The Lakers continued their inconsistent play with another terrible loss Monday night against the Phoenix Suns.

Artest’s injury really showed today as the Lakers gave up 118 points on 49% shooting.

Kobe again is the only Laker really to perform well for the team. 27 points from Pau and Bynum combined is not going to get it done against an undersized Suns team.

The Lakers who normally move the ball very well only had 13 assists all night, about half to their opponent.

The bench did well today, but Phoenix’s bench came through even more with several players in double figures.

Every time the Lakers tried to make a run to get back in the game the Suns answered with a big three or made illegal plays that the refeeres oversaw.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe had 34 points on 14 of 26 shooting. I think we know who is going to be Western Conference Player of the Month.

2) Brown had 10 points on 4 of 5 shooting.

3) No Laker deserves number 3 tonight…

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Fisher should have joined Artest tonight on the sidelines with his shooting.

Play of the Night: Morrison’s three pointer; can’t say anybody expect that from the guy.

What to Look for Next Game: The Warriors come to Los Angeles on  Tuesday night and it will be another fast paced game!

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Go Lakers!

  • gugy

    I guess I am the eternal optimistic.
    I actually think this slump in the last 3 games is a good thing.
    PJ and specially Mitch are really looking at this bench nd thinking, damn, we need to do something. I would say we will have a trade by february.
    are on the chopping block. Hopefully we will be able to land guys like Ariza or Shannon just like when we unload those fuckers Radman, Mihn, etc.
    Also keep in mind sometimes have a meltdown like tonight is a good way to open the team eyes and improve. If we were cruising along and playing perfect, I would be a bit worried. I want to play like that in March/April. Not in December.
    We will be OK.

    • Marwan

      Why are many people requesting a trade for Luke Walton when he hasnt been seen all season? I know the last season and the season before lead you to judge this, but he is a great playmaker, and he is the best the bench has other than Lamar. Plus, he knows the triangle pretty well.

      • Chris Ekstedt

        because luke hasn’t been “seen all season”. he’s notoriously hurt all the time.

    • Mister Dunkonya

      A move for a point guard that can drive and kick is what we need. Farmer is mostly a score first pg and he’s more of a 1.5 guard…and Shannon Brown is explosive but he’s no where near being a point guard. It’s time to shake things up a bit. Keep Walton, Odom, Brown but anyone else on the bench should be looked at as moveable.

      • eatnsnooze

        Jordan is a point guard that does the drive and kick well. Unfortunately, the lakers don’t run very much of the drive and dish anymore for the 2nd unit.

    • SMOB

      farmar and luke are fine, but other than that, the rest of the guys on the list need to get traded

      • Chris Ekstedt

        we need a gaurd who can do the spot up 3 and then defend the faster guys

  • showtimelakes

    Ugly loss! No effort! Except Kobe.

  • 09champs!

    yeah just KB showed up, from the bench Shannon played really well and Sasha played above average, Pau and Drew played well, but not great, and we need them to play great like we know they can, terrible loss, but im looking forward for tomorrows game. And dont worry, Boston lost to the clippers last game and right now they are behind GS with 2 minutes to go, so we are not the only great team with a little bit of a slump. We will be OK.

  • showtimelakes

    I’m not worried disappointed with our effort from some of the players! Watching boston game now!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Bench played well? No defense. I expect a big shake up for the bench in the mid-season. Possibly Sasha, Farmar, or Morrison being traded.

    I also think the Lakers are just tired. They’ve had a lot of back to backs lately (not to mention we have another game tomorrow) and the lackadaisical play is starting to show. They need a few days off to gather themselves.

  • drive-for-16th

    Suns bench 52 points!!!!!!!! our bench, i dont know i didnt bother to see, they suck.

  • daboss1848

    “the Suns answered with a big three or made illegal plays that the refeeres oversaw.”

    yeap thats the ticket – lets play the victim card . . . its not us, we play great and those damn refs/Stern/ESPN steal the game from us.

