The Lakers made a statement in a series swinging Game 5 by providing the Rockets with a historical 40-point beat-down one that won’t be easily forgotten. The Los Angeles Lakers are in Houston set to do the same thing in enemy territory.

When a seven-game series is tied at 2-2, game 5 will show the teams true colors and the better team will win that game. The Lakers left no doubt in that game but know that they can play better.

The blueprint is already set and the Lakers know exactly what they’ve got to do. The Rockets don’t have the size inside to slow Lakers. The Lakers destroyed the Rockets in Game 5 proving that point, but most importantly realize that they’ll have to play better to end this series.

Game 6 is a closeout game, winning on the road is a tall order but the Lakers were the best road team in the league during the regular season. Some people have even stated that they’re not convinced about the Lakers winning tonight due to what happened in the last game in Houston.

Houston caught the Lakers off guard and won Game 4, props to them. Perhaps those same ‘haters’ didn’t notice that the Lakers made their adjustments bounced back and broke the Rockets in half and this game should be no different.

The Lakers are building momentum for the remainder of the playoffs but aren’t losing sight of what is at stake or looking ahead and appear to be focusing on the matter at hand which is beating the Houston Rockets.

The Lakers put together a solid performance as a team; 7 Lakers had 10 points or more. The Lakers need to come out and play with a sense of urgency, high energy level and show a lot of intestinal fortitude.

Look for Kobe Bryant to come aggressive and on the attack to set the tone, the team will follow his lead. The Lakers need to make aggressive moves toward the basket and attack the rim. This is the sure basket time of the year and the Lakers don’t need to settle for jump shots.

The Lakers have a size advantage and need to play smart basketball by establishing both Pau Gasol & Andrew Bynum in the low post and run their offense from the inside out. Andrew Bynum was big in the last game scoring 14 points and grabbing 6 boards, the Lakers need a repeat performance.

The Lakers need to control the tempo, boards, get back in transition, stop the dribble penetration and rotate out to three point shooters. The Lakers also need to limit the Rockets to one shot per possession and have to contest every shot. The Lakers played well defensively and forced the Rockets into several turnovers, they’ll need the same energy and effort tonight.

Taking care of the items mentioned will take the crowd out of the game and inform them that they’re watching the last game of the season for their team as well as another beat-down.

Tipoff: 6:30 PM PST


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  • Houston: ESPN


  • Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Houston: KILT Sportsradio 610 (Craig Ackerman)



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  • Yao Ming (Foot)
  • Tracy McGrady (Knee)
  • lainok

    Whatever has bothered the lakers this season, and this post season that has kept them from bringing their game to that next level, I think was finally swept away on tuesday night. That doesn’t mean they are going to sweep their way to the championship, but I do think that whatever was eating at them mentally is finally gone. I look for them to win tonight. Maybe not by 40, but a win. beat the nuggets 4-1 to get to the finals.

  • 123kid

    keys to success tonight:
    -hold brooks to less than 15 pts
    -hold battier from getting hot at the 3pt line
    -single coverage defense and collapse in the middle
    -do not let them swing the ball around
    -keep turnover to assist ratio very high
    -kobe has to play faster and take it to the basket
    -bynum has to block shots
    -farmar and brown have to stop aaron brooks
    -win the 1st quarter and step on the gas and never look back!
    -get over 100 pts!

  • kobe

    This is time for Andrew Bynum to shine again attack on the boards and stay on Defense

  • http://n/a Ramos

    When the lakers play the way they did the outher night, NO ONE can beat them. I’m looking forward to the road to victory go LAKERS !!!!!!!!

  • gugy

    Let’s close tonight. No more BS, let’s finish the Rockets and kick Denver ass!

  • SAP89

    the lakers want cavs because you cant beat us…. GO CELTICS!!!!!!!

  • Kobe8

    3 words


  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #71221 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t recall any Lakers or any fans here for that matter saying they “PREFER” the Cavs over the Suckdics. The Suckdics will lose to Orlando in 7

  • LAKing

    They better freakin close it out tonight. I’m tired of this, they need to close it out TONIGHT, NO EXCUSES. If they don’t beat this Yao-less and McGrady-less Rockets team then may God have mercy on their souls.

  • Big Phil


  • felipe

    What the fuck is happening ? There are no excuses for this game we already made them in game 1,4.

  • felipe

    Wtf is hapenning

  • sctrojan

    Disgusting. This team’s not going to win the championship playing like this

  • david gamboa

    kobe sucks. overrated. SOB. good thing lebron won the MVP.

  • WeNeedBynum

    derek fisher is the worst PG left in the playoffs. He sucks he dosent do Sh!t!!!! Sasha blows too, hes a shooter and can’t make a shot. pau is just a b!tch…how do you let these undersized mofos hog you…? this is embarassing we dont deserve to win the Lakers are full of themselves and think they can win by just showing up. Phil is also a Piece of Sh!t everybody sees fisher and sasha blow but yet they still get significant minutes. Start Shannon and let farmar come off the bench. Fisher BLOWS!!!! look at the numbers!!! I hate that mothah fuckah

  • Result

    Refs were blowing their whistles like bitches. WTF with the kick ball call and shit. NBA has to fucking do a better job at calling fouls; a national league calls fouls and regulates a basketball game like that? can’t fucking believe we were watching basketball in U.S., those ref qualities were like fucking shit.