The 31-7 Lakers are back at Staples Center tonight to face the Orlando Magic. The Lakers split the two-game Texas road trip, beating Houston and losing a tough game to the Spurs. The game against the Spurs was one where little defense was played.

ESPN called the game an instant classic, perhaps for a Spurs fan.

The Lakers gave up way too many uncontested three point shots to the Spurs. In a close loss, it usually comes down to missed opportunities and if the Lakers could have back two fast break chances, three missed free throws and not allowing Manu Ginobli’s three-pointer right before the half the outcome would’ve been different.

The Lakers must snap out of their defensive lapses due to the fact that they face a serious challenge in the 31-8 Magic. Despite Kobe’s 41 points on December 20, 2008; this team beat the Lakers 106-103. The Magic are one of the NBA’s best 3-point shooting teams. Orlando made 12-of-33 three point shots in that game.

The Magic are 15-5 on the road and coming off of game where they set an NBA record by making 23 three-point shots. Dwight Howard is pretty much unstoppable in the low post and when doubled it frees up their multiple 3-point shooters.

The Lakers will have to play him straight up to avoid this. The task will get even tougher for Andrew Bynum, with this being his third game in a row against a top big man. Howard is a beast in the low post, Bynum will have to play good position defense, slowing him will be a team effort.

Kobe Bryant will have a big game. The short-handed Lakers need a big effort from Vladimir Radmanovic.

The task of slowing Jameer Nelson, limiting the drive and kick opportunities will initially be on Derek Fisher but also a team effort. The Magic are a solid defensive team but the Lakers need to throw the ball into the low post and allow Andrew Bynum & Pau Gasol to go to work.

The Lakers need to be sharp defensively tonight. The team has an advantage with their long front line and will win by controlling the tempo, glass, stopping dribble penetration and rotating out to three point shooters.

Tipoff: 7:30 PM PST


  • Los Angeles: Fox Sports West 1 HD (Joel Myers & Stu Lantz)
  • Orlando: Sun Sports, FSN Florida HD (David Steele & Matt Guokas)


  • Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)
  • Orlando: Newstalk AM 580 WDBO (Dennis Newman & Richie Adubato)



  • Jordan Farmar (Knee)
  • Luke Walton (Foot)
  • Sasha Vujacic (Back Spasms)


  • None to report.
  • samV

    I love your last sentence of every pregame

  • Milo

    the Lakers will win this game convincingly Trevor and Fish will guard the arc good and force Jameer to go into the paint where Bynum will be waiting for him…

  • xtro

    All I am asking is that they play solid defense in every game. Defense is offense.

  • Boston sux

    sorry to bring this up…but i can’t let it go….did we really need to go for the steal when we’re up by two and Mason is in the corner of the court? I wouldn’t expect that from Fish at such a big moment….

  • daboss1848

    and if he got the steal . . .


    Don’t blame fish he can do no wrong he is our leader!!!

  • Jeff Little

    SamV, Milo, xtro, Boston Sux and daboss1848 thanks for reading the article and taking the time to comment.

    SamV – Thanks for compliments I feel it is something that needs to happen in every game.

    Milo – I feel you man I’m right there with you it needs to happen. ‘drew has got to play Howard straight up it will be too tough to double him as well as close out on 3-pt shooters.

    xtro – I feel you man I’m right there with you it needs to happen. ‘drew has got to play Howard straight up it will be too tough to double him as well as close out on 3-pt shooters.

    Boston Sux – I hear you but that wasn’t why we lost that game. It was an un-Derek Fisher type play but Mason is one of the top 3-pt shooters in the association. He hit a merry christmas shot. The Lakers will see them at least two more times and they will not be as hot shooting.

    daboss1848 – I agree with you man.

  • Mr. Lakers

    i hate to say this but i think the lakers are gonna lose tonight. the lakers are not good at defending the 3 point line and the magic can flat out shoot it from there. i really hope that i’m wrong though

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lakers should play Howard 1-on-1…let Howard have a good game but don’t give the shooters a chance to shoot…I’m sure Bynum will be fine lol

  • Milo

    oh yea and for those idiots (Cruz Santi) who like to say that i look like Mihm Radmonovic and Sasha it seems like you’re always trying to compare me with all the wrong players, today will be you’re opportunity to see a player that i really somewhat look like and thats JJ Redik you dam morons…


    [Comment ID #58665 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree. Let him get his, he’s good for what 25-30 points? That’s fine as long as the other players are shut down. Last I check, one player can’t outscore a game all by himself especially if the game goes above 25-30 points. So shut down the rest.


    Unlike the first meeting, hopefully Bynum decides to show up today!0


    Hopefully Bynum decides to compete today!