    • Marwan

      Whats that now, 3 games in a row? I know we won against the Kings but still there were faulty calls. It was REALLY evident against the Cavs, it couldnt be anymore obvious.

      • daboss1848

        Marwan, reread – sarcasm . . .

        personal responsibility and accountability are sole reasons for failure, ouside forces as scapegoats are for perennial losers (philosophy attributed to Chick Hearn)

  • Jsmooth

    yea ummmmmm….really startin to think tht the refs/league is out to get us. stern gotta be behind this…


      Yeah it is the Refs fault. Waaaaaaaaaah Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Let’s all Laker fans cry again and blame the refs. How embarassing to be a laker fan when we have a bunch of whiners. Just go throw your foam fingers on the court again. SMH

      • lilkobe24

        shut up faggot. not like u bish too and the ref were stupid -_- fegoot

        • LEADERFISH

          OH I guess you are one of the whiners who threw out the foam fingers. You are an embarrassment to Lakernation.

          • lilkobe24

            i would if i was there. 90% of the people here
            must be an embarrassment then . right?

  • gugy

    Hey every team go through a bad phase. Look the Gayltics, just lost another one in California.

    We will be OK. We need Artest back and I just hope Kobe can heal that damn finger.

  • KB24 NIggAZ

    Well… we still have da best record in da NBA since Da Celdicks lost to Da BAy today by 4

  • Laker4 Life

    This was a wake up call for the lakers. The Lakers bench is just terrible. iKobe did not get help at all from the bench. Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic, Josh Powell, DJ Mbenga and Adam Morrison should be traded by the trade deadline or else the lakers will not repeat as champions. Those 5 don’t know how to play professional basketball.

    • Marwan

      Thank you, someone that didnt mention Luke’s name in the trade list.

  • drive-for-16th

    sasha needs to go back to his country cause he cannot play professional ball, farmar = d league, morrison = out of the league, mbenga = retire, josh powell = go to d league and improve your all around game.

  • Smush Walton

    Our bench is GARBAGE. Clearly, Fartmore is not our point guard of the future. Face it, he SUCKS BIG TIME.

    Morrison looks confused on the court.

    Ladunce is one of the DUMBEST players in the league. He has proven time and time again that he can not be counted on.

    Sasha should be in the D league.

    Powell does nothing.

    Luke is a no talent joke. He should be traded while there is a team dumb enough to take him.

    I would keep Shannon – but the rest can be flushed.

    Fisher has played like CRAP. I think he may be getting old. Is there a worse point guard in the paint? His shots in the paint are PATHETIC. Eventually he will have to go, and our only decent guard to team with Kobe is Shannon. This is a hole that needs filling.

  • Anthony

    Hopefully we’re back on track when we go into Boston. That is really the only game I care about for a while. We’re going to walk through the WC (except for maybe Denver) and likely face Boston in the finals. Revenge will be sweet.


    Lil kobe 90% didn’t throw things. That would mean there would have been thousands being thrown. You are a classless laker fan to want to throw things. I guess all teams have their embarrassing fans.

  • kobe,bi-curious? aka laffs atu says:

    LEADERFISH suck my classless cock

  • Marwan

    Why are we taking this so harshly? Come on now, they are a playoff team, possibly Top 4 in the west. We lost because, one, Artest was out and two, they just outplayed us.
    Now here are the Celtics, they were up by 18 and blew that to lose to the Warriors who haven’t made the playoffs since the not-so-dominant Kobe and Kwame era. The Warriors have been a minus .500 team since then and the Celtics blew that lead to them and lost. Now of course they were missing their SF, Paul Pierce, but they had an 18 point lead and blew it en-route to a loss. Yesterday, they lost to a fairly equal talented to the Warriors, the Clippers. Whether it was a buzzer beater or not, it was a loss. The Clippers were also missing what could be a big piece of their team, the #1 overall pick, Blake Griffin. The Clippers havent made the playoffs in quite a while too. They shouldnt be losing to teams like that, yet they are and no one gives a darn.
    So if you are going to overlook the Cetlics’ struggles and blowing leads then dont mention the Lakers doing so either.

