This game went much similar to last nights game vs. Memphis, but Dallas wasn’t quite so easy in the final minute.

The Lakers nearly battled back for another road victory, but fell short on a missed Kobe three point attempt with 30 seconds left in the game.

The Lakers defensively played very well holding the Mavericks to under 44 % from the field and 16 turnovers, but they got beat up on the glass and shot 10 less freethrows. They really shot poor behind the arc making only 5 of 17, about one three short from possibly sending the game into to overtime.

Every Laker starter hit double figures and Lamar added 21 off the bench.

This was a big game for the Lakers as it was a potential Western Conference Finals matchup, and the Lakers can take away many good things from tonights loss on the road in a back to back.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Lamar had 21 points on 8 of 11 shooting off the bench.

2) Artest had 13 points on 5 of 8 shooting and forced Marion into 5 turnovers.

3) No Laker really stood out as number three. Bynum had a double-double, but had 5 turnovers. Maybe Farmar off the bench?

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Fisher didn’t do much all night.

Play of the Night: Fisher’s no look shot on the break… that didn’t count.

What to Look for Next Game: The Lakers host Philly Friday night. Should be a fun game.

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Go Lakers!

  • LGM10

    Look we can’t win every game. This was a tough loss but what should be more worrisome is our 7-8 record against the top 8. If we can find a way to overcome fishers struggles, our lack of 3 point shooting (the mavs left ron, our “best” 3 pt shooter wide open) and bench of 3 guys then we’ll be fine. Sunday will be another test.
    Go Lakers!

  • drive-for-16th


  • mr.laker19

    Its not about winning every game, we need to win a BIG game. What big game have we won this season? Lets list them, Boston………?????? Thats it? Cant be? somebody help me out because this is a seriously problem. The Lakers look old, slow, lazy and they arent any of these things. We just need a fire lit under them

    And Im very dissapointed in those players who played so well without kobe but are stinking it up now. That shows that they refuse to play their roles and need to be shipped out.

    • daboss1848

      are we 0-4 against Mavs?
      big games? for defending champs, big games only come in POs.

      • daboss1848

        separately, y put 100% blame on the guys who played well w/o KB?
        y not put 100% blame on KB?
        or how about a novel concept of them being equally responsible.

        • fuckoffcunt

          or how about the modest notion of you shutting the f*ck up

          • daboss1848

            soap – mouth

      • tradesasha

        we are 2-2 against the mavs this season.

  • drive-for-16th

    farmar and shannon played 14 and 15 mins. fisher played 35 and hes the reason we got beat, and pau was a no show

    • Heron

      Pau was a “no show” because Kobe took some bad shots instead of trying to get him involved. Kobe tried to be the hero again last night. Down by 3 with 2 minutes, he jacks a contested 3. 2 minutes left!!!

      • 242LakerFan

        You mean like the time he threw a pass that hit Pau in the ass because he turned his back? Or maybe the time Odom was being asked to set a pick but instead stood there calling for the ball and getting shouted at by Phil? Please…this was a team loss. No one can escape responsibility for this one.

        • Heron

          Coming from someone who’s played at a high level (state college), and played with ball-dominating players: when said player consistantly takes ridiculously bad shots, how do you know when they’re going to pass or not? Kobe waited to pass as he was coming down. Instead of taking another bad shot, Kobe looked to get bailed out ultimately leaving Pau as the scapegoat. It’s like when a post player thinks their team mate is going to take a shot, so he sets himself for a rebound. Then when that team mate hesitates or can’t make up his mind.. three seconds on the big guy. Kobe was 9-23: whereas Pau was 5-9, Odom 8-11, Bynum 5-8, and Artest 5-8. Fish was rubbish as usual, but it’s these big games or match-ups that I feel Kobe tries to be the “Hero” all-too-often. You’ve stated two isolated incidents as opposed to the entire game. I still feel Kobe is the best in the game, however there’s a reason why LeBron gets a lot of love. East-Coast bias aside, for all that LeBron lacks in relation to Kobe (Killer instinct, reliable jumper, etc), at the very least LeBron makes the right descision. With two minutes left–a long time–and down 3, is a contested 3 (with time on the shot clock left), a wise descision? Sometimes he picks the wrong time to be the dramatic hero.

  • lakershow2010

    bynum needs to learn to take the backseat when playing with the starters..pau needs to step it up and learn how to hold onto rebounds and play like a man

  • lakershow2010

    fisher needs to retire

  • 09champs!

    hahahah LOL at everybody pissed by Fish, This Avery guy always writes the same on STD.. Fisher didnt do much at all..

    I know you guys are in love with Shannon, and i see that he brings good things to the lakers, but sometimes his IQ is not very smart.

    And BTW, believe me, you guys are going to miss Fish and what he brought to the table when he retires ok?, so how bout if now you just accept he is our PG and try to embrace him.. Geez.

