The (28-6) Lakers face the (15-18) Clippers in their road jerseys. Technically it is a road game for the Lakers, but come on, it’s the Staples Center and we all know who owns this house. You can call this the battle of Los Angeles or a game between the owner and their tenant, both apply.

There’s nothing like having a road game without actually hitting the road. The Purple and Gold will play 12 of the next 15 games on the road and will actually have to get on a plane for those contests.

The Clippers have actually had some success at home, posting an above .500 record of 10-8., but they were the leagues worse team at home last season (11-30). However, the Lakers have played well at home posting a 20-3 record at Staples Center.

The Lakers won another tough match up against the Rockets. The Rockets are a scrappy team that never gives up and will fight to the very end despite the odds or missing players, you have to respect a team like that.

Andrew Bynum & Lamar Odom stepped up with solid performances and led the Lakers to victory with Kobe having a rare off night, but still scoring 22 points.

This will be a back-to-back game for the Purple and Gold, but this will also be a much tougher than expected one because the Clippers are playing much better, winners of three of their last four games. One of those wins was against a certain team from Massachusetts and I’ll admit it, I enjoyed hearing the phrase “Los Angeles beat Boston”.

The Clippers haven’t had the services of number one draft pick Blake Griffin so far this season, but they’ve still been effective. The ambidextrous Chris Kaman has anchored the team, averaging 20 points & nine boards.

The Clippers will run a screen and roll action offensive set that the team calls “2Up”, it is known as ‘horns’ across the league. It is an offensive action that calls for a big player to start at each elbow and a shooter on the baseline of each corner. One of the big players will roll to the basket while the other spots up. Bynum will have to do a solid job defending Chris Kaman.

This set makes Baron Davis extremely dangerous and provides several options. Davis can drive to the basket to score; pass to one of his bigs for a mid-range jumper, pass to a big player rolling to the basket or dish to one of his shooter’s spotted up in the corners behind the arc if he is double-teamed.

The Lakers are on a four-game winning streak and will be looking to win their ninth straight in this series. The Lakers need to control the tempo of the game, stop the dribble penetration and get back in transition.

The Lakers defense improved dramatically with the return of Ron Artest holding the Rockets to 79 points, the average over the last five games was 109 points. They need to make sure they’re on the same page in defending the screen and roll play, limit the Clippers to one shot per possession, extend their defense out to the three point line and play defense without fouling.

Tip-off: 7:30 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: KCAL & ESPN (Joel Myers & Stu Lantz)
  • Los Angeles: Prime Ticket & ESPN (Ralph Lawler & Mike Smith)


  • Los Angeles: 710 ESPN (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Los Angeles: KFWB 980 (Ralph Lawler, Mike Smith & Brian Sieman)



  • Pau Gasol (Hamstring) Out
  • Luke Walton (Back) Out


  • Blake Griffin (Fractured Left Patella) Out
  • WifelovesLuke

    Lets hope that the travel the Lakers had to do last night after their game with Houston doesn’t affect them on this second game of a back to back.

    You know that I’m being sarcastic right?

    Kaman is on my Fantasy Basketball team so I need him to have a good game even though they lose tonight.

  • drive-for-16th

    This game was a fucking joke, No one tried at all AGAIN!! I hate this inconsistant play, we had 2 good games and the fucking CLIPPERS beat us, how sad is this. Kobe was hurting and no one stepped up. The bench had one good game and thats it for the year for them. Kobe took a lot of shots, some really easy looks that just didn’t fall tonight. Pau gasol pissing me off, missing too many games this year, how are we gonna win if he keeps missing games. Marc jackson said the lakers sowed no passion and urgency in this game to win. I wonder how were gonna do on the road trip. It was a back to back but they didnt travel they went to their own houses and if thsi was on our floor then thsi was a home loss. Last year we were the best road team, so far far were no way near that record we had last year.

  • 342p0undcakersspam

    Come on fake lakers fans lets cry about trades and how the lakers are not going to the finals this year.

  • 342p0undcakersspam

    desecrator93: BOSTON IS BETTER THAN US
    TheFiasco: celtics mavericks finals
    ihateboston10: la is west
    desecrator93: THEY ARE
    desecrator93: IN NBA
    ihateboston10: in the easst
    ihateboston10: boston is still the team to beat
    desecrator93: YES
    showtimelakes: LA is still the team
    zaytoven: if we get arenas we’ll win the west
    showtimelakes: no
    TheFiasco: stupid grammys in january
    lkrz008: they give a false sense of security
    ihateboston10: fiasco wtf
    TheFiasco: its like that every year scrub
    lkrz008: up*
    lkrz008: I hate the home games bunched uo
    TheFiasco: no way lakers win the west this year
    showtimelakes: look at the lakers 01 record vs their 00
    ihateboston10: our schedule is gonna get TOUGH
    ihateboston10: damn
    desecrator93: AND LESS HOME GAMES TOO
    showtimelakes: but we are the champions so every team is going to becoming for us
    ihateboston10: really?
    ihateboston10: rally?
    TheFiasco: artest is an embarassment to society
    desecrator93: YUP
    showtimelakes: we had a better record at this pt last year
    ihateboston10: i miss ariza
    showtimelakes: artest is not right
    Narutofreak1: ARTEST SUCKS
    TheFiasco: ariza, lakers f*cked up
    Narutofreak1: True
    TheFiasco: artest is trash
    ihateboston10: i hate bill
    ihateboston10: **** ARTEST

  • drive-for-16th

    we need to stay healthy, and we need to play hard every night. why does that not get to their heads. no one is hating, its the fucking facts.