  • drive-for-16th

    Yah i just noticed that, when we lose a game, all of a sudden espn, nba, everybody is on our ass, oh the lakers just lost a game they are not the best team in the nba now, cleveland and boston are, Oh cleveland beat lakers they must be better than the lakers, this was a statement game, bullshit like that. When celticks lose a game then there like, oh they lost, we’ll even the best team loses sometimes, no worries. Cleveland loses, oh another dominant game by lebron but they came up short but look at this dunk that is just amazing.

    • jay

      Ya – f espn. I won’t even go to their stupid website to read Laker articles. Don’t give them any hits on their site. They are so biased and Laker haters.

      Kamentsky brothers are so lame – they went to the enemy (espn) for the money. Sold their souls!!!

  • Go – Lakers

    Yes we played badly but just like the Cleavland game everytime we tried to catch up there was a foul called yet no fouls for us. I guess the best player and the best team dosent get any calls when it matters. peonix is a bunch of floppers they were flying around like fethers and getting all the calls. on the other hand they played grea d on Gasol and Bynum looks too slow and not athletic at all i wish i had his size Id be putin people down (Like Shaq did) thats the real reason we lost. Espn…. have always hated the Lakers.Theyre so far up Lebricks ass its funny to watch (actually its disgusting to watch) Its cool thou we will get the ring and show them once again who is the champion here.
    Go Lakers!

  • Robert

    All are forgetting we’re losing to elite teams. It would be a bit better if we weren’t blown out by those teams. If it was close, it wouldn’t be so bad. And we just squeaked by Sac. Not good. Too early in the season to be ‘tired’.
    I know Kobe is injured, now Lamar is injured, Ron-Ron is injured. This type of stuff happens during injuries, but …
    clearly (to me) we lost on the pic ‘n roll again. The Suns are tops in pic ‘n roll, and the that’s the Lakers’ weakness (like kryptonite to Superman). Our defense sucked. And NOBODY was stopping Stoudemire from taking those 15 foot jumpers. He seemed to hit all of them. Nobody running up to block him.
    Yes, this is due to lack of defense. Look to the coaches for that. And remember, our former ‘defense’ coach left to be head coach of the T-Wolves ……

  • LAtimes

    its really hard to asses the lakers progress so far since they haven’t been entirely complete and have only lost to cleveland having been so. I think we’re being harsh because of the expectations as a result of them being the defending champs. However it bothers me that were a game behind last years pace for wutever reasons because we should always be looking to improve.

    Something good always comes out of something bad. Let’s chill out, its only late december.

    I’m not going to blame the refs for our losses but damn that play where drew and dudley had a jump ball really pissed me off. I mean COME ON that was so obvious he didn’t even jump and no one else touched it but drew yet not ONE of the refs saw it. That it happened wen the lakers were on a mini-run didn’t help neither. To me this was the turning point or point of no return for the lakers as the suns lead got way out of hand for us to catch up as a result.

    no surprise our bench was outscored….yet again…..

  • Robert

    just not happy with this loss. We beat Suns last time, but They were on 2nd of back to back. Guess turnaround is fair play.
    So, either Phil has to try something else, or Kupchak has to try something else. Phil said it was ‘no big deal’, since this is a long season. The Lakers seemed more invincible last year, didn’t they?
    Maybe the Lakers have ‘Champ fever’ … you know …. “Hey, we’re the Champs — we don’t have to do much to win … ” or … “We’re the Champs – why aren’t you losing to us?” This is a traditional problem with teams after a Championship – hard to repeat, and even harder to 3-peat. So the Lakers of 2000-02 were rare. Just like the Bulls of the 90s. The Spurs didn’t have consecutive Championships. The CelDicks didn’t repeat last year. I’m not saying the Lakers won’t repeat – it’s just hard to repeat after a Championship year. They have to have a different strategy.
    Things will click back into place, I’m sure.
    Good news is that Boston lost too. So hopefully, we’ll win against that same team tomorrow.

