the world. AND FISHER STOP DRIVING PLEEEEEASSSEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  • drive-for-16th


  • highflyer

    what about paus pass to shannon when he was practically out of bounds.

  • ruxpin810

    fish didn’t do much in this game but u can’t blame him for his defense on ray allen. i’d love to see one of u guys go thru all those picks that they set for allen. he was on fire, and u can’t do much about it. look wat he did to portland tonite, portland had a bunch of young guys guarding allen n they still couldn’t stop him. allen’s a great shooter, it’s hard to stop him when he gets going. as far as the last shot, boston had a foul to give so fish threw up the shot as quickly as he can cuz he thought allen was gonna foul him.

  • Luke makes me Puke

    I’d like to see the point differential when Andrew was in the game vs when he was not. Seems to me when Andrew is in there our ball movement all but disapears as it dies in his hands. He ends up holding it far too long and backing in for his shot. Pau is much less effective with Drew in there. Each time, without exception, when Drew came out we put on big rallies. Just compare our portland, denver and utah games to our Golden State and boston games. In the ones without Drew the offense was very efficient – when Drew was in the offensive efficiency went down greatly. If this continues we may need to pull the plug on this guy and use him to acquire a top notch player to plug our weakest hole (i.e., Fisher).