This game was much different than the game on Friday when we faced the Pistons. We started the game slow, but Lakers pretty much took control of the game from the second half on.

The Bulls were able to cut the lead to single digits in the fourth quarter, but it was the Lakers defense that never allowed the game to be put in jeopardy of being lost.

I was a little disappointed that we allowed them to score 109 points, seeing that they’re a team that averages below 100 game, but keeping their field goal percentage at 43% made up for it. The 16 steals and 11 blocks the Lakers had, made up for it as well.

I expected to see Andrew Bynum to be more aggressive tonight, but instead it was Pau Gasol who set the tone early. He had 24 points in the first half and ended the game with 34 points on 14 of 21 shooting. He also had 9 rebounds and 3 assists.

Lamar had his typical quite yet impressive game with 10 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals, and 3 blocks.

Bynum contributed with 18 points and 9 boards with Kobe chipping in with 21 points of his own.

Player of the Game: Before fouling out, Lamar had a solid game, but it was Pau’s night that was more impressive tonight.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s around the back pass to Gasol.

What’s Coming Up Next: The Lakers hit the road to face Phoenix Suns on Thursday.

  • Lakers4Life

    Nice recovery from Friday’s game. Still need to improve on the defensive end.


    first! yes! im the best!

  • Gasol Fan

    Pau Gasol >>>>> Andrew Bynum. When are you going to learn that?

  • IrieVibes

    These post games need some analysis not just a play by play, not trying to diss the writer but I come to this site for in depth Laker analysis than I get reading the AP article on ESPN and this has less than that.

  • skim.

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    what a loser

  • sep08

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    I totally agree with you on this. I love the site and have supported it when it was actually meant for garnett. However it would be great if there was an analysis done on the game.

    As for the game, here are some things that I noticed:
    -Lamar played good offense but was very impatient and not smart on D, he had many silly fouls
    – Kobe played well for most of the game but takes too many 3 pointers in my opinion
    – Pau played great on offense and defense
    – Bynum was more agressive but he still has difficulty while his back is to the basket, his low post moves are not effective and he does not know how to assert himself in to a good position to score. Great job on D, and running the floor though
    – Farmar showed me tonight that he is not smart when it comes to offense. he has so much talent and potential but is still very weak when it comes to decision making on offense. When he got the steal at the end of the game he should have dribbled some time off the clock and setup a play instead of challenging Thomas.

    Overall the lakers did not play a good game defensively, especially on the boards but they still had a couple of 6-7 minute stretches where they shut down chicago and were able to create leads to rest on. Lakers need to play good D again, and Phil needs to think about using a player who can shoot the 3 well and spread the floor aside from Radmanovic.

  • webJUNKEE

    Play of the game was definitely Sasha’s failed dunk attempt. Come on Sash!!! Get some hops boy!

  • xtro

    the machine needs to get a haircut. them long hair carry too much weight that’s why he failed to dunk the rock last night. Supercuts!!!!

  • Michael_23

    Maybe the Bulls are just a mediocre team, but the Lakers didn’t have that swagger like they did against other mediocre teams like the Blazers and the Clippers. Lakers could have blown this out in the 3rd. And Phil relied on the bench to finish the game, but he had to put back Kobe in to finish the game.

    LO played great but they’re were at least 2 fouls that shouldn’t have been called on him. The refs didn’t like em and I don’t usually complain about refs but the officiating I thought was horrible last night.

  • jason420_7

    i thought we played well except for in the rebounding area..not sure what final numbers were but at one point in second half the bulls were outrebounding us for the game and thats just not exceptable against an undersized team like chicago..i think the amount of points we gave up were more a product of a fast paced game then bad d..although i thought we shouldve slowed things down a lot sooner and pounded the post more…good win though L.A.

  • Billy Kupchak

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    actually, 2nd but continue to pretend :D

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    if he’s a Legit Lakers Fan, he is a winner! :cool:

  • Mr. Miyagi

    Does anyone have the video of Sasha missing the dunk?

  • Nabil

    just happy to start a new winning streak. :) Nice game for Lamar? Great, let’s trade him now before he goes and destroys his trade value.


    Ariza to Pau (alley-oop),play of the game.

    Our Big 3 handled business…Kobe,Gasol and Bynum aka “The KGB” aka “The RhineStone Cowboys!!!

  • daboss1849

    STD is Luke again. the guy looks absolutely lost out there. if i hear 1 more time how much basketball IQ he has i’m going to puke… its really an insult to black players when they say that high IQ for these white players who can’t ball…

  • sketch

    DC, can’t disagree with that play bro. That was definitely bomb bra.
    However, i gotta throw in the behind the back pass that kobe gave pau through traffic too. i was loving it last night. i have pau on my fantasy team and he definitely blew up last night!!! 20 pts in the first quarter? i was like who the hell does he think he is, kobe bryant? LOL!


