The Lakers are back at home to play a pivotal Game 5 against the Rockets; it’s a three game series now.  The Lakers had an embarrassing effort in Game 4 and in the process missed out on a golden opportunity to take a commanding lead in this series with the chance to closeout the series tonight.

The Rockets were playing without Yao Ming unfortunately the only team to suffer was the Lakers. It was a known fact that Houston would be playing with emotion but the Lakers appeared to be sleepy or simply not ready to play. It looked as if the Lakers mailed it in, literally took the game off as if they could cruise to a win.

The Lakers came into game 4 as if they had an advantage not realizing that they had walked into a trap game. The Lakers failed to match the energy level & intensity of the Rockets and took a beat down.  It’s only right for the Lakers to play active & aggressive like an angry team with a sense of urgency and return the favor.

The Lakers didn’t play any defense and provided the Rockets with several open shots that they took full advantage of. The Lakers were destroyed by Aaron Brooks and the pick and roll play, there was entirely too much standing around on defense. It led to several open three point shots that the Rockets knocked down with ease.

The most disgusting thing had to be seeing the one dimensional former Laker Brian Cook inserted into the game, he piled on and was allowed to knock down a three pointer. The Lakers might not be a full strength but that doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is for the Lakers to regroup make the necessary adjustments and win this game.

The Lakers need to do what they didn’t do on Sunday control the tempo, control the glass, get back in transition, stop the dribble penetration and rotate out to three point shooters.

The Lakers have a size advantage and that needs to be exploited. The Lakers need to go back to the basics and establish Pau Gasol in the post. The Lakers need to focus on making aggressive moves toward the basket and attack the rim.

Tipoff: 7:30 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: TNT
  • Houston: TNT


  • Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Houston: KILT Sportsradio 610 (Craig Ackerman)



  • Lamar Odom (Back) Questionable


  • Yao Ming (Foot)
  • Tracy McGrady (Knee)
  • Kobe8

    i seriously dont know what to expect in this game. I’m so nervous, but on the other hand i still have faith.

  • paulpierce_best

    u guys are done hahaha. no more championship kobe….. lol u can’t even beat rockets without yao. hahah thats pathetic. And even lakers can pass the rockets i dont think they can beat the nuggets lol. u guys stop dreamin. Pierce is the best player in the world not kobe. u guys are finish. wooooooooooooooot celtics ftw

  • Lakers-Zone


  • 24isback

    Im not worried Kobe is not gonna let our team play stuid and soft like sunday were gonna win the next two games with ease and beat the overrated nuggets in 6

  • oooP

    watch the lakers bounce back, i know what to expect: the lakers coming out pissed. they got punked no doubt, but i have faith in what phil is going to change as a coach and (still) faith that kobe is the most dangerous player in the league and he’s backed into a corner.

  • Geloman

    The Black Mamba and his posse will strike a deadly blow tonight. The Rockets will go home dazed and in pain and The Black Mamba will finish them off in Game 6. SSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  • WifelovesLuke

    ” 24isback
    May 12th, 2009 at 11:42 am
    Im not worried Kobe is not gonna let our team play stuid and soft like sunday were gonna win the next two games with ease and beat the overrated nuggets in 6″

    Ha Ha! I like how you call the Nuggets overrated but it takes us 6 games to win the series and game 6 is on their floor. The way the Lakers are playing, Denver is going to make it very tough for us to get back to the finals. Beleive me…I’m a Laker fan. Have been since 1981, but win the next two with ease? Have you been watching this series? Be a fan, but not blind or unrealistic. The Lakers are in for a fight. This series goes 7!

  • Michael_23

    Rockets with no Yao = Old Running Phoenix Suns Team

    Fast Transition Baskets
    Jack up 3’s

    … But with good perimeter defense!

  • Cookie Monster

    Three things:
    First- if the Lakers can’t stop Aaron Brooks from penetrating and dishing, why don’t they try a 2-3 zone or something similar?
    Second- our main goal is the finals. If Orlando advances (because surely Boston has no shot at Cleveland), will they win the first game because Cleveland has not truly been tested yet? And how much will that throw the Cavs off their amazing run so far?
    Three- Bynum will be big these next two games, if he gets minutes. Just my prediction.

  • Billy Kupchak

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    very good analogy Michael_23! :cool:

    BTW, i will be @ the Staples Center tonight. find me in the Royal Room during half-time, drinking some TLN! ;)

  • J


  • dEDGE

    There’s room on the band wagon again after all of the fair weather fans got off at the last stop.

  • cjm

    why would bynum all of a sudden start contributing? why would anything change at this point in the season? clearly the lakers are a soft team that really doesn’t care enough about a championship to go out an fight for one. they are short at least two key players, maybe three (center and pg). until the personnel issues are addressed, they will keep on coming up short. really, it isn’t a surprise that they lost to the celtics last year, but that they managed to get to the finals at all. at least the nfl is getting warmed up, because for this lakers fan, the nba season is pretty much over at this point.

