The Lakers put an end to their four game road losing streak with a 100- 95 win over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night.

The Lakers played the best they have on the road in quite some time. They shot and took care of the ball much better than in any of the previous four losses, and finally played efficient enough defense to hold a team under 100 points as they allowed the Mavericks to score only 95 points on 43% shooting.

Still bothered by his back spasms, Kobe was forced to sit much of the first half.

The rest of the team led by Lamar Odom and Ron Artest provided a nice balanced attack to keep us in the game for when he was able to return in the second half.

Our far too often inconsistent bench finally showed up tonight as well. They were plus 10 to the Mavericks bench and made up for the continued struggles of Derek Fisher, who shot a miserable 1-8 for only 3 points on the night.

Player of the Game: Ron Artest was 5-5 scoring 16 points, adding 11 rebounds, an assist, and consistent defense throughout the game.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s shot late in the 4th quarter that put us up two just after Dirk tied the game was the biggest shot of the night.

What’s Up Next: The Lakers host the Clippers on Friday. Expect a bloody massacre. Lakers want their revenge! ( We do too.)

  • no time for losers

    Katie Spaeder > Steve Avery

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        • 09champs!

          hahaha a pig LOL made me laugh, but you´re completely right. I bet he is like 13-14 and is not a laker fan, so get the hell outta here.

        • KOBE THA MVP 10′

          i’m 16

          • 09champs!

            and not a laker fan am i right?

    • BringDFishBack

      Maybe she actually watches the games! What a concept.

    • Jack Y.

      Good job Katie. You’re 10000 x more awesome than Steve =).

  • lilkobe24

    great article :]

  • lakers2000

    Fantastic team win! Let’s hope that Pau comes back with a vengeance. Go lakers!!!

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Bad News for Laker fans.
    The 3 veterans are set to be announced for the Dunk Contest on Monday and Shannon Brown says he hasnt heard from the NBA yet.

    • 09champs!

      Who has? Shannon will probably be informed this weekend.

      • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

        He’d better be.

        • Green Flannel

          Dave just wants to see LeBron dominate the contest cuz if sb is not there he should win, but if he is then watch out LBJ23, here comes Sham-Wow!

  • lkrz008

    now thats how u win a road game. Shows how good we CAN be if fully healthy and when we really focus in. We beat the 2nd best in the west (least record-wise) on the road w/o pau and a wounded kobe and still dallas could not take advantage of the situation.

    But Fishers 1-8 is becoming his STANDARD line. Farmar should take over most of the minutes until and if we can sign another PG (forget bosh-bynum, we need a pg!!)

  • 09champs!

    I dont know how, but even though his struggles, I still trust Fish when he shoots. Nice win, and Kobe once again showed the league why he is the best not only finisher, but the best player in the game.

    Katie, nice article, but you forgot to mention Drew who did a fantastic job.

  • Jim

    Wow! I’m impressed. These guys came in on the second night of a back to back, and showed the league that this team has a lot more talent than just Kobe. Drew, LO and Ron Ron made me proud tonight. Those guys took the scoring burden off of Kobe and showed that they’ve got some serious skills on the offensive end.

    Drew made Dampier look foolish in the post, mark my words, this guy is gonna be a dominant force in this league. He may not be the shot blocker or rebounder that Howard is, yet, but his footwork, soft touch and array of moves in the post are far superior. I think the coaching staff has to make it clear that when Pau comes back, that Bynum is gonna get just as many looks in the low block as he has been when Pau is out. For us to ignore a weapon like that and allow him to be a non factor when Pau is healthy, is a sin imo.

    For the first time this year, Lamar came out looking to attack offensively. He played a suberb game and showed the skills that he possessed when he played for the Clippers and the Heat. When need him to come out with the same mind set when he goes back to coming off the bench.

    And finally, props to Artest. Did you see that guy posting Howard up down low? He just abused that dude. Then he goes out beyond the arc and drops a 3 despite having a severely sprained right index finger. He had one of his best games, and again it was one of the first times this season, that he didn’t defer to Kobe almost every time down.

    This is the kind of balanced scoring that we need all year long. These 3 guys are definitely capable of doing this every game. And I hate to say this, but I’m worried about Fish, he’s really not looking like the Fish we all know and love. He seems to have no confidence in his shot right now, and I’m wondering if we’re not seeing an erosion of his skills because of his advanced age. Kudos to Farmar, he came in and made some big shots tonight. Great win all around.

    Go Lakers!!!!!!!!! We’re proud of you guys.

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      I know DFish is slowing down and missing, but who isnt. Shaq isnt the same Shaq that he was since the 3-peat and neither is DFish. DFish will always be remembered as one of the greatest players to put on the Purple and Gold, his services to the team will never be forgotten. This man right here, along with Robert Horry was the reason we had the repeat (0.4 second shot, anyone?) and Horry’s GW against Kings. If it wasnt for DFish’s 3 in the finals last season, I can guarantee you there wouldve been a 6 in LA. Disagree? Think logically, the Magic won game 3 by a record shooting night, that gave them confidence to do so again, game 4, they beat the Lakers, they ride the momentum and confidence to a win in Game 5 and game 6 would be where they break down due to their road woes in the Finals. Thank you DFish, always a Laker in heart.

      • papa

        Fish who?
        lol jk

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Lamar Odom and Ron Artest significantly improved their FT%, and I mean SIGNIFICANTLY.
    In the last 3 games, Lamar has gone 10-12 from the FT line. That is a big improvement than last season where was a 50%-ish FT shooter.
    In the last 3 games, Artest has gone 11-12. Once again, that is a HUGE improvement, considering how earlier this season he was struggling, this just shows how dedicated he is to improving, and when he said he was, it wasnt all talk, he walked the walk and he talked the talk.
    The Lakers are full of great FT shooters now and I can proudly add Lamar and Artest to that list.
    Well done guys, keep it up.