    Sketch,again you come to the rescue…how could I forget about that one.Thanx,Big homie.

  • as1084

    what happened to our D???? We gave up back-to-back 100 pt games at home after not allowing one 100 pt games the first 7 games. and since when did Luke Wilson coach the Bulls???


    We can’t shutdown everybody,they contained them just enough to get the win by going on those runs.Twice they had them by 15,one time it was 17.Chicago is no push over.

    I still want Tyrus on this team…love his attitude..but four turnovers,mmmmm,not good but he’s still more productive than Luke.

  • sketch

    DC, don’t you think that Tyrus was more productive than even LO? LOL.


    I hate to admit…but yes,just for last night,LO is way more skilled.

    …but sketch, would you trade Vlad for’em,dude isn’t tough enough for me,he’s a helluva shooter but not productive,especially on the defensive end.

    I dedicate this to sketch,

  • sketch

    DC, in a blink of an eye!!!! that’s how fast vlady would be gone. i wanted to kick his ass to the curb after the friggin snowboardin accident! we all know that the only reason why vlady is in the starting rotation is because phil wants LO to be the force on the second unit, not because vlady deserves it.

    tyrus was playing hard last night and had a really nice block. this dude will help us play better and tougher d throughout the season. he also brings a physical toughness with his inside game…he’s always looking to dunk, unlike the soft euros. although, i’ll give vlady props for his d last night. he can’t do that on a consistent basis.

    if there’s a possibility to pull off the trade, i’m all for it! i know that vlady’s a good 3 ball shooter, but he’s so inconsistent. he’ll often go 0 for 8 or something ridiculous like that. he really needs to take off the lakers uniform and stop embarrassing us. LOL. am i a little too critical? LOL.

    can’t help it, i love the lakers!!!!! i just want us to win!!!

  • sketch

    oh, by the way…thanks for the video DC. enjoyed that very much!

  • LakersFirst

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    Tyrus Thomas is an NBA bust (so far). The #4 overall pick and he hasn’t an impact on the Bulls. Again, I thank God everyday, you are not the GM of the Lakers (thank you God, thank you).

    so far, you wanted the Lakers to get Keyon Dooling, Mikael Pietrus and now Tyrus Thomas. Who’s next, Randy Foye?


    LakerFirst..sorry,but Vlad is the did see last night’s game,didn’t you? Yeeeeees,you did and Tyrus looked VEEERY ‘productive’like I’ve been saying for months now..and you know it too.Good to have you back,though,I need an antagonist,a SuperVillain to,ah forget it,I don’t wear tights but you get my drift.

    Tyrus/Pau/Bynum in the frontcourt would propel this team’s toughness up 1000%..we don’t need another 20 plus guy,all we need is someone with an ATTITUDE,a get up in ya’ grill player and YOU KNOW IT as well as everybody on this site knows it.

    Gotta love sketch’s comments,not because he agrees with me on Tyrus but he and lot guys here know one thing…EITHER GET TOUGH OR GET GONE,IT’S ALL ABOUT THOSE ‘CHIPS FROM HERE ON OUT!!!!!!!!!




    Hey DC… You hit it right on with Michael Pietrus though… I wasn’t quite sure of your request initially (for Pietrus), but I hear the guy has been a total beast, not only defensively, but also offensively… Lakers could have used, this dude!


    I appreciate it.Yeah,people was cussing me out about that dude but I knew he was going to be like ‘dat…especially defensively,which why I was yelling for’em all summer.

  • Katie Spaeder

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    I’m sorry you didn’t like my post-game. I guess I’ll try to do it different next time.

  • LakersFirst

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    Mikael Pietrus. Please, you want yet antother small forward/shooting guard. Don’t we have enough of those guys? Let’s see, there is Ariza, Kobe, Sasha, Vlad, Luke and you want yet another one. I guess you’re perfect team is nothing much small forwards and shooting guards.

    BTW: Tyrus Thomas is a bust.


    I guess Pietrus was a bust too,huh.See sometimes it’s just the team you are on…and we all know,after MJ departed,half there training staff found other jobs.If Tyrus was to come to the Lakers and put him with Kareem,IT’S A WRAP!!

    See I know good players when I see’em…but I got another one,Luke for Adam Morrison…yeah,you know you like that.


    For LakerFirst..please read last comment of this article,