The Lakers took care of business Saturday night on a cold night in New Jersey.

However, the only cold quarter for the Lakers came after 12 minutes of play. Every quarter was dominated by the Lakers except for that third quarter.

The Lakers opened the second half a bit sluggish, but Kobe took over and the rest of the Lakers followed. Fish hit a couple big threes in the third and the Nets returned to the way they always play.

The Lakers shot 50% from the field with the Nets being held to under 38%. Kobe really continues to carry the team offensively with another great second half.

Going to keep it short since it is Saturday night…

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe had 29 points with a huge second half. 10 boards and 5 assists too!

2) Fisher’s three three’s were huge for the Lakers tonight!

3) Odom played solid off the bench with 14 points and 12 boards.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Bynum again struggled. 4 points.

Play of the Night: No really big highlights tonight… maybe Fisher’s back to back threes. What do you think, Lakers Nation?

What to Look for Next Game: Lakers fly up to Detroit tonight to battle them tomorrow. Should be a low scoring game.

Ticket Info: Next home game is Tuesday night vs. the Thunder and there are very few tickets left. If you need any games in December or January buy quickly, because they are flying! E-Mail me at or call 213-221-7681 for info on how to lock these tickets up today!

Go Lakers!

  • Aaron2416377


  • thanhttrinh

    here is an article from Lakers-Nets recap:
    what do you guys think of this ?
    [ Before the game, Jackson, the future Hall of Fame coach with nine championship rings to his credit, said in June or July he will decide on whether he’ll return as Lakers coach. And winning another title this spring would not necessarily insure he would come back.

    “If things didn’t go well and we didn’t win, that would obviously be something that would be . . . maybe it would be time for someone else to look at this job and carry this team forward,” Jackson said.

    “That’s possibly not going to happen that way. But that’s kind of an issue. But, just winning it outright doesn’t mean it’s natural to come back and coach this team. I just don’t seem that has a natural thing. A lot of it has to do with the direction the league is going, the direction the ownership wants to go.” ]

  • kobe2k10

    whats wrong with bynum? he is playing like an idiot, having 6 fouls for just 10 mins is really stupid.

    • Marwan

      What do you mean playing like an idiot? The dude doesnt really have to produce as much because we got Pau but we saw what he can do when Pau isnt there and as long as we know he can do that without Pau in the lineup due to injury/sickness, then let him play like that. We know what Pau can do without Bynum in the lineup.

  • AllthewayLA

    i think the coldest quarter for the lakers is the 2nd with only 17 points.

    whats up with bynum? why did he play very little minutes?

  • leor_77

    Unfortunately, I missed this whole game, as I was in the hospital with my dad the entire day. I’ll have to make sure to remember to download this when it becomes available.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu


    • Reality Check

      Do you actually believe the crap coming out of your mouth? Sad….just sad. And so continues the hate from another ignoramus.

  • Marwan

    Why isnt Ron Ron’s defense as one of the top performances of the day? He held Douglas-Roberts to 8-20. Now that is a HUGE plus for the Lakers and his D shouldnt be overlooked. Ron Ron is playing great but you guys are only looking at the points and offense.

  • dazerlokoe

    I think bynums performance is because of pau gasol, i mean the dude asked for more touches so bynums gonna get less . Gasol should share the ball and let bynum grow as a player .

    • lakeshow2010

      or bynum can stop fouling every second like he has been the past 2 games and grow on his own

      • Marwan

        Fouls are a natural process of the game. Telling someone not to foul is like telling someone not to play basketball. A foul will occur for everyone. Since Bynum is a bigman, he tends to foul more since he defends against others posting up on him or fouling on attempt to block.

        • lakershow2010

          point being, you cant blame pau’s lack of passing to bynum as the reason why bynum hasnt been playing well..its due to the fact that he’s been in constant foul trouble..natural process or not, bynum’s growth depends on himself and only himself

  • ron ron

    guys do u know where i can watch or download for free all the replay games of lakers?

    • Aaron2416377


    • 24life look for it there, full games or you can try to check site or the last one is the best one :) GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ron ron

    thanks 24life. lakers for life

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    Shannon Brown doesnt need drugs to get high, he can just jump.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      Jokes :)

  • ZenMaster23

    Wow, these Laker post game reports are getting absolutely horrendous. For a real Laker fan that comes to this site often, I’m honestly starting to go elsewhere for my info now. I hope the site admins are looking for a replacement with some real journalism skill.

    First off, how can you not include the final score in your post game report? At least put it in the opening paragraph. For people who occasionally miss a game, that would certainly be important.

    Second point, who the **** cares if it’s a Saturday night. Do your damn job! Breakdown the game properly and don’t post an article riddled with errors and unprofessionalism.

    If this site hopes to continue as the place for Laker info, it better step up it’s game and hire someone who actually cares about Laker b-ball.

    Good luck Laker Nation!


  • baseballboy64116

    Play of the Game has to be Kobe’s block

  • laker_girl85

    I agree with Zenmaster23, very poor written report. I hope you guys aren’t paying this Steve dude for his writting, cause its obvious he’s lacking a journalism degree. Just stick to reposting other articles from actual journalist. I could write a better post-game report, are you guys hiring!? lol


  • pauer

    Yeah, that was a horrible post game report. I thought the idea was to sum up the game so that someone who didnt see it would understand what happened.

    What happened to the old graphics that you used to show with the banner and the teams logos and scores.

  • Smush Walton

    I have to agree. While this site is a lot more glitzy to look at than when it first started, I think the quality of the writing has dropped significantly. It is not as interesting as before. Also it appears there are less people posting than in the past and that is also unfortunate.

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