Game one is in the books, 1 down 15 to go. The Lakers started the playoffs and their quest to win a championship with a 13-point win over the Jazz. No pun intended but the game did provide a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly that we’ve seen all season as Lakers fans.

The Lakers were efficient and played a great first half of basketball. The first half effort allowed the Lakers to take a lead.

The Lakers had contributions from several players and played well on both ends of the court, in the first half. Kobe Bryant had a great game, he also had an efficient game as evidenced by his first half stat line that read 12 points on 5-of-7 shooting and 5 assists. The Lakers are 39-3 when he shoots less than 21 shots.

Kobe draws so much attention from an opponent defensively that he put the Jazz in a familiar position of pick your poison him scoring a huge amount of points or him getting his team involved.

The Lakers communicated and played solid defensively holding the Jazz to 35% shooting in the first half and 39% for the game. The Lakers were dominant in the first half shot able to increase said lead, it grew to as much as 22 points by the end of the half (The Good).

Deron Williams played well leading Utah’s offense posting a double-double putting up 16 points and an amazing 17 assists. Carlos Boozer had a strong effort and put up 27 points (The Bad).

Utah was able to get the Lakers in foul trouble and continuously get to the free throw line. Pau fouled out of the game, Andrew had 5 fouls and Lamar had 4. The Lakers committed way too many fouls and will have to play defense without fouling.

Despite the fact that the Lakers have a long front line they were out-rebounded by the Jazz. Utah also got 42 points and 17 rebounds from the power forward position as Boozer and Paul Milsap were recipients’ of several of Deron Williams 17 assists (The Ugly).

One adjustment could see the Lakers take the ball out of D. Williams hands.

The Lakers know what they have to do but have to avoid easing their foot off of the accelerator. The Lakers will take the win but without the turnovers, fouls and being out-rebounded the margin of victory in game one could’ve reached 30.

This will be a physical series and several adjustments will be made. The Lakers need to continue to establish Pau in the post and allow him to go to work offensively or set the table for his teammates.

Tipoff: 7:30 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: FS West 1 HD (Joel Myers & Stu Lantz) & TNT
  • Utah: FSN Utah (Craig Bolerjack & Ron Boone)


  • Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Utah: KFAN 1320 (“Hot” Rod Hundley )



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  • Mehmet Okur (Hamstring)
  • BE_ALakerFan

    Let’s go!!! I don’t have time for games. We need to come out and dominate.

  • dEDGE

    Can’t make it to a game? Want to know what Staples Center is like during the playoffs?

    … Sasha Vujacic hitting the floor after running into a moving screen set by a smiling Carlos Boozer. Phil drawing on his clipboard during a timeout. The moans from the crowd when Luke Walton shoots. The cheers he gets when he makes a shot. How effortless Kobe shoots the ball… More here: http://steveodesignedge.wordpress.com/

  • T. Franco

    Game 1
    Lakers beat the spread by 1pt phewww!
    What does the Laker Nation think about tonights game?

    Lakers -12
    Over/Under 211

  • oooPatrick

    really like your blog dedge, I wanna see the lakers NOT let the jazz in an INCH. Give em something to think about going to utah.

  • Myself

    Lake show has to care of business tonight and not let the Jazz get any confidence. Besides that….Has anybody heard this rumor that Big Bynum is dating Rihanna, that boy sure is balling right now. First the Playboy mansion and now Rihanna and next the Championship. ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!

  • WifelovesLuke

    Is it just me or do the Lakers sometimes look bored with their opponent? That they can just turn it on when they want and are in complete control? I can understand that occuring in the regular season, but the playoffs? Jordan’s Bulls would stick a dagger in your heart and kill your spirit. Our team of talented roll players and two superstars just seem too content. Make a statement tonight! Give Utah something to think about for the plane ride home! Put doubt in their minds with a 20-30 point win tonight! Send a message to the rest of the league that says “LOOK OUT”!

  • Mr. Laker

    Hard to make a pre-game for the same team isnt it….aha

  • Kobe8

    Need to make sure we beat them by 20+ so that they go back home shook and a broken spirit.

  • Amir 714

    I have extra tickets to tonight’s game. I need to get rid of them they are located in the premier section 18 and 8 rows 1 and 2. will sell for face value. call or text me
    714 501 4422

  • lakerfan

    Amir only if i lived in LA, u guys are so lucky….Damn u all !!! Just kiddin lakers 08-09 champs

  • Lakezilla

    I heard about that Rhianna/Bynum story. When i saw him play on Sunday, he looked terrible. He was sluggish, no bounce in his step and his timing was way off (alcohol and no rest will do that to you). He played way better in the previous 4 games so I thought to myself, this dude was out partying last night knowing he had an early Sunday playoff game. So it was not a big surprise when i found out he was at Baron Davis’s birthday party all night with her. Yo Drew, start thinking with the head that’s on top not the bottom. We’re in the playoffs now and need you beasting it out. Party all summer after we win the championship. I don’t want to hear about him being 21 and young blah blah blah. Time for him to be a man and step up in his first real playoff experience. We can’t keep giving up 20+ offensive rebounds(Bynum had 3 rebounds i think). Next series, Yao Ming will eat him alive if he keeps doing stupid ish like this.

  • i hate the color green

    hey whatever happen to that troll joseph, hmmmm i guess things aren’t looking good for the smell-ticks, good luck getting out of the first round. ask ‘em if they like apples??

  • mr.clutch101

    Lakers need to sweep these motherfu.ckers—stop playin games and handle business.

  • mfoznot

    That isn’t a pun.

  • Paul

    [Comment ID #68651 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • sincebirth1

    They need to play 4 quarters of tough and smart defense… Offensively we are fine as long as we stay with in the offense.

  • PL

    Bynum will get more minutes, more touches and finish with 17/10/2 tonight….Pau 20/8/2, Kobe 35-6-4 , LO 12-7-2, Trever 10pts, the rest of the guys will play solid and the lake show WILL score over 120pts in a win tonight….I am expecting the Lakers to finish these guys off in 5 games…


  • kevin


  • jason007

    man some of u are greedy….i dont care if we win by 30 or 3…just win…they all count the same.