  • 123kid

    [Comment ID #70949 Will Be Quoted Here]

    who the f*ck are you! paul pierce isnt even a factor in the playoffs. rondo is your best player and you guys have to rely on someone named big baby to hit a game winner. he even has to knock down a 12 year just cuz thats the only person who he knows he can stand up against!

    i bet we wont be seeing you here anymore when the celtics head off fishing soon! gtfo!

    lakers are stepping on the gas tonight and off to see denver next series!

  • LA4eva

    Who let that Boston Scum in here? Anyhow, this version of the Lakers is the most schizophrenic I can remember following.

    I honestly don’t know what to expect tonight but it should be interesting to say the least.

  • oooP

    wow, idk why you would post such garbage. the series is tied 2-2, LA has homecourt, we went to houston and did what we had to do, which was win ONE on the road. unfortunatly all that really happened in game 4 is we lost all the momentum we built up.

    maybe that loss just made this series a little more personal for the team and gave them the extra focus. i just dont see kobe going out like that…

  • Kobe8

    i just hope Kobe doesn’t try to do too much.

  • berks24

    I agree for the 2,3 zone.there is no need to double their bigs we have 3 7 footers including mbenga,and kobe should have to stick to his man(shane) no need for a help defense from him.they must not allowed any 3 pointers to take a shot cause they might get lucky like just what happen.i just hope that phil will use their size,aswell as kobe to attack the basket first and draws some foul, take the defense and kick the ball out,and hope that receiver drains the wide open 3 specially shooters.

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    I just hope they come out tonight and show some pride and anger at the humiliation they suffered on Sunday, play well and bury Houston.

    Make them realize that Yao Ming is really gone for good, take away all hope, and make Houston realize they have NO SHOT at winning this series!!

  • gugy

    We better play our A game with lots of heart and determination.
    We can not give Houston any hope going into game 6.
    Hopefully everybody is in the game.

  • Deus_Ex

    We need to stop flirting with the title and damn sweep it off it’s feet already!!!

  • Michael Perez

    Kobe neeeds to get to the rim… AND GET MORE FREE THROWS!
    also, Bynum should start against the rockets small frontline and dominate. lakers need to pound them in the middle with their HUGE size advantage and play the power game amd slow things down
    LETS GO!!

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #70955 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i’d have to disagree, whereas i usually agree with you.
    this series goes 6. not to say i’m not nervous. and/or not to jinx, but i dont think we let this go to 7.

  • avcpl

    without Yao, the Rockets are nothing more than the Bobcats.

    Uh oh.

  • StarryAri


  • battgyrl

    aren’t you guys nervous you should be rockets are going to kick your not the best in the west butts

  • armo


  • jason

    I don’t understand why Boston fans stop by this blog to talk trash, it’s kind of ridiculous. They’re 2-2 in their series also, except they actually came to play in all 4 of their games. I can’t say the same about the Lakers.

    I like how you brought up Brian Cook managed to score in game 4. That’s pretty much the ultimate insult to me. If you’re gonna play a bad game, at least lock up that loser.

  • jCL smooth

    i dont see why we cant play a backcourt of fish, brown, or farmar together. we used to play fish and b-shaw together. when houston plays small again, putting out two fastest guard out there with kobe, pau, odom, or bynum combo in the front court souldnt be that bad.


    if we play that line up, total pwnage

  • Zoom Kobe II

    Dear Phil Jackson,

    Next time our opponent goes on a run, especially when it’s to extend their lead well into the double digits, would you please consider the following: CALL A *&$% TIMEOUT!!! We all know you like the guys to “play through it”, and that very well might be a good lesson to learn, but guess what? Game 4 of the conference semis in Houston when we have an opportunity to take control of the series IS NOT the time to teach this lesson. It’s actually the time to make IN GAME changes according to the situation. Please consider this letter from here forward.


    Zoom Kobe II

    PS. Jeannie’s hot!

  • lilkobe24

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    yeah i dont think phil will be reading this FYI

  • Stephen

    I just read an article on Houston’s website and it says they’re just gonna keep on shooting threes the whole game…

  • Joel

    [Comment ID #70949 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahahah you scumbag. Your a complete joke. oh yea u are saying sh** bout us? look at ur crap team….

  • Stephen

    Don’t listen to him, just another worthless bandwagon celtic fan

  • Metalhead09

    hey man whats with the third grade writing, starting every damn sentence with “The Lakers”. Learn how to write man.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #70949 Will Be Quoted Here]

    HAHAHA, the Suckdics f’n suck. Come on homo, the Suckdics had troubles with the Bulls for crying out loud, and the Bulls suck!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #71008 Will Be Quoted Here]

    where are you batgirl?