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Whats with these fans these days? One day they are swearing and mouthing off the Lakers, the next they are the “biggest” (I HIGHLY doubt) Laker fans out there, because they claim so. Let me tell you now, you aren’t a Laker fan just because you say so. You are a Laker fan by going through the ups and downs, peaks and valleys, twists and turns and you dont mouth off the Lakers during those times, but you praise the fact that they are doing their best and representing you fans out there. If you’re not capable of doing that, then Im afraid (happy more like it) that you are not a Laker fan. You cant be a fan of any team like that. You gotta prove you are a fan by being a loyal fan, dedicating time to the team and taking your out to visit a site full of Laker information isnt what Im talking about. I was with the Lakers through the Boston series in the finals, Lakers lost, I didnt say “Screw you, you are the worst team ever” instead I said “Get them next year in the finals” although they didnt get them in the finals, they got them in the season by sweeping them and won the championship in the finals. Go watch games, cheer for them, they let a guard blow past them and score, dont swear, just say “Get him next time” and watch them do so. Same as losing, just let it go and say “Get them next time” Lakers have proved they can do that this season. They lost to Mavs, the blow them out and win last night. They lost to Rockets, they beat the Rockets later on.
    That is how you characterize a Laker fan, loyal, dedicated and goes through ups and downs with the team.

    • gugy

      That’s called BANDWAGON FANS. lol

      It’s always like that. The Lakers lose is the end of the world, they win they are the best of the world.

      You never can have an argument with people like that.

    • Green Flannel

      hey, right here with you im 15 and i only know a few ppl at my age who are dedicated to certain team of ANY sport, when L.A. lost in The Garden, I did not abandon them, I only said, damn, tough loss, the C’s are better than them. Now people have criticized me for being a Laker fan because we are so good and I am fortunate. but never in about 6 years of watching the lakers have i abandoned them or “mouth them off” like you so correctly put it. so i am proud to (and will always be) a Laker fan.
      You’re a smart dude Marwan i extremely enjoy reading your posts and your intelectual insights of the game.

    • WifelovesLuke

      With all due respect….you don’t get to decide the definition of a Laker fan. Why? That’s an individual decision. BTW…..people have different ways of showing their passion for their team.

      • Green Flannel

        i hope your not talking to me becuase no where did i ever state the definition of a laker fan.

  • Robert

    Lakers are still playing injured, and still need to ‘add’ (not trade for) another player (hopefully a guard). Lakers play decent in 1/2 court oriented teams like Dallas – not as good in full court situations (since, as Phil said, this team is slower than last year). They should add someone speedy. This will help out for the playoffs, and may help them get home court in the finals.
    Glad the Lakers did well tonight, but they still need help to alleviate the injuries.

    • WifelovesLuke

      The good news for LA is that the playoffs tend to slow down into a half court game. Conclusion? Leave the team alone!

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Kirk Hinrich is up for trade, but there are no biters for him.

    This is a good chance for the Lakers, go after him!

    • WifelovesLuke

      You don’t sound like the Laker Fan that you defined earlier. Support the team we have, right?

      • http://TheLakersNa Marwan..

        What? How? I just said that the Bulls want to trade Kirk Hinrich, at no point did I swear to at the Lakers or of the players. How am I not supporting the players. I said the team should go after him, Im supporting the team cause I want to see them get better, at no point did I list a player to be traded for Kirk, I’ll leave that go management.

  • drive-for-16th

    sasha for hinrich

  • http://57.amklac/ Maartar loves Robert.

    i`m going to ride my kobe dildo tonight…..i need to go buy some more lubricunt

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    As Bryant said when we sat down for a lengthy interview before the season, he doesn’t understand how his fans fail to understand that he’s nowhere near the end of his career with how much he loves to play and the revolutionary manner in which he attends to his body.

  • lucid
  • http://57.amklac robert eats matard

    the lakers look so much better when bryant is faking injuries on the bench….good thing he got his GOLD f- ing medal….

  • B Holland

    Bynum was the player of the game. He set the tone from the beginning and affected so many shots on the defensive end. He is a future superstar and I can’t believe anyone wants to trade him.

    • WifelovesLuke

      Finally someone who gets it. So there with ya!

  • tradekobe

    Kobe for Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge.

  • papa

    marwan give it a rest
    1 comment is good enough

  • berkyberks

    never doubt on kobe!

  • ladiesluvlukewalton

    Cool, someone else doing the post game chat…nice Katie!

    I noticed you didn’t do a STD of the game, trying to class up the joint a bit? :-)

    Anyways, you didn’t mention Bynum…and I thought he really had a good game! I’ve been having these conversations with people constantly about how annoying I find it that Bynum only plays well when Gasol is out (Kobe feels my pain!) Bynum of course has his excuses, but the bottom line is that he is a PROFESSIONAL and should be trying to play at a PROFESSIONAL level anytime he is out on the court! If he doesn’t get the ball as much when Gasol is out there then he should FIGHT HARDER for it!

    Anyways, I do think it’s important that we say he did play well though…being so young I think he needs the praise! :-)

    • WifelovesLuke

      Interesting that people keep equating Bynums lower numbers when Pau is healthy as he is lazy or has a bad attitude when Kobe has said himself that there is a pecking order and Bynum has to accept it. Kobe eats first and then Pau. Pau is out, Kobe is hurt so Bynum ate first last night and had a great game. This is simple logic guys! People need to stop the Bynum bashing. It just makes them look like uneducated basketball homers!

  • LakersFourEver

    i love big mamba d1ck in my mouth….and butthole

  • chadb

    Player of the Game = Drew

    Another Fantastic game!

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