    • eff

      Yeah, fuck Steve Avery. Can’t Anna or someone else with passion for writing please put up some decent articles?

  • berkyberks

    bigman (pau n bynum) only 2 ft. attemp? wow! lakers having trouble winning back to back games…but I’m fine with it as long as we still leading the west.Never mind cavs they will not make it..I can’t wait playoff time!

    • Eidraq


      • Kobe8/24

        Agreed Eidraq. If Lamar was a starter, we would have not lost 10 ten at this point in the season. I mean what does Bynum do better than Odom? Absolutely nothing. Dude is 7ft and can’t rebound for sh!t, offense is sub-par and on defense he commits silly fouls. If Lamar was in, it would open up the court for Pau and also create lanes for the rest to drive to the bucket with ease.

        Just look at how the Lakers played last season with Bynum injured. I hope Phil can notice that we are a better team with Bynum off the bench because Odom is a mismatch for anyone who guards him.

  • TeamMorrison

    It just seems as if the Lakers our getting out hustled. They dont turn on that extra boost until the very end of the game, i feel as if other than kobe than some of the players just dont have the heart to go all out at this point in the season. Anyone agree? I mean we should not lose in rebounding numbers with our front court.

  • Mr Terrific

    Andrew Bynums never seen a rebound he didnt miss.

    • Eidraq

      bynum sucks

      • TradeBabyBynum

        Please trade this clown in the offseason. He cries about every single call and doesnt get back on defense.

        • daboss1848

          Bynum or KB?

          • fuckoffcunt

            you and bynum

      • Heron

        Bynum was 5-8, Pau 5-9, Odom 8-11, Artest 5-8, and Kobe…. 9-23. That’s why we lost.

  • lakershow2010

    pull the plug on bynum…no more!!!!

    play lamar with the starting five!!

  • lakershow2010

    fck bynum!!!!!!

  • Josh in Da 310

    Bynumb stinks the place up. it seems like this guy has no love or emotions for basketball! He should try and play another sport that he actually likes. Lakers lost tonight but it’s ok. it just seems weird that as soon as Kobe comes back the Lakers played two shitty games.

    • lakershow2010

      bynum hurt’s pau’s production


    I am as open-minded and hopeful as the next Laker fan, but my optimism is dwindling each time we lose a game like this. Let’s be real, at least last years team was picking up quality wins. I really hope we get our act together, I really do, but the thing that scares me is that it seems like we really have not found a “consistent” winning formula yet and we are passed the half way mark. Like many of you have said, Sunday is definitely a must win. I know the playoffs are a whole different ball game, but we are giving these teams confidence that they can beat us. We lost to Dallas twice (No Caron today), Denver twice (One of which Melo was out), Cavs twice, Boston once (the other game we had to be saved by Kobe). The only quality wins I see really is the blowout against Dallas earlier this season and the Orlando win. I hope this turns up….Laker Pride.

  • Robert

    I still see the same ‘movements’ in the Lakers’ play (offense). They appear to ‘descend’ into 1/2 court play, and then Kobe may get a good look, or not – may hit a difficult shot, or not, and that’s partly ok. The other players are ‘hit and miss’, and Bynum dribbles with his back to the basket, and then shoots a mini skyhook. Those are the plays at 1/2 court. They really need ‘fast break’ moves to break up the other teams’ expectations of how to ‘easily’ defend against the Lakers’ mostly predictable offense.
    When Kobe was absent, the Lakers were playing ‘desperate’ ball. They ran many fast breaks, and did what they could to get shots. They can do that. They may need to do that for ‘some’ of the playoffs. The Triangle is an offense format that is ‘mostly’ 1/2 court, because the players have to set up, and it takes ‘slow ball’ to do that right.
    It would be good to see the ‘fast break’ Lakers playing with Kobe now. If they do that, then I think they will be unstoppable. I also think that ‘perhaps’ Phil isn’t allowing that now, because Kobe is still getting his energy back, and Phil wants to save it for the playoffs. No need to run yourself to death. BUT … when playoffs come …. there will be, and I mean WILL BE no excuses. None – play hard, or ‘off with their heads’.

    • 242LakerFan

      When you actually ‘speak’ to someone, do you keep doing that annoying ‘quotation marks’ motion with your fingers every three or four ‘random’ words like you do when you type ‘online’? Because it really ‘distracts’ me from the point you’re ‘trying to make’.

      • LAKESHOW1

        Dude, what is with you and being critical about everyone?

