loveodomThe (17-3) Lakers will host the (3-19) Timberwolves tonight on the last game of a six-game home stand. This scheduled mismatch will begin with Timberwolves Head Coach Kurt Rambis receiving his Championship ring and well wishes from the home crowd prior to the start of the game.

Kurt Rambis was hired with high hopes that he could build a winning tradition with the Minnesota Timberwolves. As expected he has struggled to point the young T-wolves team in the right direction.

Rambis will attempt to direct his new team to play well enough to stop Los Angeles from increasing its winning streak to and impressive 11-games.

The league’s top team facing a team with a mere three wins to their names doesn’t sound like the best contest for the viewing public, but the Lakers will receive a strong effort from the T-Wolves and must match the intensity of their opponent.

The Lakers need to play well, execute on both ends of the court as if they’re facing the best in the association.

The Purple and Gold mentality needs to show that it doesn’t matter the name or color of the opponents jersey, but that every team is listed in a group of teams that must be defeated for them to be satisfied.

Minnesota has a young team with a nucleus of players being counted on under the age of 25; Al Jefferson, Kevin Love & Johnny Flynn. This is also the same team that found a way to butcher the first round of the NBA draft despite being in possession of four 1st round draft choices.

The Lakers will dominate this game with their lengthy front line, veteran leadership and execution down the stretch. The T-Wolves have no answer for the Purple and Gold, but Johnny Flynn could be under the mistaken notion that Derek Fisher is the one chink in the armor, so to speak, and attempt to attack him with his quickness.

The Lakers need to control the tempo, the glass, and continue to choke teams out with their stifling defense; force the T-Wolves to execute their half court offense.

The game will be over early for the starters and this writer wants to see all of them scoring in double-digits and on the bench with ice bags on their knees in the fourth quarter with the reserves playing extended minutes and increasing the double-digit lead.

Tip-off: 7:30 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: FS West (Joel Myers & “Hot” Rod Hundley)
  • Minnesota: KSTC-45 (Tom Hanneman & Jim Petersen)


  • Los Angeles: 710 ESPN (Spero Dedes & Luke Walton)
  • Minnesota: 1130 AM KFAN (Allan Horton & John Focke)



Luke Walton (Back)

D.J. Mbenga (Sprained Ankle)


  • None.
  • KING

    “Johnny Flynn could be under the mistaken notion that Derek Fisher is the one chink in the armor”…

  • Trem

    When did D.J. sprain his ankle? He was listed as injured last game too

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  • The Mamba24

    I expect a dominant game, I hope it will be over by the 3rd quarter.

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  • Jack Y.

    How can TLN not post anything about Kobe’s fractured right index finger?! I had to stay up till 5 AM studying for an exam. Therefore, i was in bed recovering, and did not watch the game. I went to ESPN when I woke up and found this out?!

    Is the injury serious you guys? Is it going to keep him out of games?