  • Jdawhindahood

    Dude c’mon no more trade requests! Remember in 06-07 when Kobe asked for trades? But in the 07-08 season we kept all our guys and we started to win games. Even if we signed a guy or traded one of our guys, that would break the chemistry of the team and it would take a while to get used to new playing styles. So let’s just wait and see what happens tommorrow and the rest of the season.

    • http://LakersNation PWNED

      Pau meshed so well with the Lakers in the first game, its as if he had been playing there his whole career. Seriously, I havent seen such quick transition in to the team before. It takes others at least 10-20 games to do what Pau did in the first game. Funny story, Kobe ran into Pau in Spain, they went into a shop and had coffee and Kobe told Pau how much hed love to have him on the Lakers and how good of a duo the two of them would be, and it happened. Thats how it happened, then Mitch made the miracle happen.

  • some guy

    At least Boston lost to the Warriors so we still have the best record :-P

  • highflyer

    PJ said artest might return…. i hope he can knock some sense into d bench

  • dude person

    Wow, I’m surprised. Brown at 2? Really? He scored most of his points when the game was already gone. He sucked at D in the first half. Poor guy, especially after a good game against the Kings.

    I actually thought Sasha was the best reserve tonight. He was 2-3 and he actually hustled when it counted.

  • Kobe The Mythical Being

    Guys, please keep the faith… With the GOAT on our side, surely we will repeat…

    Go Lakers…

  • hellbydante

    starting to miss ariza’s slashing game….

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Starting to love Artest’s lockdown D

  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard

    its ok to loose every game as long as mamba grts his frickkkin points…..what are you losers new around here?its about stats……

    • http://LakersNation PWNED

      Its ok to lose, as long as Lebron gets his triple double and his 5 minutes dancing to the camera.

      • Jdawhindahood

        I know! Why can’t anyone just injure Lebron so we can just name the Lakers Champion!?

  • gary_beat_e_z

    call luke longley, bynum is still in la la land with his pansy attitude and having 2 luke’s is double the force, like star wars force…seriously bynum is no all star hahah

  • Smush Walton

    We should have kept Ariza and shipped Luke out. Nice going Mitch!

  • roscoe

    I think the biggest problem with our bench right now is that we don’t really have any 3 point threats. I mean Sasha? Seriously stick me out there I’ll shot a higher %. Radman was traded. Morrison never plays. Brown / Farmar are mediocre 3 point shooters. I wish we had gotten Frye this off season….

  • Bynum the Dumb

    Bynumb is a F@CKIN asswipe, lazy, dumb, douchebag who stopped playin hard after he got his 50M. And this piece of sh!t wants to be an all-star?? This dumba$$ who has a rock for a brain does NOT hustle, defend, rebound, box out. I was laughing last night when Bynumb was guarding and staring at Stoudemire at the baseline. Stoudemire dribbles to the right past Bynumb and dunks. When Stoudemire dribbled by, Bynumb was still staring at blank space for a whole 1-2 seconds as if Stoudemire was still there. Bynumb the MoFo just waits for the ball to fall to him and depends on others to rebound. Why da F@CK didn’t you go box out and help grab the rebound when Pau blocked the shot!?! It’s so obvious now that he just shows up to clock in and clock out. Radio sport casters see it as well as many Laker fans (except blind Kwame-Smush bangers like Big Sal). Trade Bynumb and some of the Lakers bench (Farmar, Sasha, AM, Luke) for Joakim Noah and Kirk Hinrich. Lakers need players with heart and determination.

    • ab4sure

      You will be kissing his ass soon. It will be done after you change your name to Loser or DumbGM. Which one? flip a coin

  • atomicpunk

    and what is up with Sasha’s hair!! OMG It looked like he had a friggin dorsal fin sticking out the back of his head.
    funny stuff

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