It was an ugly beginning and a beautiful finish Saturday night in the State’s Capital.

The Lakers opened the game with poor shooting and several turnovers, and finished with clutch tip-ins and three point baskets.

After a poor start, this game went back and forth until late in the fourth. The Lakers opened up a decent late lead, but blew it to Sacramento who had the lead up 2 points on the final play. With 11 seconds to go, Kobe took a terrible three, Fisher got his rebound, missed a shot and it was tipped in by Gasol with .4 seconds left.

In the final overtime, it was all Kobe who suffered from an elbow injury… but you couldn’t tell with those two huge threes he hit. As well as Kobe played, the other Lakers helped make this a W. Brown came off the bench and helped fill Artest’s spot. Pau had the game saving tip, and Fisher got a huge rebound and key steals.

Three Lakers played more than 50 minutes tonight and 5 Lakers hit double figures. The Laker defense held the Sacramento Kings to 40% from the field and only 6 of 25 from three point land.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe again hits clutch shots on his way to 38 points on 16 of 30 shooting.

2) Pau had 24 points, 11 boards and 6 blocks! It was a block party tonight for the Lake Show!

3) Brown did amazing off the bench, especially late in the game. 15 points!

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Bynum shot 1 of 9 for the game.

Play of the Night: Pau’s tip in.

What to Look for Next Game: The Warriors come to Los Angeles on Tuesday night and expect another fast paced game!

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Go Lakers!

  • drive-for-16th

    I honestly don’t think Bynum is going to the all star game. But Pau should with Kobe.

    • http://LakersNation Drama boy

      Come on now… be fair to him. He is inconsistent but when he brings his game, you know what he can do. Remeber the career high game he had against the Clippers with 42 points? Remember he was averaging 20 points per game before Pau game back so we know what Bynum can do if Pau isnt there and vice versa. Just dont be too harsh on him, or on any Laker player for that matter. Im still voting for Bynum, give him a chance to play against the greats and build his game up. I wanna see that happen.

      • Don’t Hate Nate, Better than Vujabrick

        yup, and he also had 4 assist and 9 REbounds tonight, scoring ain’t everything and the Lakers has enough scorer.

      • Eidraq

        A. 42 points against the clippers of last year..when being guarded by a rookie deandre jordan can be accomplished by samake walker

        B. An allstar can adjust their game no matter who they play with or against

        he’s back to his fouling ways..he does not deserve to be an allstar

        • Eidraq

          shooting 1-9 against spencer hawes is sad

          • LakersAllTheWay

            The nine rebounds and 4 assists were good. We all know he can shoot and he will do better next time but the rebounds and assists were an improvement.

  • drive-for-16th

    all star game is less than 2 months away, Bynum has to pick it up because hes not playing well at all. Shannon was crazy tonight, really good job by him. No words can describe Kobe. Pau did amazing.

    Ron artest we need you dawg.


    • http://LakersNation GetNate

      Bynum is 3rd in votes for Centre in the west, so hes doing well.

  • drive-for-16th

    Farmar taking dumb shots again, everytime he touches the ball im afraid he’ll take a bad shot.

    • Eidraq

      i feel the same way

  • drive-for-16th

    Scoring isn’t everything but you cannot go 1-9

    • http://LakersNation GetNate

      Dude, if Ariza went 1-9 you wouldnt say anything (considering he stayed). The dude went 0-9 against Raptors and scored 1 point, then was ejected. Hows that?

      • Eidraq

        it was bad…no one covered for him then..even as a laker he received std a few times

  • LuisScola4 HOUS.ROCKETS

    Fuck the Lakers, we have Ariza now and we will beat you guys…… AGAIN! LOSER, Lakers are all bandwagoner fans!!!!

    • http://LakersNation Lame…….

      dude just by saying you is a rockets fan is embarrasing enough. i feel sorry for you, you know them rockets is not gonna make it past them lakers in the playoffs. if them feel happy that they take lakers to 7, so be it, but it aint mean ish if they cant be lakers… why dont you go to them rockets nation? oh wait, them dont have one cause they is full of bandwagoner rednecks

      • LuisScola4 HOUS.ROCKETS

        T-Mac can kill Kobe in scoring anytime

        • http://LakersNation Drama Boy

          He has a good way of doing it. Once he has an injury, hes out for a season and a half. Kobe mean while, has an injury, tape it up and its good to go. Who wins? By the way, TMAC is a 2nd Round virgin, cant make it out the 1st round, and he never will.
          Ok let TMAC score 100, will it give him the 4 rings Kobe has?