  • Jason

    POS!!!! Lakers have some serious problems, say good bye championship ring

  • YellowPurpleFever

    F THE NBA REFS. These guys decide the outcome of the game. F these REFS. F Stern for hiring these F REFS
    F THE REFS!!!

  • gugy

    [Comment ID #58688 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yes we have problems but who does not?
    You must not be a Laker fan to give up on this team already. F A G!


    YEAH F*CK THE REFS. They screwed us again. We will never win another championship. Bynum sucks. We need to trade him for Kidd. We could have traded Bynum for Jermaine O’Neal a few years ago and blew it. Mitch sucks along with Jerry Buss. Kobe rules!!!


    [Comment ID #58662 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Fish is too old now. He needs to be put out to pasture. Get Jason Kidd. He is younger and knows how to run a team. We will win!!! Do it Mitch!!!

  • Dracul

    Nelson was on fire and he hit one too many 3s. I saw him a 3 over a defender AND a Big man who came over to challenge, he did this TWICE. This is shades of Rasheed when Detroit came over and won. The refs should have called a double T on Gasol/Howard, you can’t elbow people in the face after the play, even if they have you wrapped around the waist.

    I have an observation to make on Phil Jackson for the last 2 games:

    I noticed in this game and the one against the Spurs, that Phil didn’t seem to absolutely want to win either one – in the game against the Spurs he didn’t call a time out on the last play of the game, and instead let them play, which ended up in a scramble play that went awry. In this game, after Nelson hit a 3 to go up by one, Phil once again did not call a time out.

    I noticed that when he wants to win, he’ll call a time out as soon as the other team goes up by more than 3. He controlled the game against the Celtics.

    Now, its possible that since the top 4 teams in the NBA are all within 1 game of each other, that he feels he has some leeway and wants to see how the squad will handle the clutch situations that are sure to come in the playoffs.

    Once again, if they had kept this team under 100, they would have won, so eventhough our offense was working smoothly as it does most of the time, it’s all about defense.

    Lakers need to re-focus on D when LeCrab and the Seven Role Players come to town on Monday.



    Rolling On The Floor! ….. Laughing At The Fakes!
    i.e. King of The Shrimp/ass4sure… HEEHEEHEEHOHOHOHOHO

  • hyperdunk247

    why was marbury at the lakers game?

  • Jason

    these four games (Houston, SAS, ORL and CLE) are statement games and the Lakers so far have only managed to beat the worst one of the four. Getting swept by the MAGIC is not a good thing, I don’t care if you’re trying to let your team figure things out, if you play them in the Finals they will have all the confidence in the world. Phil wanted this game, the Lakers played very well for most of the game and still lost. If you’re not concerned about this loss you should be.

  • Dracul

    [Comment ID #58691 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So had we traded Bynum, right now we would have an aging Jason Kidd that can only occasionally hit a 3, OR a Jermaine O’Neal who is making 20 million a year but has a mysterious knee condition and is sitting in a suit on the bench.

    Dude, just be quiet.




    Dracul just shut the F*k up. I know basketball and Bynum will never be the center we want him to be. He got dominated last night. We would be better when we get someone who can get some boards. Lets bring Shaq back. We need to get rid of Gasol and Odom.


    [Comment ID #58746 Will Be Quoted Here]
    An example of a “Fake Warlock”, also note the shaded area, along with the NON-SPACE between each of the username’s words.
    RROOFFLLOOLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I can’t stand posers leave the f uckin site now.

  • ab4sure

    ROFLOL… Dying here laughing. Glad I don’t post here much anymore. When people like Juanita want to trade Fish then we know the blogs are going down. Looks like you can’t keep your own losers from imitating you Juanita. As far as my ab4sure poser go ahead and continuing to post you little twit with little whit. You may skeet by but you have been a loser since the 570 days. ;)

    Any future ab4sure post is not my post so sane laker fans on this site realize that loser is just bitter because he got schooled. Until then GO LAKERS!!! ALSO KEEP THE FAITH IN BYNUM!!!!


    [Comment ID #58828 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Sounds more like “Rolling On the Floor Crying”! …What a big Dying Crybaby!
    …As far as imposters posing as others, I could care less who imitates who on here! …Each poster has his or her own unique style of posting here at The Nation, such as your unique style of bullying and belittling other posters opinions, ever since you’ve been trolling LakersNation!
    …I just happen to be one of your toughest nemeses, that wouldn’t take your Shyt, without Shytting right back in your face, Harder! …Your panicky and defensive posting demeanor, have made it very clear to everyone that ab4sure aka LEADERFISH is one and the same troll, trolling The Nation!
    …So if you want to say BYE BYE to LakersNation, that’s your problem, I’m keeping my name and I’m not going anywhere!

    Post Script: Wake up dude, blogs are not going down, just because an insignificant like you, would obviously wish to believe so!

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