  • drive-for-16th

    i hate people calling others haters for pointing out the obvious, the fucking fact. Fuk the real haters.

    • zirk

      I agree with you drive. I don’t understand how fans don’t even care when we lose/struggle to mediocre or garbage teams. It’s always, “let’s not overreact, it’s just one game.” That’s complete BS! Win or lose, when you see the same mistakes and same problems game after game, it gets f-ing annoying! If we played with half the heart and pride that other teams do, we could be unstoppable. But aside from that, we really do have some weaknesses with certain players. I’m not going to name any here, but I’m sure you know who I’m talking about.

  • Gravy

    They just don’t play hard every night, and the second unit doesn’t run the offense properly! Why is Jordan running down with 20 sec. on the s. clock and taking 3’s? Thats just dumb. The only 2 who played hard tonight were shannon and kobe (even though he shot like crap)!!! They need someone to kick them in the @$$ ’cause all of their losses have been lack of effort embarrassments!!!!

  • drive45


    Even if it is back to back…it’s at home..and it’s against the clips…
    In my assessment a simple to team to defend…
    Contain Baron Davis and Chris Kaman, and you’re mostly ok…
    I didn’t watch the game, but from the stats…they weren’t contained…

    Really sad to see how disjointed this Lakers team is…
    Don’t really know what’s going on…
    I think Kobe taking a lot of shots is hurting the team…

    Bynum ain’t happy
    Gasol ain’t happy
    Artest’s potential isn’t maxed out
    Bench is…sigh…

    Lakers consistently being outworked and being vulnerable to lower tier teams…
    And being killed by upper tier teams…losses to Denver, Dallas, Phoenix, and Cleveland…
    Dunno what to say…

    If this doesn’t change…
    They’ll be killed in the next month or so with all the road games…
    They’ll be killed by Orlando, Cleveland, and Boston…etc…
    They’ll be killed…period…

    See you next year…

    I know it’s a little early to be this depressed…it’s just a game…but what I see is a pattern…a pattern of no urgency…

    With all the talent they were blessed with, they owe it to basketball gods to at least hustle and defend well…not even very well…just well…
    Right now…The team should add ‘zy’ to their name…LAzy Lakers…
    Also, Kobe is beginning to show impatience with volume of shots, his doing it with banged up fingers…

    This is not the championship team of 2009…no hunger, no hustle, no desire…
    Right now, they are the top team of the league, but they aren’t feared…
    Every team is gunning for them, but they’re just taking it in stride…

    It’s not too late…but with this kind of habit, maybe it is…



    god, it is so quiet here….
    where are all those stupid fakers fans…
    oh, i c one up there….”drive-for-16th”
    gosh….fakers f*ck up today…

  • drive-for-16th

    This shits getting annoying, we had the games tied at 81, kobe was on the bench and lamar and the bench looked confused out there so lamar just took stupid shots. and i screamed at my tv after farmar just came down and pulled up for a shot, i was like get the fucking ball inside. Why couldn’t lamar guard smith, that was a humiliating the bad defence lamar played on him, for some reason other teams always try their best against us especially the role players on other teams . PAUUU, HURRY THE HELL UP MAN, WE NEED YOU, FUCKIN ONE GUY GETS HEALTHY AND THE OTHER ONE GOES DOWN. please be back by next game pau.


    without kobe…the fakers are nothing…look at the stats and game played. kobe is doing by himself…bynum is total waste…joke. artest is not doing anything. bench? what a joke.. you fakers keep saying you r the best bench, right?
    IN YOUR DREAM!!!!! there are more teams that can compete with your pathetic bench players. who is there….odom? he is not consistent…who else? nothing.

  • drive-for-16th

    get out of here “faker forever” go do something use full with ur gay like, get the fuck out of here u tool.

    Our team isn’t feared i agree with that, we need to pound teams like we did to dallas, then we will be feared!

  • drive-for-16th

    No one said we had the best bench, i don’t know where ur getting that from. get ur shit right fag.



  • drive-for-16th

    hey “faker fan” do feel offended when i call u a fag. The fact is if u don’t like the team the players the laker fans, then why u here. The hate u show can it be because what ever team u like isn’t better than our team. The thing is u don’t like the team but u have so much time to come to this site and spit ur hate out. Are u an immature kid or are u a grown man without a job. Cause it doesn’t sound like u have any thing better to do.


      SAME TO YOU…MORON!!!!!

  • Heron

    Kobe: 10-30

    as great as he was in the third, he tried to snag the headlines and took some awful shots late in the game. The combo of Farmar-Brown-Odom-Bynum-Vujacic brought the game to within 2, and once Kobe came in (right move) went away from who was hot and took some bad shots. Laziness is what we just have to deal with with this Laker team, but I really hope Kobe went home and watched his fourth quarter. I hope the rest of the team went home and watched their team defense too.

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