  • MIchael

    Kobe needs to be a facilitator. Having him back is great. There is no doubt that we cannot win another championship without him. But correct me if Im wrong, but haven’t you guys noticed that the offense isn’t as fluid with Kobe back? He has a tendency to go on little rampages of his own. Towards the end of the first half for example, he took three contested shots in a row (2 of which he made because he’s Kobe). But that really disrupts the flow of the offense and the rest of the guys always end up just watching him. Im not saying he’s the culprit for the loss but Im just pointing out the fact that he can be a chris paul if he wanted. Create shots for his teammates by using the double team effectively. There is no reason why he shouldnt be getting 7+ assists a game. That’s the difference between this years kobe and the Kobe that we saw in the playoffs last year.

    • hello world

      Also michael, this isn’t the playoffs so we’ll see what he does come postseason.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      kobe and mj won 10 rings playing like that
      that is the the way the are great, if you expect a nash type of player forget it, (and i say fortunately since he is the biggest loser of the last 20 years)
      and let’s start blaming pointing fingers at other players that as soon as kobe is back stop playing with a sense of urgency

      • daboss1848

        never one to asses any blame on ur namesake?
        (copy/paste form above)
        y put 100% blame on the guys who played well w/o KB?
        y not put 100% blame on KB?
        or how about a novel concept of them being equally responsible.

        • fuckoffcunt

          how about i hold you responsible bc of your terrible communist logic..go die

          • daboss1848

            yeay, i have a fan!!!

  • MIchael

    I also think that Bynum shouldn’t start. He is most effective when Pau is not on the court and vice versa. Odom and Pau have great chemistry on the court and Bynum would be better off coming off the bench. He would dominate opponent’s second teams.

  • Robert

    Agreed. Odom should start instead of Bynum. Or actually, Bynum could start for a few minutes, and stay out of the game after the first time out, break, or foul. Then Odom comes in and plays the rest of the quarter. Bynum should only come in as a sub – to give Odom and/or Gasol a rest, that’s all.

  • Popcorn

    While many people here has some good points. I’ll say the main problem for the team is lack of heart. When Kobe was out about everyone stepped their game up. Now that he is back they are playing slow and no hustle on offense and defense. They have some of the old problems on defense specially with pgs/and sgs; last night Terry and Kid kill us all night long. Another thing I see is the big guys Odom,Gasol and Bynum get frustrated with the no calls and when they get call for fouls. They lose focus by just standing there looking at the refs while the other team big guys just get to the basket and score on us. I saw Bynum not running back on defense several times. That is unforgivable specially this young guy (22 years old) that wants starting status and pt with plays set for him; it’s frustrating to see that attitude. If Bynum wants to have the ball feed to him that’s fine but show some passion and attitude stop the fucking laziness and Gasol needs to stop being Gasoft again.
    As a team the Lakers can play some of the best D in the league but they are way too inconsistent.
    If they want to repeat they better show some heart and start building up some momentum right now. Home court trough the finals is still possible. I hope they start to feel some sense of urgency .

  • Luke makes me Puke

    With Bynum on the floor the offense does not flow. The ball constantly dies in his hands and when he starts dribbling and backing in- FORGET IT! Without the ball, he parks in the middle and clogs things up – especially for Pau. Move Bynum to the bench and start Lamar.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    I’m in total agreement: start Lamar and bring Bynum off the bench. Plus, Lamar is the best rebounder on the team.

    Lamar plays an excellent “Scottie” to Kobe’s “MJ” and he can bring the ball up the floor, forcing his man to move away from the lane, opening it up for Pau to get really low position on the block.

  • xtro

    not worried. doubt if the mavs can play like that in a 7 game series against the champs. champs shot themselves on the foot by not crashing the glass. still little bit worried about blowing leads before halftime. we saw it in memphis and again last night.

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    I hate to beat a drum,but I ve been saying this for 2 years.
    Bynum is not a franchise player and never will be,
    He is slow has no desire and gets freaked out when he is out played.
    La mar needs to start. He can play with Pau. much better.
    Bynum cries about the refs and he dosent muscle his way in.
    People were saying Bynum was better than D Howard
    no way. Who would you take Bynum or D howard ?
    Yes he is young but so is Bush ,Oj Mayo and lookat them.
    Bynum needs to trade him he wont helps win a championship ever.

    • Kobe8/24

      100%. I never bought into that “Bynum is the future” bullcrap. I don’t think he plays ball because he loves it, I think he plays coz he’s just big and has the size for it.

    • daboss1848

      How many franchise players do we need? KB is our franchise player – thats it.
      Stop expecting things from players that they can’t give you. KAJ didnt muscle his way in – he did fine, i think.
      On a side note, its amusing to see the same ppl praising LO this yr. who wanted him traded in the past.

  • tradesasha

    bynum sux man, phil should bench him and start lamar odom instead. The offense seems to flow better when both lamar and pau are on the floor at the same time, bynum seems to slow down the offense and clog the middle up. I say bench the big douche if the lakers wonna better ball movements. Sunday against the those thuggets is a must win for the lakers, peace!!