          • LuisScola4 HOUS.ROCKETS

            didn’t the rockets almost make the Western finals and bbet your LAkers

        • http://LakersNation Drama Boy

          Didnt Lakers almost win the finals in 2008 against Celtics? Theres no point saying ‘ish wouldve happened if it didnt. You happy that they ALMOST made it, thats something that the Lakers want to work on. The Rockets ALMOST made it to the WCF. DAMN, I bet the Lakers couldnt sleep at night knowing that the Rockets ALMOST made it to the WCF. Hey Luis Scola’s biatch, guess what, they didnt. They can almost make it as much as they want, it wont make them an elite team because they ALMOST made it. The Lakers wooped them ass in fashion.

  • ATLakers

    Yo next game is Monday @ Phoenix, not Tuesday vs. GSW.

    • Stephen Curry

      Your a gay ass Indian curry eating

      • Ebony eating the White Flesh

        @Stephen Curry,
        STF up, this is the Lakers nation not The Gay Bay Nation, literally gay

        • Stephen Curry

          Well, you right. I am gay and you know what else, I don’t give a fuck and the whole Lakers Nation!

          WE ARE THE CITY!

          • Ebony eating the White Flesh

            Well,……… that’s life.

          • Eidraq

            you must have something up your ass

  • Ladunce Odumb

    Our bench is CRAP.
    Fartmore needs to go.
    Sasha is a zero.
    Morrison is worthless.
    Luke will be no help.

    Shannon made some great plays, but the others are GARBAGE.

    Fisher’s shot is very eratic. In the paint his shot is a JOKE – his “game” now is to look for a foul – PATHETIC!

    Bynum is such disappointment. He plays like he is NUMB from the neck up.

    Thank goodness a one armed Kobe can still get us a win!

    • Stephen Curry

      you have no life on Lakers and their Nation!

  • http://LakersNation GetNate

    Once again, the Mamba’s heroics in OT saved the Lakers but who got him there is always overlooked. DFISH hit 2 clutch shots against Miami and Milwaukee which set Kobe up for the game winner and that was overlooked. Pau saved the Lakers with the tip in and that was overlooked too. Pau, where would Lakers be without you

  • 09champs!

    Sasha getting some extended minutes hahaha
    well, he wasnt that bad, he didnt shoot that much, but got one 3, two free throws, and some rebounds with average D, so obviously he wasnt a zero, scoring with this team isnt that necessary for the last bench guys.
    Jordy is the one that is getting back to his shoot-no-matter-what mentality, he needs to get back to do what he was doing the previous 2 weeks or so. And kobe, well, what can i say… the man would be able to play without one leg and no right hand, unbelievable.

  • ron ron

    well for bynum i dont mind if he score less as long as he puts up rebound and blocked.

  • Jim

    Man these guys are gonna give me a freakin’ heart attack, thank God Pau got that tip in and Kobe hit those back to back threes. I would have went to bed completely pissed off. But we’re back on top with the best record again, so all’s right with the world for another night.

    BTW, if any of you guys wanna do a little mind messing with some Celtic fans, go over to, click on Celtics and then discussions, and do some posting, those clowns spend more time bashing the Lakers than they do talking about their own team. I’d love to see them get flustered by a flurry of posts from Laker fans :-)

  • laTIMES

    This is a website for LAKERS fans; all u other haters and non-supporters gtfo.

    Anyways; the kings got lucky tonight to even have a chance to win. If kobe weren’t hurt during the fourth quarter and kept on playing great this game would have ended a while ago. I still can’t believe we won…down 7 and then the tip

    The bench wasn’t terrible but i don’t understand farmar anymore and Andrew has played subpar for a good amount of games. He keeps making the same move in the post and missing his shot. VEry frustrating but as long he defends and rebounds we should b fine.

    Still think our bench needs an upgrade

    GO lakers

  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard

    once again your hero missed the game winner in saw that right…?dbl ot to beat sacramento…really?

