The Los Angeles Lakers came up short in game three and took a loss. It was their first playoff loss in about month. It doesn’t change the fact that the Phoenix Suns have the unenviable task of winning three of the next four games to advance to the NBA Finals; the Lakers won’t allow that to happen.

Several thoughts have arisen to explain the loss, such as shooting way too many three point shots, the zone defense played by the Suns, Lamar Odom pulling a disappearing act. and the big players getting into foul trouble. All are valid reasons for the loss, but what about defensive intensity?

I’ll give credit to the Suns for showing something new with the zone defense. However, I’m not buying the talk that they actually played some serious defense. The Lakers lost because of a lack of execution as well as no defensive intensity. A few things happened in game three that should not have occurred, the Lakers post players were not aggressive enough in establishing position in the painted area and made several ill-advised passes that resulted in way too many turnovers. I have faith that the Los Angeles Lakers will learn from their mistakes, make the necessary adjustments and get back on track with a win tonight.

It is imperative that the Lakers front line play aggressive on both ends of the court. Specifically, I want to see the front line of Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom aggressively establish position in the low post. The guards need to control the basketball and make accurate passes into the post.

The Lakers will win this game by controlling the tempo and making game four a half-court game. They have to trust their triangle offense, it provides a solution for any defensive tactic. They have beaten the Suns in five of the seven played this season because they exploited the size advantage and executed their offense. It might sound simplistic, but focusing on proper execution will be the difference in the game.

The Lakers will re-focus and control the painted area and the glass In game three the Suns were beneficiaries of big nights from Amare Stoudemire and Robin Lopez. I want to welcome Amare to the Western Conference Finals; I heard that he was playing. I doubt we’ll see a repeat performance from both.

During every Laker win, the team was patient on offense, moved the ball to find a high percentage shot going to the basket and did not rely on jump shots. That mentality needs to return.

The reserves have been doing a solid job so far and that needs to continue. The Lakers will probably only get 20-25 minutes from Bynum and should go to him early. I’m expecting Kobe and Pau to set the tone for the evening with the rest of the team to follow. The message tonight will be a familiar one; you had your fun and now it’s our turn to put you back in your place.

Go Lakers!

Tip-off: 6:00 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: TNT
  • Phoenix: TNT


  • Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Phoenix: KTAR 620 AM (Al McCoy & Tim Kempton)



  • Ron Artest (Left Heel Bruise/Sprained Left Thumb)
  • Shannon Brown (Sprained Right Thumb)
  • Kobe Bryant (Avulsion Fracture, Right Index Finger)
  • Andrew Bynum (Small Tear in the Meniscus of his Right Knee)
  • Sasha Vujacic (Severely Sprained Left Ankle) Doubtful
  • Luke Walton (Pinched Nerve, Back) Probable
  • D.J. Mbenga ( Retinal Surgery, Left Eye) Probable


  • Robin Lopez (Back)
  • Steve Nash (Broken Nose)
  • si pepe

    we must grab it strong, play hard, pray harder…:)

    • Mamba Faced 3Peat

      That’s what she said

      • si pepe

        not clearly..but if it is i’m reiterating it to make it clear.

  • si pepe

    as i was watching the game there are things i want to point out. 1. where is artest’s animalistic personality? we need it ryt now. 2. Pau is Soft. 3. Rest Bynum put Mbenga.4. can somebody pls. give the suns a banging message like a hard foul or something? 5. let the suns enjoy their only moment lakers been into this situation patient brothers and sisters…we will win this in 6!

  • kivz

    is it just me or da Lakers Fans???? Bynum need 2 fuckin step up!!! he’s playin like i don’t know.. i can’t explain it!!! LaMar Odom need to knocked down dat 3 pointer n play agressive.. ohh by the way da LAKERS has a WORST BENCH PLAYERS in da NBA ever!!!! dey need 2 get rid off, Vujabitch, Powell, Mbenga, n Walton!!!

  • LakerMarc

    Lakers playing like shit. Maybe in 7 because apparently the Lakers can’t win in Phoenix, and Phoenix play like shit in L.A. So is this a homecouirt thing? Pathetic of both teams

    • LakerMarc

      If Phoenix makes it and play the Celtics, Boston would sweep. Orlando vs. Phoenix..what kind of Finals would that be (WTF). Boston and L.A. That sounds for real…….Lakers need a clue??? Here we go again and now they are reverting.

  • kivz

    i Forgot som3thin 2 say… if da Lakers face Boston in da Finals… there is no way da lakers gonna win it if da lakers playin like this!!!

  • LakerLand Nostradamus

    How much you want to bet Touch Me will show up now and say he is a Laker fan? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Al

    Phil is the worst coach in the league. Same substitution patterns and no adjustment for zone defense in game three or four.

  • trippleocho


  • si pepe

    as i was watching the game there are things i want to point out. 1. where is artest’s animalistic personality? we need it ryt now. 2. Pau is Soft. 3. Rest Bynum put Mbenga.4. can somebody pls. give the suns a banging message like a hard foul or something? 5. let the suns enjoy their only moment lakers been into this situation patient brothers and sisters…we will win this in 6!

