Suns Lakers BasketballThe (15-3) Los Angeles Lakers will host the division rival (15-5) Phoenix Suns. This is the second of four games this season against the second-place Suns. The defending NBA Champions are still enjoying playing 17 of the first 21 games at home to start the season.

The Lakers and their fans are still buzzing about watching the thrilling 108-107 win against the Miami Heat while adding them to the long list of teams stung by the Black Mamba!

In the first meaningful fourth quarter since the NBA finals; the outcome for the Purple and Gold looked bleak. However, the Lakers backcourt executed the offensive to perfection in the waning minutes, with Derek Fisher hitting a three to bring the team within a point and Kobe’s desperation 3-pointer off the glass at the buzzer became the nail in the coffin for Dwayne Wade and the Heat.

Kobe Bryant showed once again why he’s the best closer in the game. The shot will go down as one of his best shots at the buzzer of his career, despite the fact that Bryant refused to take credit for it stating, “It was the luckiest shot I’ve ever taken, by far… it felt good, (but) I just couldn’t believe this ball might go in on this shot.”

Tonight’s game will be the second consecutive run against a team on the second of back-to-back games. The Lakers issued Phoenix a 121-102 beat down on November 12th with Kobe doing damage in the post and without the services of All-Star Power Forward Pau Gasol, he averages 18.3 points & 10 rebounds against the Suns. His return to the line up has brought balance back to the Lakers which look to extend its winning streak to nine games.

Phoenix played their starters extended minutes in their win over the Kings. The Suns are a team that wants to run up and down the floor and outscore their opponent. The Lakers need to control the tempo and get back in transition on defense. In their previous meeting, the Lakers did a great job of defending point guard Steve Nash, limiting long outlet passes and shutting down the screen and roll play.

The Suns will use this play several ways with the screener slipping the screen and attacking the basket as well as the screener setting up for an open jump shot. Channing Frye has always had a 3-point range; the Lakers can’t leave him.

I expect a repeat performance tonight defensively. The Lakers will use their dominant front line with Andrew Bynum & Pau Gasol and destroy the Suns with points in the painted area.

The Lakers need to stop the dribble penetration, challenge every shot and limit the Suns to one shot per possession. Jordan Farmar is starting to be consistent but the rest of the reserves have to step their game up.

Tip-off: 6:30 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: FS West (Joel Myers & Stu Lantz)
  • Phoenix: My45 KUTP (Tom Leander, Eddie Johnson & Scott Williams)


  • Los Angeles: 710 ESPN (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Phoenix: KTAR 620 AM (Al McCoy & Tim Kempton)



  • Luke Walton (Pinched Nerve, Back)


* Leandro Barbosa (Sprained Ankle)
* Louis Amundson (Flu)

  • mr.laker19

    Still buzzing about the shot from friday

    It was definitely in my top 4 kobe buzzer beaters of all time with phoenix in the playoffs, trail blazers in 04′ (both the regulation tie and game winner) and the 04′ finals when he hit the three to tie and send the game to overtime. The shot was that great, and props to fisher too.

    But Im just disgusted at ESPN’s lack of coverage on this shot. I literally saw the shot once on t.v.. They didnt even lead sportscenter with that highlight. Now if it was Lebron we would have seen it atleast 100 times by now. Its just ridiculous…

    • lakerman1

      I was thinking the same thing. Remember in the playoffs when Lebron made that last minute hell mary shot to beat i believe it was Orlando’ espn reran that shot over and over making Lebron out to be some kind of God. It is quite ridiculous.

  • pete1

    A little off topic here.. I think LO is actually a selfish player, why? Because his of his overpassing. It’s like he’s trying to prove a point.. make a statement.. at the cost of the team. An unselfish player does what’s best for the team according to data (like shoot where the % is highest, pass if your teammate has higher chance of making it.. shoot if you have higher chance of making it, etc).

    So any player that consistently goes against data either lacks bball IQ or is selfish.

    Anyone argue that every player goes against data to some degree. What I’m referring to is obvious acts.. like passing when you’re wide open at a frequent rate.

  • Walnut Odumb

    Lame-O is sure making the dumb plays tonight. Coaches need to get after him.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      Hey you bandwagon asshole, get the hell off this site and dont call yourself a Laker fan. Leave Odom alone, hes a one of a kind player. You were crying when it looked like he was gonna leave and Im pretty sure he didnt stay so you could bash on him. Leave him alone, Im sure when they play big games, he’ll step up like he did last year against Cavs and Celtics.

      • FERN DOG

        Fuck this walmart bitch hey marvan this bitch is talking shit fuck him lo is a great player and these fools are talking shit.FUCK walnut the bitch.Fuck you walnut dum ass.Walmart the bitch.

  • drive-for-16th

    good win tonight. Is it me or is lamar getting a lil lazy, i think he should attack more so the other teams defenders don’t just rest on him.

  • Aaron2416377

    Lamar is pissing me off by not scoring a lot, he is to passive which leads to bad passes and a turnover.

    When he has a open 3 he barley takes it and give it to ron when he is not open.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      In these games with everyone contributing, he doesnt need to score alot. As long as he is playing great D, I dont mind his lack of scoring. Besides we got Kobe, Pau, Artest and Bynum who all put up double digits each game, LO doesnt need to score much, all he needs to do is grab the boards and block some shots and get some steals like he did pretty well today.

      So stop bashing on him, he is one of a kind player in the league, no one else plays all 5 positions like he does.

  • kwame4mvp

    These should be called pre-game report like last season. Report gives the impression of it being done and you are “reporting” on the game.

  • NBAmazingKB24

    We just killed the Suns again…
    Why are you guys complaning about
    LO’s performance again? 20 point victory against
    the #2 in the west (now 3rd) not good enough?
    Stop complaining!
    LO just being on the court will give alot of pressure to
    other opponents. His long arms, rebound, assist and challenging their shots. How many 6ft11″ player do you
    see bringing the ball down the court? That forces his defender to come up top. Talk about spreading floor. His presence is there! No Doubt! He dosent need to score double digits to feel his presence in the team. Scoring isnt everything. We need ppl like LO on the team. Unselfish player ever!
    When he needs to step up he has never
    let the Lakers down. Remember play offs? We wanted L.O. soo bad this year
    We got him! Now support him!

    • http://LakersNation Marwan