The Lakers play the Kings at home tonight, and get a chance to avenge their recent loss to the Kings. The 113-101 defeat in Sacramento was their worse loss of the season to date, the team’s first loss to a Western Conference opponent and second in a week to a sub .500 team on the road.

The Lakers appeared to be lethargic and without energy, a bit disinterested perhaps, even not respecting their opponents adding to an off shooting night which happens more often than not in the NBA.

Kobe Bryant spoke of not being able to get into a shooting rhythm which was odd seeing as he has played well and basically killed the Kings in Sacramento though the years, through food poisoning, the sound of loud cow-bells, the defense of Doug Christie and countless others for a series of game changing and game winning shots.

Despite struggling offensively Kobe finished with 28 points. The thing that really magnified Kobe’s struggles was Derek Fisher, Andrew Bynum and Vladimir Radmanovic shooting a combined 9-of-22. Pau Gasol finished with 25 points and 12 rebounds. The Lakers have scored 100 plus points in 13 straight games and know that there’s room for improvement.

A cold shooting night on the road happens to every team during an 82 game season but the Lakers played terrible on defense. This is the side of the court and part of the game the Lakers need to concentrate on.

This has to stop, the Lakers opponents scoring average is increasing as teams are adjusting to the Lakers style of play. It can’t be placed on one player. The Lakers defense needs to drastically improve. Keep in mind, as bad as the overall defense has been as of late, the Lakers have played good defense in spurts but it is still early in the season and the Lakers are 18-3.

The Lakers need to stop this trend of playing poor defensively, coupled with being careless with the basketball and having too many turnovers that teams are capitalizing on, allowing too many transition baskets. They are not switching out to open shooters, not closing out on three point shooters and are getting caught double teaming players leaving the rest of the squad in scramble-mode causing a mismatch that has been exploited by opponents.

The Lakers had difficulty with the Kings guards and need to stop their dribble penetration forcing their defense to collapse and opening up shooters. Francisco Garcia and John Salmons each had 21 points in the loss. Bobby Jackson added 15 points and the Lakers again played terrible pick and roll defense. Beno Udrih had early foul trouble and finished with 12 points.

The Kings use more of a pick and pop than pick and roll, with Beno Udrih and Brad Miller shooting uncontested jumpers as oppose to rolling to the basket. He scored 13 points on Tuesday night and did a good job of pulling Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum away from the basket. This allowed to the Kings to have double digit points in the paint and a huge advantage in this area.

The Kings were able to have a higher shooting percentage (49% to 40%), match the Lakers in assists (22 apiece) and have less turnovers.

Expect to see the Lakers playing at a high energy level defensively at home with the added motivation of the previous loss. I also expect to see the Lakers shooting improve as well as see them do a good job of sharing the basketball.

I personally want to see them play better defense on the high pick and roll a play that has worked against the Lakers for a while. The Lakers will defeat the Kings tonight and look impressive in the process.

I want to see something that I haven’t seen enough of that I know is there and if I can use an excellent phrase once uttered by VTB, it is “passion of every possession”.

Just in case you’re asking yourself; why have I read the word defense on this article at least ten times?

It has been the mantra of this team since the NBA Finals, it is the difference between being in first and second place, the difference between getting a rematch with Boston with home court advantage at redemption at it not happenin

  • the antoine


  • mamba818

    double amen!

  • lakers 24/7

    Agree completely with the defense, but aren’t there 82 games in a season?

  • Lakers4Life

    Let’s go Lakers!!! by the way i thought it was an 82 game season and not 81.

  • Jeff Little

    Lakers4Life & the Antoine,

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Lakers4Life you are correct and I’m working on fixing that mishap, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Let’s go Lakers!

  • Ryan

    Completely agree. Defense will step it up tonight.

    Hey if you hate the Celtics as much as I do, here’s some cheerful reading material:

  • Jeff Little

    Lakers 24/7 you’re right man it is an 82 game season, I’ll own that turnover but the mishap has been corrected. Thanks for reading the article and taking the time to comment.

    Go Lakers!!!

  • Lakers4Life

    phil jackson on PTI

  • bynumite

    We have to win tonite!! Ok lobe, u got ur one day of rest and practice, let’s just see some D!! “We want Defense!” No more tacos please

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

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    its a common misconception among us Laker fans. We dont know how much Kobe can go off for on a daily basis, so 81 instead of 82 isnt surprising.

    I expect to see a high scoring night from Kobe. Say 12-13 of 18 with about 33-35 points is what i say

  • Kobe Forever

    Lakers will blow out the Kings with a score of Lakers 122 Kings 84

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    Just going to get off subject for a minute to let my NEW family at LAKERNATION know that you probably won’t be hearing from me for a long while (hopefully not that long)because of these stupid layoffs in DC and worldwide I must say goodbye for now.

    It’s been a pleasure chatting,blogging,cussing,spewing all types of foul lan…ok,I’m getting carried away,but anyway,keep a brother in your prayers and..OH YEAH,ab4sure and lakerfirst,I give y’all props,keep teaching that LAKER LINGO,I learned alot from you guys.

    Sketch,Ickerfan,Billy Kupchak,Milo,PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty,THUGG(up in the shoutbox..YOU DA MAN,HOMIE)AND THE REST OF MY FAM HERE…IT’S OUR TIME,F!@# ‘DEM SMELL-TICKS…WE ARE LAKERNATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Lakers are cursed against the Kings …

    8:44 pm

  • let there be light

    There is something wrong. This said, Phil needs to change the line-up back to last years. We are gonna be best with this line-up: FISHER, KOBE, RADMAN, LAMAR, GASOL. THus making the second unit as follows: FARMAR, SASHA, ARIZA, POWELL, BYNUM. I really dont think Bynum is ready for starter minutes. Bynum and Powell play well together seen in the pre-season. This will improve the attitude of LAMAR and fix some of the issues. I said this at the beginnig of year, and im saying it now. I think Phil needs to start COACHING now. Then he can change up the second unit as much as he wants. Lastly, Something is up with kobe, he needs to Put his SLEEVE back on or the the tape on his fingers. I am worried because he celtics and cavs are playing championship ball and we are NOT.


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    You know what? …I think you might have something good here, at least maybe for the greater part of this year, if not the entire year, and since this will encourage and enlighten Lamar in the most positive way possible, while Bynum develops more dominance!


    Regarding Kobe; I think he could be intentionally avoiding slashing hard to the hole in heavy traffic as much as possible, in order to avoid and/or minimize the chance of major injury. …Such is the case in Ariza, who is a high risk for injury, the way he slashes with reckless abandon to the basket! …Kobe can still be seen exploding to the basket when there has been little or no traffic to navigate. If this is truly the case, then it might be a good idea. This will raise the chances of Kobe being 100% healthy for the playoffs, but in particularly The Finals!