Lakers Bucks BasketballIt wasn’t pretty but back to back road games are rough and I will take any win I can get.

This thrilling win took an extra five minutes before Kobe put it away at the buzzer. He’s game winner was a true game winner — down one… it’s win or lose.

The Lakers definitely played down to their competition tonight. They shot the ball poorly again from behind the arc and turned the ball over a lot. Kobe really stepped up his game in the second half after shooting only 3 of 9 in the first half.

The Bucks started out red hot from three point land but cooled off as they finished only 10 of 29. The Lakers were even worse hitting only 4 of 20.

Pau continues to dominate the paint with his rebounding…  he has to be around 80 boards over the past four games.

Now, the bests of the day…

Top 3 Laker Performers

1) Kobe again makes number one… game winner to cap off his 39 points.

2) 26 and 22 from Pau tonight. Doesn’t get much better than that.

3) Odom had another good game… no Laker really did amazing besides Kobe and Pau, but 8 and 7 from Lamar was great off the bench.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Bynum again didn’t do much for the Lakers…

Play of the Night: Kobe at the buzzer.

What to Look for Next Game: Lakers fly up to New Jersey saturday night to battle the Nets in a rare Saturday night game. Should be a blowout.

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Go Lakers!

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    This was a great game. Kobe shows why hes the best there is.

  • the ape

    i think fish deserves something here. he hit a big jumper to keep the lakers in the hunt

    and yah, when is that 7-foot boy ever gonna learn how to rebound?

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      I did post that somewhere else. Without his shot, assuming he missed it and Bogut got the And1 with the missed FT, then Kobe misses the shot at regulation, the game wouldve been over for Lakers.

  • observor

    if people listned 2 the broadcast bynum is said 2 have also been sick…but the diffrence is hes no kobe when it comes 2 ailness

    • 242LakerFan

      I hope he gets over it soon. He’s been waaaay off the past few games.
      Frankly, I think what he’s suffering from is Spanish Flu. His game has dipped since Pau came back, and more so than can be attributed to his dip in PT.

    • the ape

      i agree. i think this kid is still too obsessed with his offense and his numbers he doesn’t see the value of good hard-nosed defense and rebounding yet.

      maybe artest will knock some sense into him. literally or figuratively, i don’t care

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      We just need his presence in the paint if he cant contribute consistently. I do hope he can contribute as much as Pau is now and still keep that presence in the paint.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    Im just throwing this out there, but do you guys think that Lakers will possibly trade Shannon Brown if the right offer came by?
    I mean Brown has been a dominant force off the bench and is the type of player the Lakers need but if an offer came by such as Brown for Beasley or Brown for Rafer Alston. I mean I know those trades are highly unlikely but Im not trying to say they will trade for those players, but players of those caliber.
    Do you think Lakers will trade Brown, the player they love, for a player like those?

    • The Mamba24

      I really hope not, especially for Alston who is 33 yrs old. I think Shannon is improving, and he’s getting a jump-shot now and can play defense. I really hope that they will never have to trade Shannon Brown.

  • kobe_mvp

    go lakers. kobe the best world player

  • short doggy dawg

    Who cares about the win? The Lakers should blow out these teams. My Celtics will never lose a game like this. We won twelve games in a row. Go Celts!!!!!

    • http://LakersNation Marwan..

      I say your win against Knicks in OT was worse than this was. The Knicks only have 8 wins and are under .500, but the Knicks were resting at 1 win at that time. KG had to get WIDE OPEN to get the shot off. If he missed, they wouldve gone to another OT but my point is why didnt the Celtics, your precious Celtics blow out the Knicks rather than it go to OT and be decided on the last WIDE OPEN shot? Explain? Knicks are worse than Bucks so Lakers have an excuse but why couldnt your precious Celtics blow out a team that is under .500? Bucks are a playoff team where as your precious Celtics are sitting atop the East and couldnt blow out the Knicks?
      By the way, Its 11 in a row, get your facts right, and so happy for 11 in a row? For all I care you can go 19 in a row again, that wont satisfy the Lakers if they had a streak like that, anything other than the championship is failure to Lakers.

    • Lakers 24 7

      I’m hoping the Celtics keep winning, so the Lakers snap that streak again like they did last season.

  • Saleenboy818

    Yo short doggy get the fu*k out of here your celtics lost to the phoniex suns bro. Now please stfu!

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    Kobe is CLUTCH
    Lebron is KLUCH

  • short doggy dawg

    The Celtics still run this website. Here’s the proof

  • buho

    Wow Pau… this guy is amazing.. I always will remind that on Feb 01, 2008 Gasol changed the team and made us again a champion’s dinasty
    He and Kobe made us what we are… CHAMPIONS!!

  • Michael_23

    Bynum played well in front of my eyes. He altered shots towards the end of the game and was intimidating to those players wanted to make layups. He should not have the STD. I divide the STD between the 8 or 9 players that played. Kobe, Artest, and Brown didn’t go a good job guarding Michael Redd.