    • http://LakersNation Drama Boy

      aye muffer, didnt the queen miss the game winner in regulation against kings and went to ot to win?

      so shut the fuck up and dont say shit if you aint go shit to back it up with, ahaha you nigga sittin behind a screen and talkin shit bout someone that makes enough money in 1 day to buy your house and spit on it, and will sell it and make more than you do.

      aye you white ass nigga, meet me and we’ll fight if you want to be a tough guy, wanna act tough behind a computer, then have the balls to act tough to my face

      pussy ass nigga

      • Sean

        Dude drama boy ur a clown! You have a low IQ…. Instead of “being behind a computer”, go to an education… Then maybe you will make all the money you say you do, so you can afford the gas to come to Long Beach and get knocked out>>> Little man….
        On the Lakers, they are doing OK but need to improve on D, letting to mant little guys like drama boy in the paint. Move the ball around and GET PAU MORE TOUCHES!!

  • Brian Shaw

    im still kinda mad about the debacle on christmas day which was televised on NATIONAL TV.
    that game still leaves me a bitter feeling. the players effort, the whining to the refs, fans throwing foam fingers onto the court, it was embarrassing to watch and waste my xmas day on that game. id have much rather had them give an effort when they played the cavs and take a letdown loss to the kings (a la last year).

  • da truth

    andrew bynum does not have the heart or passion for the game to be great. this game was expected.i think at most bynum is a good player,but i know he has reached his top level of play.ask any professional basketball present or past that watch laker games and has studied the greats of the nba.andrew bynum doesnt have half the love for the game they,that explains for hiswork ethic and performance for lastnights game.

    • Brian Shaw

      Andrew Bynum with another shitty game. He shot 1 for 9 from the field for 3 points and 9 boards. This is what he gets for turning his back on Kareem as though he has mastered all the skills needed to be a great center in this league. It was embarrassing to see 38 year old shaq own him on Christmas Day as though he is still in his prime. I hope phil or someone notices his lack of production as well as complete laziness on the defensive end and gets Kareem or someone else to work with him because this type of production from him just isnt gonna cut it. Our team can be so much better if he just did his job.

    • LakersAllTheWay

      How did Bynum do at the beginning of the season? You forget very easily. Typical laker fan on lakernation. You have no faith. People said Kareem lacked passion. Passion isn’t measured by emotion on the court. He is in a funk and needs to work it out and find his place on this team.

  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard

    bigger bitch?drama boy or the mamba?

    • http://LakersNation Lebron

      Yo momma in bed…

  • Rollin

    Give them credit the Kings are coming up. They took Clevland to OT lets not forget and the comeback against the Bulls was real too! I had a feeling after the game we had Friday, Saturdays was going to be tough, especially without Artest. It’s much harder to defend a championship then it is to go after one. Everyone is gunning for you. As we see in all the haters posting here. Go back to your own forums, unless you have someting real to contribute. I am glad they pulled it off even if it took 2 OT’s. A win is a win. Monday’s game should be interesting. Hopefully we get Artest back. His D was missed Saturday with all the layups and short jumpshots the Kings put up.

  • Vk2

    Bynum is not who you thought he was period. uhhh last year this time around lakers were playing their hardest to prove everybody wrong. But this year they have nothing to play for since they already won the damn title.

    • LakersAllTheWay

      It is still early in the season. Jumping off the band wagon already? Sheesh..

  • http://57.amklac Marwan the tard

    why play hard, pay is the same , why sweat?obama will help all the worthless…

    • http://LakersNation Lebron

      help the worthless? so he is helping you and yo momma?

  • Bynumb the Dumb

    Another pathetic game by the ineffective, DUMB, lazy BYNUMB. I F@CKIN hate this piece of sh!t. No more excuses about his age. Bynumb is stuck on DUMB and LAZY. Lakers don’t need his scoring, when we have enough in Kobe, Pau, Artest, Shannon. Lakers need a center who can REBOUND, DEFEND, and PLAYS HARD night in and night out. Trade Bynumb, Farmar, Sasha for Joakim Noah and Kirk Hinrich. This would vastly improve our bench and team altogether. Bynumb = NEW KWAME+SMUSH.

    • BigSal

      What is your real name so that when Bynum gets his game going we can mess with you and your silly ass posts. Of course you will be a chicken and claim you never said this. You will probably go by another name and say I knew Bynum would make people eat his words.

  • drive-for-16th

    Not picking on Bynum but hes not consistant at all just liek Odom. If they both played hard every night we would never lose.

  • Ladunce Odumb

    The coaches should tell Bynumb “NO MORE THAN ONE DRIBBLE”. When he starts dribbling the ball gets raked away. He should be getting his points off of rebounding.

  • drive-for-16th