  • gugy

    While I do believe the Lakers will win this series, they are just making their life way more difficult than should be. Why in the hell we need to play 6 games or even 7 to beat the Suns?
    Disappointing. We should steal a game in Phoenix. Now we need to go back there and the Lakers gave them reason to believe.
    I just hope this will be like the Houston series last year, a major obstacle that gave the Lakers strength. My only concern is we are not as healthy as last year.

  • Touch ME

    The only knowlegable fan in here is me. The only true Lakers fan. Whats up Nostradamus you seem nervous about this series, what I saw tonight was embarrasing. I told you all not to overlook the Suns and start thinkin Celtics. Nostradamus confidence is WAYYY down. Don’t you all be running when we don’t win the Championship this year. I DARE Nostradamis to predict a game 5 win he won’t cuz he knows PHX is winning. The crystal ball is melting.

    • LakerLand Nostradamus

      I knew it you would show up here loser. You only come here when the Lakers lose and you call yourself a fan, maybe for Boston or Orlando. lol

      I am not worried, the path to glory has obstacles and the true fans are the ones that have the balls to hang in there and support the team. YOU ARE NOT IN THIS GROUP!

      Sorry bro, you can repeat as much as you want, but you are not much more than a pathetic hater.

      Lakers will win as my prediction stands.

      • zestful

        I’m with you if you are a real laker fan come hell or high water you stay till the wheels fall off and there not falling off We are in it to win it ALL

  • Touch ME

    I am no loser, the loser tonight are the Lakers. Boston heck NO if I was a Boston fan I would be in here rubbing there championship down Lakers fans throats ive never done that. If I was an Orlando fan i’d run from this site. I love the Lakers and hate their game of ignorance. Your right, path to glory has obstacles and it happened tonight. I don’t support the Lakers when they lose because I expect better. I’m no hater, i’m only a hater to bad performance and can’t control my anger when LA loses. Just cuz Obama picked LA to win it, it doesn’t mean squat after tonights game he will change his mind

    • BE_A_LakerFan

      Really? Your not even making sense.

    • Kobe24Bauer

      GTFOH troll, we all know you are a loser, it’s true that you only show up when lakers lose. Fu-ck you Fag-got!

      • si pepe

        relax Kobe24Bauer, dont care bout him..Touch me is a non sense puta!

        • lakerman1

          Who apparently likes playing with himself or herself who knows. I guess thats why his/her brain is messed up. To much self pleasure if you ask me. Get a girl or man or whatever you like it is more enjoyable and will make you have a brighter outlook on life.

  • PurpleandGold_legacy

    Yeah right, Boston homer.

  • si pepe

    come on lakers fans! we’ve been into this situation before..denver is much more dangerous than this suns nothing else to say..WE WILL STILL WIN THIS SERIES! NUFF SAID..SO PARK YOUR HAND OFF THAT STUPID KEYBOARD, WASTING YOUR ENERGY DOUBTING OUR LAKERS TEAM. PERIOD. LAKERS IN 6

  • LakerCowboysYankee_BandwagonFan

    We Want Boston!!!! Go Suns!!

    • si pepe

      enjoy your last days of happiness…lakers in 6!

  • Rollin

    What a time to lay an egg. I thought okay the Suns will get game 3 at home since they would not want to fall 3-0 to the Lakers. I can’t believe the Lakers basically played the same way in game 4. The triangle’s biggest threat is the zone defense and once again the Lakers played like they had no clue how to get the ball inside. Swing the ball, let the clock run down and jack up a three, rinse repeat. Forget shutting down Kobe. They closed the paint and the Lakers are stuck with jump shots. Adjustments people ! The Suns obviously made some after the 2 loses in LA. The Lakers need to play better D if the offense is stuttering. Didn’t think we’d be 2-2 was hoping Lakers in 5. Looking more like a 7 game series unless they step their game up and from what I see we’re 50/50 if it goes 7. Hope they can pull it out, fingers crossed.

  • not moses

    Anyone notice that the smaller, younger Suns went run-and-gun right through the late first into the second quarter? When they do this, the older, bigger Lakers try to run with them… and burn themselves up doing so. It only takes three or four rotations up and down the court to put the Lakers’ brains into a state of hyper-arousal from which they don’t seem to be able to retreat. It’s up to Phil to see this, take a t/o and tell them to play Laker ball, which is “take your time, set it up, and take the high-percentage shot.”

  • Aaron

    Can Sasha get some playing time, Phil? Odom: where have you gone? That’s not a good shot, Ron. Go into their bigs, Gasol!

  • toto

    too many bad calls.. well we will game 5 and game 6!!

  • justdogm1

    lakers don`t play smart…………..the suns do.

  • zestful

    Man the Lakers will give you a heart attack and if you have a bad heart definetly a massive one, lets get this
    over with, if they dont play better than this we will have a repeat of 2008